Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Disneyfication of Marvel Comics begins!

We knew this was coming, and now the Disneyfication of Marvel Comics begins!

Soon Marvel will be sunshine and lollipops, with cameos from Mickey and Donald!

O Marvel, we loved thee, but now you are about to be "Borged" into a sugary sweet monstrosity. (sniffsniff) (:-(

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tim Tebow and the so-called pro-"choice" movement

I had posted my response to this Tim Tebow story on Facebook for about 30 seconds before deciding that my response is more blog-worthy - so here I am! LOL

The problem with you pro-choice folks is that you aren't really about "choosing" - instead, you accept only one choice, and that's to abort. If you really were about "choosing" in the true sense of the word, then Octomom would be your hero, because she "chose", didn't she?

Also, if you really were about "choosing" then you'd be the most steadfast opponent of China's one child per family policy, which is rife with abuses and which results in many Chinese families aborting female babies because culturally they prefer a son.

Because you have so narrow a definition of what action can be "chosen", then you always have to oppose the feel-good stories such as Tim Tebow's. I know personally of several women who "should have chosen" the "right" way, and had their baby anyway, and their child went on to be a contributing member of society.

One of the reasons that I became pro-life is because being pro-choice not only means embracing a contradiction of being about "choice", but also because being pro-choice means having a negative view of humanity; that there are certain groups of people not worth living. That is, teenage mothers living in poverty will always have their unborn viewed as not worth living, because pro-choice folks feel that infants born in such circumstances will only live a life of misery and crime, so as to spare him or her of such a life, they should be aborted.

I can't accept such negativity and hopelessness. You can be poor yet have a positive outlook in life. In turn, you can have all the wealth in the world and yet be a miserable human being. Wealth is no guarantee of success, just as poverty is no guarantee of failure, and yet to be pro-choice you have to adopt such an elitist attitude.

Oh gosh, I could easily go on! But I will mention one more thing: Legalized abortion has cost my generation millions of our members. That is, the generations born after 1973 have lost millions each year, at least a good 1/4 to 1/3 of us. That's millions that will never be doctors, lawyers, politicians, soldiers, police officers, fire fighters, journalists, farmers, and so on.

Some wiseasses have told me before that many criminals were also not born, but my response is this: Name ONE generation in human history that has NOT had its share of criminals? And friends, in any given generation, the numbers of contributing members of society have ALWAYS outnumbered the numbers of criminals by a wide, wide margin, so this argument of having succeeded in proactively preventing criminals from being born is a very poor and weak argument; and I promise you that we have lost much, much more than we've gained by preventing a few burglars or car thieves from existing.

I'd rather have hope for mankind than live in hopeless despondency and cling to mankind's shortcomings as pro-choice folks have to do.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New cool link: Kukuburi

I had mentioned making changes to my blog yesterday; today it begins, and I start with a new cool link to a webcomic titled Kukuburi.

Here is a link to what the comic is about, along with notes about the author and artist, Ramón Pérez.

When I first came across the site, it was one of the rare instances in which I read from the beginning strip to the current strip all in one sitting, so fascinated was I with the story and art! The artwork is stunning! It's such a eye-pleasing Fantasia that I felt like I could reach out and touch the manta rays that fly in the sky.

The main character is named Nadia, and on a standard delivery stop, she ends up in a fantastic world right out of the old comic strip, Little Nemo in Slumberland. In fact, I would venture to say that Kukuburi is Little Nemo's direct descendant; so awesome is the artwork. And the villain - named simply Him - is a creepy skeleton dude in a red trimmed black suit and red shades; almost like a variation of Satan, which I suppose is what he is.

Here is a link to a page with Him in it, in all his creepy glory.

But great art will only get you so far - Mr. Pérez also has a flair for storytelling! The pacing and sense of drama is top-notch; so much that I can't wait for the next strip to come out! You have to love Nadia in all her goofiness and yet heroic efforts to save the day, while Him is so cunning and evil that you just have to hate him. He holds all the cards and he knows it, and so far he is playing Nadia like a musical instrument - and yet Nadia has a stubborn, independent streak (along with that unpredictable goofiness) that keeps Him guessing on what she'll do next, so he's not as in total control as he believes. What happens next? Stay tuned! I know I will!

I could easily see an animated cartoon coming out of this, but at the same time, I am not sure an animation could capture the fantastic imagery that the webcomic shows. Probably the closest an animation could get would have to be rendered in 3D in order to get close to the same sense of awe and wonder that the webcomic's images offers, and even then I don't think it could match it.

Kukuburi comes highly recommended by me. Great work, Mr. Pérez! You have a fan!

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Hooters restaurant, but no hooters! And other news.

