Monday, September 29, 2008

New Pin-up art by Freelancer!

Today is two for the price of one day, folks! Below check out Freelancer's two art pieces of yours truly.

Note that it is in a Manga style. Pretty cool! Also, he has me in one picture with shoulder-length hair. It's rare to see me with shorter than very long hair. Even when I do cut it, it grows back very quickly, then stops growing when it reaches the long length that you usually see it in. I've had my hair short before, but I prefer the long length. I guess I'm old school.

And speaking of old school, note that the color art is hand colored. That's a skill that you don't see as much of anymore. Hand colored adds a touch that a computer graphic coloring does not. Very nice. Anyway, thanks Freelancer! Great job!

Here tomorrow will be a review of tonight's episode of Heroes, and then later on in the week, I'll update you on the goings-on here at Command Central. On Wednesday, the second issue of DC Decisions comes out, and I'll give a review of it - along with sharing my views on another political or social issue.

Have a great week, folks!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Comics talk!

Before we head off into the weekend, let's go ahead and talk comics!

By the way, there's some spoilers coming up, so if you haven't read the books whose titles are in red below, don't read those sections underneath them if you don't want me to reveal any part of the story to you. There's yer warning, bucko!

DC/Wildstorm DREAMWAR crossover
Normally I LOVE comics company crossovers, but this one sucked. Folks, don't buy it. And don't buy it if it comes out bound together as a graphic novel. I don't have a list of "Worst Comics Crossovers", but if I did, this one would be at the top of the list. I'm that disappointed in it.

Marvel's Secret Invasion
This effort by Marvel for a company-wide storyline is coming off better than their recent efforts of Civil War and World War Hulk. The pacing is still a bit spotty, but it's been interesting to find out who's a Skrull and who isn't. The final determiner of this storyline will be how they finish it. The finishes of both CW and WWH totally ruined those respective storylines, and Marvel needs a good showing here to make up for them. I'm intrigued enough with SI that I'll keep up with it, and I'll let you all know how it finishes.

DC's Final Crisis
DC's previous effort, Infinite Crisis, was awesome. So far, Final Crisis has not been awesome. Instead, it's been confusing. Part of the problem is that DC has SO many branch-off titles of the FC book that it's hard to keep up with what's going on. I think DC got greedy, so they made all those extra titles expecting us to just gobble them up. But hey, not all of us can afford to buy that many comics! It's not easy to know what to say about the storyline's progress so far, and I'm hoping that the final issue will help sum up everything. Right now, I'll just mark this as "Incomplete". As with Marvel's SI, I'll let you all know how it turns out.

Hulk #6
At last, we find out who the Red Hulk is! No - wait! We don't! It's NOT Doc Samson as had been previously believed, as he showed up at the end while the Red Hulk lay on the ground unconscious, having been knocked out by the original Hulk. How did Hulk knock out Red? Well, unlike Hulk, who gets stronger as he gets angrier, Red gets hotter when he gets angrier. Apparently, he go so angry that he overheated and passed out! What a wuss!

What was especially cool was seeing Thor return, royally pissed! His hammer Mjolnir came zooming in at Red, slamming him probably as hard as anyone has ever hit him! Then Thor continued to pummel Red, and even Red admitted that Thor had him on the ropes before the Hulk stepped in. Another hulk-like character named A-Bomb talked Thor into staying his hand so that the Hulk could finish this fight, and he did. After the Hulk took down Red, he leaped into the distance like he always does. A little later, Red wakes back up - no doubt to plot his latest scheme to take down the Hulk.

All in all, it was a great story - and it's because of storylines like this that I still buy comics. If you can find Hulk #'s 1 to 6, go ahead and buy them. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Take care, folks, and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Please contribute to a worthy cause!

Nothing's worse than an excellent comic book artist being out of work! Well - actually, there is, but I won't quibble about that right now! Instead, I want you all to go to the Comic Strip Club website and donate to help Hapajap pay his bills so that he doesn't have to - ahem - (Warning! Terrible pun coming up!) "wok" his dog! (I warned you!).

Here's the details of what you can do to donate to Hapajap, and what you'll get in return. Lotsa cool stuff! He did an artwork of me a while back, and it's awesome! So give now, as this guy's going to be famous later! Otherwise, you'll kick yourself later for not getting some original art while the gettin' was good!

I'll try to prod the boss into cracking out his art pens to do art of me doing my bit to help out the cause! Won't you help? Think of his children! Give today!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hey la, hey la, HEROES is back!

