Thursday, June 30, 2016

Moving to new blog


After almost eight years, this blog will be basically shutting down.

What?  Oh, no -  I'm not going away - I'm just moving to a new neighborhood!

Here's the deal: the first issue of The Mighty Andromeda is finally closing in, and the purpose of this blog is about to change in a drastic way - so drastic that it is easier to just create a new blog rather than try to repurpose this blog.  Understand that I love this blog - this is where it all started for me, and this is where I reached out to the online world, and the online world reached back, and in ways that I never imagined.  This is where it all began for me before I was ever on Facebook.

And speaking of Facebook, I still haven't heard a peep as to why my account got suspended.  Rather than create a new account and invite the possibility of being suspended again (since I don't know why I was suspended in the first place), I have chosen to not make a new account until I hear from FB; or until my old FB account is reactivated.  I wish they would tell me what I did.  Anyway...

There will be a new blog, with a new purpose, and it's to serve both for the comic, and for Araujo Arts, the company that brings you the comic, and that has brought me to you through this blog, and until recently, through FB.  I work for the boss of AA, whom you know through me as "the boss".  His name is John Araujo, and along with my continued role as a blogger and reviewer, he also will be contributing posts to the new blog, called (/drumroll):


Why "Andi4Indies"?  Because, along with promoting TMA, AA, and any other news concerning the company and its products, we will also be promoting the friends we have made over these past eight years, our fellow independent comic creators, who have had an indispensable role in helping to bring about the TMA comic.  In essence, the Andi4Indies blog is our thank-you for their assistance.  We couldn't have gotten this close without them!

So "Andi4Indies" means

"Andi" - that is, me, your friendly neighborhood blogger
"4" - that is, "for"
"Indies" - our independent comic creator friends.

Thus, it's "Andi for Indies".  Cute, huh?  :-)

Like I said above, the new blog will have me continuing my role as blogger and reviewer, and will also have the boss making contributions, but also - we will be encouraging guest columns and guest reviewers, and we will help promote our indie creator friends.  So basically we're expanding what we do with the blog, and now you see why it was easier to just make a new blog!

It's only recently made, and we're going to be experimenting with what we want to do, but we hope that it will serve its purpose of reaching out to the same online world that helped bring about The Mighty One to your home.

Thank you for reading Busty Superhero Chick.  This blog will always hold a special place in my heart.  :-D

But it's now time for new challenges, and new adventures.  Join me at the new blog, won't you?

See you there, my little nerdlings!  :-)