The webcomic, PvP, managed to have a storyline involving the restaurant Hooters without actually showing any of the waitresses from the front! Actually, you never saw any of the waitresses' faces either - only their asses. Hmm... Not sure what the creator of that strip, Scott Kurtz, is saying with this representation of women.

Anyway, another oddity is the face of Cole, the dude in the strip above. For one, look how small and beady his eye is! Not only that, he has no eyebrows! Unless you count that one long pen stroke on his forehead as his eyebrows. Actually, it's more of a unibrow if it's supposed to be his eyebrows. Dang, I need to stop thinking about this - I'm making Cole creepier by the minute!

In other news, I'm back! The real life crisis (and not really a crisis) has been taken care of, and your favorite conservative blogging busty superhero chick is back in action and ready to take world by storm!

Some time back, I had brought up some changes that I was hoping to do to my blog, and one idea was to separate my political commentary from this blog into its own separate blog. This was mainly to help focus my political statements in a blog meant for political discussion. However, after thinking about it and after discussing it with my boss and a couple of other people I know, I have decided to keep my political commentary here and just manage one blog instead of spreading myself out over two blogs.

What I do here just seems to work, so why mess with it? So having finally resolved that particular discussion, I will now get back to the changes that I had initially planned on doing before I began mulling over whether I wanted to start a second blog. The changes will be coming over the next few weeks, and they'll be small and subtle, but you should still notice them.

Aaah, it's good to be back! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Scott heard round the world"

In case you're wondering - yes, I'm happy Scott Brown won the senate seat in Massachusetts! And even you Democrats should be happy, too! Now you don't have to go along with the increasingly suspicious health care plan that had been wheeled, dealed, pushed, cajoled, and bought its way through the halls of Congress.

First there was the "Louisiana Purchase",

Then the "Cornhusker Kickback",

Then the unions' "Jimmy Hoffa Special" (my term! Give me credit, please, if you use it!),

and who knows what else the Democrats would have done to ensure that this alleged health care "reform" bill passed. My guess is that human sacrifices were on their radar!

Now Democrats have an excuse to no longer choke down their suspicions and distrust in order to be a "good soldier" for the Democratic leadership. Now they can vote against this monstrosity guilt-free.

It will be all for the better, you'll see.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Good news on Haiti

Despite the ongoing tragedy continuing in Haiti, I heard some good news this morning. One is in regards to the person from Haiti that i referred to in my previous blog entry. She heard from her family in Haiti just yesterday, and they are all okay. She was so relieved, and so was I. Another bit of good news is this news story in the USA Today stating that donations to Haiti are on track to break all records.

I don't normally cry in public, either tears of sadness or joy, but this time my eyes watered this morning on hearing both of these good news. Here in the middle of a bad economy, Americans still are giving to help others. If that's not the American spirit in action, then I don't know what is. I hope that the politicians on the left and right feel shame for their behavior in recent years, because while they fight their little games of "King of the Hill", the people that they are alleged to serve are putting them to shame.

There is still much more work to be done there of course, and as several news reports stated, the logistics of getting done what needs to be done is daunting, but I have faith that they'll work it out. This weekend, see what you can do to help, if it's financially, or by donating food, clothing, or volunteering to do such tasks as pack boxes of food, clothing, and medicine bound to Haiti.

And speaking of politicians, I would like to reach out to President Obama and ask that he be as diligent about praising Americans in their efforts to aid Haiti as he is diligent about apologizing for America whenever he goes abroad to visit the leaders of other nations. No doubt the U.S has many sins in its history to account for, but we also are deserving of praise from the one man who is supposed to represent us. It's a worthy - and bi-partisan thing to do.

One last note, I MIGHT not post again until next Wednesday, because I have some personal stuff to take care of, and there's a very slight possibility that I might not post at all next week, but right now I don't see it coming to that. In case it does, though, then you'll at least know what's going on. If all goes well though, you should see very little to no interruption in my posting.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and don't forget to pray and do your part to aid Haiti!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Please pray for the people of Haiti

No cute or funny stuff today, only thoughts and prayers for the people of Haiti. I know someone in real life who is from there, and she is worried sick about her family at home. The images coming from there are heartbreaking, and I can't imagine that kind of suffering. So please pray for Haiti and her people. In times like this, there are no Democrat or Republican; liberal or conservative, only people needing help.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Breast cancer research again

Word of warning: the video below might not be "safe for work". This is in case you have a psycho feminist boss at work who can't tolerate a little - ahem - "titillating" imagery. (Yeah, bad pun. So sue me)

I found this video at the end of this Salon article. I don't know what's gotten into Salon lately that they've gotten all booby, but it makes for interesting reading, because it hits upon stuff that I've recently discussed on my blog - as you regular readers know.