To find out that there were going to be TWO new episodes of Heroes showing was like finding out that you won the lottery and a new car at the same time! I got all my real-life stuff done and out of the way, popped up some popcorn, and watched myself silly for two hours! Okay, on to the show! But first....


Cometh up is a discussion of yesterday's episodes of Heroes! If you haven't seen them yet and don't want to know what happens - STOP READING NOW!! You have been warned, bucko!!

This new chapter of Heroes is titled "Villains". We also found out who shot Nathan Petrelli - his younger brother Peter! Well, Peter from 4 years in the future, who came back to the past to "fix" things in the present. From here on, I'll call him FP for "future Peter", to distinguish him from the Peter of our present time. In FP's time, Nathan's revealing of his super powers caused all kinds of problems for those with super abilities, so FP decided to go back to his past (our present day) and kill Nathan before he had a chance to reveal his flight powers to the public. However, not only did FP not make things better in his future, he actually made them worse!

FP knew things were going to be different when things started to happen in the present day that didn't happen in his future time. For instance, the escape of evil super-powered people. That didn't happen in his time. More on the super villains later. Also, Claire Bennett, the teen with the super healing powers (better than mine!), was finally caught by Sylar, and he cut her head open to get to her brain! But of course, her healing power is such that she healed even from that! However, she seems to have lost her sense of touch. She can't feel pain, and it makes her wonder if she's even human anymore. This didn't happen in FP's time.

Claire also complained that she's tired of always having to run away. She said (not these exact words, but words to that effect): "Sure, I can heal and all that, but what kind of lame power is that if I keep getting beat all the time?" I wholeheartedly agree. I say let her learn how to kick some ass! Apparently in some future time, she does learn how to kick ass, as the first episode began with her holding a gun to FP, who kept from being shot by freezing time, then teleporting back to the past.

In other news, Nathan has found religion! And Linderman is alive - even though it's only as a figment of Nathan's imagination. Matt Parkman has been teleported by FP to Africa, where he wanders some savannah before being found by someone who probably has powers as well. Also, Niki Sanders is back! Or is it her? Either she has amnesia, or she's trying to hide her past. Assuming an alternate identity is nothing new to her, after all.

Then there's Dr. Suresh! He's injected himself with some sort of serum that gives him spiderlike powers! But it also seems to be turning him into a spider! Yikes! He's gonna be a bug! As for Maya, I'm kinda tired of her. Her power seems to be to infect others with some strange virus when she's angry or scared - which is a sucky power to have.

(End spoilers)

Well, I could go on, but I better stop here before another day goes by. I've pretty much covered the first episode anyway. I'll try to post commentary on the second episose later this week, but today new comics arrive, and I want to comment on those tomorrow!

Review of Heroes to come later

My review of yesterday's episodes of Heroes is running a little longer than I thought, but I enjoy the show that much! I'll try to have it done by today, though. Patience, my friends!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm back! With comics talk!

Okay, troopers - sorry to be away longer than expected, but I had some real life stuff to take care of, plus we of the creative team were having some long needed discussions. I'll fill you in later on what came out of that, but one thing that we did decide on is that I will try to post 3 to 5 times a week Monday through Friday, and take the weekends off - unless some special event comes up. This leaves the weekend free for planning what I can talk about in the next week. I've been pretty much working that schedule anyway, but now we're making it official.

Anyway, for being away so long, I decided to treat you to something that is supposed to be one of the main points of this blog: comics talk! Next week I promise talk about nothing else but comics! And hey, let's start today! :-D

Out this Wednesday was a DC title that I've long awaited since I first heard that it was coming out, DC Decisions, in which the political views of various heroes will be brought out! It's been no secret that Green Arrow is a bleeding heart liberal, but what about the other heroes? What do you think?

But before I continue, a word of warning:

If you have not read DC Decisions and don't want the story's content to be revealed to you here, STOP READING NOW!!!!

Sorry, it's always necessary to do that so that I don't have anyone complaining that I didn't warn them. Okay, onward!

In the story, a Republican candidate is almost killed by a bomb blast from someone who should be a loyal supporter. Later on, a Democratic candidate is also almost killed, also by someone who should be a loyal supporter. In the first instance, lives were lost and harmed in an explosion. In the second instance, Green Arrow happened to see the bomber at the last second and shot a freeze arrow at him, creating a freezing block of ice around the arms of the would-be bomber.

The Justice League decides that they are going to need to protect the candidates, since it seems to be a metahuman with mind control powers at work. The metahuman seems to be aiming for all candidates, not just those of a certain political or sociological ideology. The heroes are supposed to keep their politics out of it, but Green Arrow is ultimately persuaded to support the liberal candidate, because otherwise he doesn't have a shot at winning. Thus begins the problem: What happens when a superhero supports a candidate for office?

Some years back when Lex Luthor was president, Superman made it a point to state that he served the office or the country, and not the man, when he came to help Luthor do something. In this storyline, he's STILL keeping his politics out of it - even from his wife! Lois, by the way, shows herself to be a conservative - which was a surprise to me. Guy Gardner, one of the many Green Lanterns, is on the cover of DCD #2 as a right-winger. He's always been something of a jerk, so I guess what DC is saying that now we know why! ;-)
(End Spoilers)

So far, that's all that is revealed, but I'm certainly going to be keeping up! All of the 4 issues are supposed to be available before the November election, so if you're going to buy this series, be sure to look out for it pretty much every week in October. This is one series that I'm looking forward to!

I was going to reveal my own political views in this blog entry, but I thought that, in the spirit of the limited series, I'll only reveal them incrementally as each issue comes out. However, most of you already know that I'm prolife because of my posts on the Comic Strip Club forum. If you didn't know that before, you know now! ;-)

Oh, and one last thing: On Monday, Heroes comes back!

YES! YES! YES!!! (hopping around like a schoolgirl)

I so totally LOVE that show! And I will be giving reviews of each episode! Life is good! Especially if you're a nerd!

Have a great weekend, gang!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Out for a couple of days, will try to be back on Thursday


I'm going to need to be away for a couple of days, but I'll try to get back to posting on Thursday. I'll explain later. In the meantime, take care.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Super cool communication gear

Check this out! The computer and electronics engineers that we have in my "universe" are working on something a lot similar to what is described in this story! Talk about art imitating life! What my engineers hope to do is have a communication set-up where I wouldn't need my cellphone. I'll forward this article to them so that perhaps they can touch base.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Menage a3 comic

I'll be following the comic Menage a3 because it is so unusual and unique. It's drawn in a style that is a combination of Japanese Manga art and Archie Comics. I LOVE the facial expressions! And DiDi - damn! That girl is bigger than I am! I'll be e-mailing the creator sometime soon so that I can see about perhaps doing some kind of cross-over, since two of the cast are comics fans - and of course, so am I. ;-)

I can so relate to Mika and DiDi!

I can so totally relate to Mika and DiDi on the difficulties of finding the right sized bra! U go, girl!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Question regarding the potential health problems of those with super abilities

One question came in asking basically whether people (in my "universe", of course) with super abilities can get such things as cancer or diseases. The answer is yes, absolutely. While most of those with super abilities have some degree of speed healing (including myself), we can still succumb to various diseases, most often related to our super conditions. In order to better explain our vulnerability to certain medical conditions, we must first discuss the origins of super abilities.

Theorists and scientists on superhuman physiology have two competing theories related to the origins of super abilities. Some say that they are the next step in the evolutionary ladder, while others say that it's a genetic mutation. There has been no set acceptance of either theory, because successful pairings of a human and a superhuman very rarely result in an offspring that has a super ability. Usually only pairings of two superhumans result in a superhuman child. The very low success rate for a human/superhuman pairing suggests a genetic incapatability, but if that incapatability is due to the superhuman's genetically enhanced DNA, or if it's due to a genetic mutation, no one has yet agreed. So basically, more studies are necessary.

That there are very few superhumans suggest that it is very difficult for them reproduce. Also, many of them die young - there are very few elderly superhumans, because so many of us live dangerous lives that end in our untimely demise, or because of health complications related to their super condition. For instance, those with super speed have to be cautious of wounds in which bleeding results. Depending on the speedster, they could literally bleed to death in less than a second - much faster than the fastest EMT could treat them. Those with super strength often take stupid risks with great weights that they discover to actually be beyond their ability to handle, and thus they are often crushed by the very weight that they sought to lift, because there was not another super strength person nearby, or heavy lifting mechanical equipment was not available when needed.

Cancer in superhumans is almost always fatal, as there is practically no research on superhuman cancers, because there are very few super humans. Such cancers are almost always immune to treatments that would help normal human cancers. In order to understand superhuman cancers, the origins of superhuman abilities must be discovered, and as stated previously, that is still being debated. Thus, if a superhuman's super immune system is unable to combat the cancer, then virtually nothing else can.

And last, for those with invulnerable skin, internal bleeding is always fatal if they don't have speed healing. EMTs are unable to cut through their skin to stop any internal bleeding. There are, of course, many other examples of health hazards related to super abilities and super conditions, but I think I at least provided a good start of how superhumans can be as vulnerable as humans to cancer and disease.