So. Does the above ad make you guys think more about the need for breast cancer research? Are you now motivated to do something about it? Did the ad work as intended, or did it do as the article above states and "insult men's intelligence"? For my part, I don't think men's intelligence is what was being aimed for in that ad, ifyouknowwhatImean...

The ad does reflect on something that I've stated in one way or another on my blog: Sometimes you dudes are too horny for your own good, so it was presenting an alternative for you guys to channel your horniness into productive use. See? You guys are that bad and that obvious. ;-)

At the same time, I do worry that these ads and Internet memes for breast cancer research are sometimes too cutesy given the seriousness of the subject matter. Granted, trying to come to terms with having breast cancer is very trying (to say the least!), but are matters helped with these cutesy-poo responses? It's almost like a denial of the realities of what is coming.

Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying that women diagnosed with breast cancer should suddenly become morbid and fatalistic, but that there should be a balance. And more credit should be given to those women, that they are adults and can cope with what comes. But to learn how to cope with it, they have to know - TRULY know - what is coming. And posting the color of one's bra on Facebook or bouncy boobies in a Youtube video doesn't really do anything to help.

Boy, for something that just hangs on women's chests and feeds babies, it sure causes a lot of problems eh? Anyway, all this makes me think of whether things can be done differently. It can be argued that breasts are THE defining visible characteristic of womanhood, but we also run into the danger of being defined ONLY by our breasts. We are more than our breasts, after all. Women benefit by the lure power that breasts give, but at the same time, we risk losing something in the process - namely, being viewed as a person with a brain instead of a rack.

I'm not sure what to say next. I'll have to think on this some more. Feel free to offer your input on this matter.

Monday, January 11, 2010


If you're wondering what the deal is with the posting of a color in Facebook, it's a meme to promote breast cancer research. This Salon article discusses it. The woman posting a color is supposed to be posting the color of the bra she happens to be wearing at that time. Yeah, that's it. So you see the connection between "white" and breast cancer research? Neither do I.

I thought about doing it, but decided against it because I didn't see the point of simply posting a color when you don't know what the heck was going on. How would you know that this is supposed to be about promoting breast cancer research if all they do is post a color?

I only posted "White" above because that is the color of almost all my bras (comes with wearing a white costume, after all!), so what would be the point of simply posting "white" every day? If you didn't know about the breast cancer meme, you might think that I was promoting racism!

Anyway, now you know. :-)

Friday, January 8, 2010

A pro-rape Facebook page? Damn!

This was actually the first time I had heard of the pro-rape Facebook page.

Had I known about it back then, my response would be to suggest that those men who are pro-rape to spend a week in prison and see if they don't change their minds about rape. Why do they assume that rape only refers to man on woman?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

One reason superheroes wear costumes

One reason we try to draw the attention of the bad guys is to give them a focus to concentrate on besides general mayhem and destruction. "Come after ME!" is what we are saying. Getting the bad guys to focus on you is important for many reasons, but the main reason is to make them keep coming after you so that you can get more and more familiar with their habits, behaviors, psychological make-up, etc.

Think about this: Most super villains are mentally unbalanced to one degree or another; it's partly why they are super villains! Most all of them possess obsessive/compulsive behavior, which we take advantage of by constantly coming after them and defeating them so that we become a target of their psychological compulsions so that they will focus on us instead of just wantonly causing destruction.

Getting supervillains to draw their obsessive/compulsive behaviors towards us is one way of controlling them. It's a vicious circle that we put them in. We beat them time and time again because we have fought them so many times, and because of their obsessive/compulsive tendencies, they keep coming back for more.

As you might imagine, this tactic can get very dangerous for the superheroes, as well as a source of a great deal of stress. It's because of this stress that superheroes often band together into teams. We help each other by being a sympathetic ear for when we feel the need to vent about the umpteenth time that a supervillain has attacked. And of course, we'll team up to beat the bad guys.

Some of the more observant of the supervillains are even aware of this tactic of ours, and yet they stay caught up in it - so strong is their obsessive/compulsive disorder. One even referred to our constant battles as a "macabre dance", and I suppose in a sense that's what it is. Whatever it is, whatever they want to call it, so long as they keep coming back so that I can keep stopping their evil plans in their tracks.

We superheroes have to stop them each and every time, because the fate of the world could literally hang in the balance. We beat them by learning about them and what makes them tick. The more we learn about their motivations and tactics and the how and why they do what they do, the sooner we can take them down. Utilizing their obsessive/compulsive behavior against them is one such useful tactic.

If supervillains had more self-control, then they wouldn't keep falling into this trap time and time again. But then if they had more self-control, they wouldn't be supervillains.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The cleavage hole in the costume: Explained

Below is an exchange between DC Comics' Power Girl and Cyclone (in case you don't already know, PG is the blond and Cyclone is the redhead) in January 2010's issue of the Justice Society of America 80-Page Giant #1.