Friday, September 5, 2008

New pin-up art!

Get ready, folks! Here's Hap's commission work!

WAHOOO! I'm hot! Isn't it awesome?

For those of you interested in commission work from Hap, here's the website that he illustrates for: Comic Strip Club

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A discussion over the weekend

The following discussion took place at a party I went to over the weekend. The conversation below, of course, is edited to remove any unrelated topics, and also to edit out such things as "Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom". Otherwise, it's mostly verbatim.

Dude #1 (D1): So what do you do again?
Me: I blog.

D1: Blog? As in writing?
Me: Yes.

D1: So what - a blog is like a diary, right?
Me: It can be, but I think my readers would eventually get tired of me saying stuff like "Today I'm happy, because..." or "Today I'm sad, because..." That's teenage stuff.

D1: So uh, what do you write about?
Me: Mostly about superhero comics, or movies, although I'll talk about other stuff.

D1: Comics? People would read a blog about comics?
Me: When was the last time you read comics?

D1: Geez, when I was like 9.
Me: Well, there's all kinds of blogs AND websites on comics. It's a huge business.

D1: I didn't know that.
Me: Yes, and I still read them. I just love those kinds of stories. I always have.

D1: Kid at heart, eh?
Me: You might say that.

D1: What's your blog's name?
Me: "Busty Superhero Chick"

D1: Whu-? "Busty"?
Me: Yeah. As in "big boobs".

D1: You write about superheros with big boobs?
Me: Some of the time. Not all of the time. That'd get boring like writing about my feelings.

D1: Hm, I don't think your male readers would get tired of it.
Me: Oh, they would too. They just wouldn't admit it, because otherwise they'd be afraid that I'd stop talking about them!

D1: What do you say - about them?
Me: What CAN I say? They're boobs. They're big. They can get heavy after awhile. I can cause accidents just by bending over. Stuff like that.

D1: So why did you name your blog "Busty Superhero Chick" if you weren't going to talk about boobs all the time?
Me: It's just a catchy name so that my readers will remember it. It's a gimmick, basically. And it works. You'll remember the name now, right?

D1: Uh, yes I will. Okay, I see your point.
Me: And besides, boobs are magnets. I still don't know why, but I can't deny that they work like magnets.

D1: What do you mean you don't know why?
Me: Well, like any woman would say, they're just boobs! That's it!

D1: You mean you really don't know why dudes dig boobs?
Me: Oh, I know it's a sexuality thing. I get that. I just don't know why guys make such a big deal over them. Of course, some men like legs, others like hair, and so forth. Men are attracted to the visual. I understand that part.

D1: But...?
Me: But to me, they're still just boobs!

D1: I suppose it's a guy thing.
Me: Yeah, it is. At the same time, you guys probably don't know why women make such a big deal over shoes.

D1: I do notice that there's a lot more women's shoes stores than men's shoes.
Me: And we make a big deal over clothes. And the hair. It's a vanity thing.

D1: A chick thing.
Me: Yeah, I guess you can call it that.

D1: Well, you're right.
Me: About what?

D1: Dudes don't get that part about women and shoes and fashion and so forth. It's why you all spend so much time getting ready.
Me: And yet you wouldn't be attracted to us if we dressed like slobs.

D1: I suppose not. Makes us even, I guess.
Me: Not quite. We outspend you guys many times over on the clothes and shoes we buy, and stuff like shampoo and cosmetics.

D1: Uh, I'm sorry?
Me: Well, it's not exactly your fault. Ladies dress pretty much for other ladies as we do for the men. Most men wouldn't care so much whether something I wore was made of cotton or rayon so long as I looked good in it - and yet if I have one top that doesn't quite go with its bottom, the ladies spot it right away.

D1: Say, is this blog of yours for women, or for everybody?
Me: For everyone.

D1: Okay, then you probably shouldn't talk too much about clothes or fashion on your blog, because you'd bore the dudes. Bad enough that we have to sit and wait while you all try on dozens of outfits - to talk about clothes and fashion too much in your blog would only remind the dudes of that.
Me: Ha! Okay, good point! I'll keep that in mind!

D1: Say, I gotta run. Thanks for an interesting conversation.
Me: No prob. And thanks for listening. Oh, and read my blog!

D1: Will do.
Me: What's the name of it again?

D1: Uh, Busty Superhero Chicks
Me: No, just chick. Singular.

D1: Right. Got it. I'll check it out.
Me: Thanks. See ya.