If you wish, go ahead and scroll down to read the exchange before I continue. What I wish to discuss is related to the exchange below. I'll wait. Hmmhmhmhm... lalala...

Okay, what did you think? Cyclone gets it on why PG has the famous "cleavage hole" in her costume. Pretty much, it's the same reason I have the cleavage hole in my costume: It's theater. A little more on this in a bit.

I've attempted before to explain one of the purposes of my blog: To tease you guys on your obsession with boobs. I've also discovered that in the process of teasing you guys on this, I am also partly contributing to the objectification of women, which was not quite what I was shooting for with my blog - but it also demonstrated to me on how easy it is to drop into the trap of objectifying women. So then - why do this? Why make this blog on boobs, and why have that cleavage hole (and the smiley face on my boob, for that matter)?

I thought about this, and I'll try again to explain. I want to keep working on this until I get a good working explanation that will be functional for such discussions. I know I haven't gotten to that point yet, and I am not certain that I'll get to it this time around, but hey - nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh? So let's have at it, shall we?

Most women who want to show cleavage would simply wear a low-cut top or dress. There's trashy ways to show cleavage of course, but there are outfits that can both show cleavage and yet still be fashionable, stylish and elegant. For example, think of most formal ballroom outfits or bridal dresses. Like I said previously, those outfits show cleavage by being low cut enough to show cleavage.

An outfit with a cleavage hole, however, simply has a hole cut where cleavage can be seen. PG's outfit has an oval shaped opening while mine is more of a chevron shape. The thing is, an outfit can be designed to be low cut and yet still not show cleavage, but an outfit with a cleavage hole ain't designed for anything else BUT to show cleavage! Because of the deliberate intent to show cleavage, a cleavage hole is often considered one of the "trashy" ways of showing cleavage.

So what do I think? Do I think cleavage holes are trashy? If I did, I wouldn't have one on my costume, would I? Do you think I would deliberately wear something that I regard as trashy - especially since I'm an admitted conservative? Do conservative women dress trashy? It's just not done, is it? Would June Cleaver sport a cleavage hole in one of her classy 50's dresses that she seemed to always wear?

Let's hit the questions above in order. I think cleavage holes are fine under certain circumstances; for example, in a superhero costume, or perhaps a cheerleader costume. In other circumstances, while I don't think they're trashy per se, I do think that they can look very odd on a woman's standard everyday top. You can have holes in your jeans and look fashionable, but holes in tops would just look odd, or like you don't take care of your clothes.

In regards to conservatism and attire, just because I am conservative does not mean that I wouldn't wear something a little revealing. There is a reason I wear the long sleeve crop-top with the cleavage hole and the short skirt: It looks good on me for one, and it serves as a great distraction in battles with bad guys - and bad girls, for that matter.

And the thing is, who says that being a conservative woman means dressing like the stereotypical school marm? Why can't we be conservative yet hot? Have you seen some of the women on FOX News? They look pretty hot to me. This is in contrast to the liberal women I've seen who dress in various degrees of sloppy. Basically though, nearly their entire wardrobe consists of blue jeans, t-shirt and flip-flops.

Which brings me to my costume. Like I said above, while tops with cleavage holes might not be appropriate for everyday wear, it's a different story for a superhero costume. Superheroes are supposed to be showy and larger than life. It's theater, as Cyclone explained in the exchange below. As egotistical as it may sound, superheroes are meant to draw attention to themselves for various reasons, but two primary ones are:

1.) To provide a visible symbol of hope to the general population that no matter how bad things get, someone is on the job to set things aright (Captain America is one such example), and

2.) To draw the attention of the bad guys away from innocent bystanders by drawing attention towards the superhero. Thus, the costume has to stand out from your usual everyday attire.

Because of my long (I'm 6 foot 1) and curvy proportions, my costume emphasizes those aspects of myself even more. I have long legs, so I wear a short skirt. And of course, I have big boobs, so I have a crop top which ends just below the bustline as added emphasis, and of course the top also has the cleavage hole. As for the smiley face, it's mainly to draw attention there even more, plus it's a memory device; that is, it's one feature on how you remember me: as the superhero chick with the smiley face on her boob. Theater! And marketing! LOL

In my next blog post, I'll discuss how we superheroes utilize the attention we draw from supervillains.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Bayonetta = Sarah Palin?

I don't know who Bayonetta is other than a character on an upcoming video game (and that she happens to be on the back of some of the recent comic books I've bought), but when I first saw her, she reminded me of Sarah Palin, and I bet that is no accident. We'll see, and I'll post anything that I happen to find out about whether Bayonetta's resemblance to Sarah Palin was coincidence or not. I tell ya folks, Sarah is on the rise. :-)