Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Coming Monday! Get a Robin Hood hat! :-D

Alright my little nerdlings!  Coming Monday, I have a special announcement!

In the meantime, be sure you are able to get ahold of a Robin Hood hat, or if you prefer, get the whole costume.  If you're the kind skilled at costume-making, then make your own, or if you know someone who knows how to make costumes, then ask them! 

If the idea I have manages to take hold like I hope it will, then Robin Hood hats will be hard to come by!  You'll see what I mean come Monday.  ;-)

So what are you waiting for?  Get that Robin Hood hat and check back on Monday!  :-D

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nerf guns "for girls" that really kick ass!

Earlier this week on FB, I lamented on the line of Nerf weapons "for girls" that Hasbro offers.  I mean, bleh.  So unthreatening and unintimidating!  Dammit, if they're going to make Nerf guns "for girls", then let's make some that will actually scare the crap out of the boys!  What the hell good will it do to make Nerf guns "for girls" if they're going to be these decorative and cutesy-poo but otherwise useless weapons of "war"? 

So with that, below are my suggestions for real Nerf guns "for girls" that will have the boys running from the yard!  They're Nerf guns "for boys", but repurposed with my suggestions for a name, and coloring suggestions to go with the name, and the likely response from the victims of being taken down by these much more serious "girl guns"! 

As you'll see by the name suggestions, they are meant not just to be physically intimidating, but also with a psychological element added in.  On top of that, the "girl guns" will fire darts and bombs with "Hello Kitty" faces on the tips to further add to the humiliation of having "gotten it" with a "girl gun".  Muahahahahahahahaha!  (Many thanks to FB friend Laura Diaz for the suggestion of the Hello Kitty darts).

If any of my FB friends who are artists want to make art of women weilding these weapons, then please have at it.  If I think of other "girl guns that kick ass", then I'll post those as well.  >:-)

Friday, June 6, 2014

A sneak "sneak preview" of TMA#1! :-D

After years of dreaming and planning the first issue of The Mighty Andromeda #1, we finally have the first chapter done!  DONE!  Yes, my good, patient little nerdlings, the first six pages are READY! 


The boss is currently crafting a .pdf file of the first chapter, plus some pin-ups and a thank-you page.  Since this is our very first "sneak preview" of the book, he wants it to be extra special when it's good and ready to be shown to the world.  However, his Director of Social Media Marketing (pointing to self) is a tad eager to get the ball rolling, so he gave me a couple of pages to post to my blog while he puts the final touches to the sneak preview.  So what you're about to see is a "sneak sneak preview".  :-D

Even as a sneak sneak preview, this does mean that this is the first viewing of official comic pages of TMA#1.  So what this means is that


Sorry, if I busted your eardrums there, but as you all know, I've been waiting to post those words for quite a while.  :-)

I was going to also make this blog post a comic update, but then I thought, "eh, let's just run with the comic pages instead."
  So without further ado, I present to you the first two pages of The Mighty Andromeda #1! 

Written by John P. Araujo
Layouts, pencils and inks by Martheus Wade
Colors by Andrew Chandler
Lettering by Justin Carmona

More to come, friends!  Thanks for being along with me on this most wonderful ride these past few years!  ^.^

Friday, April 25, 2014

Today is Ketchup Day! And guess what? I'm bossy! :-D

Hello again, my little nerdlings!  I'm back after having taken a Lenten sabbatical!  I hope you all behaved yourselves while I was away.  :-D

The first blog post after I return from my Lenten sabbatical took on an official, traditional name as of last year, and that name is Ketchup Day - in which I "ketchup" to all that has been going on while I have been gone.  ;-)

For those of you who might be new to my blog and my views, I will say up front that I am a right-wing nutjob.  Yes, I'm conservative, and I'm sometimes (respectfully) blunt when expressing my opinions.  I'm always willing to hear different points of view, and I try to be cordial and friendly when it comes to discussions and debates.  But I have definite points of views on many issues, and most of them lie on the right side of the aisle, so if some of my views don't agree with your own, then that's just how it's gonna have to be.  I hope you give me a chance anyway.  I can be cute and loveable when you get to know me.  :-D

So let's hit the ground running, and in no particular order.

1.) Shark-jumping

As in, feminist leaders have officially jumped the shark with their recent "Ban Bossy" campaign.  In my humble opinion, I think they jumped the shark more than a decade ago, but I think that it's become more obvious even to the more devout supporters.  I mean - c'mon!  Banning a word that's not even the worst "b" word that women can call each other?  What the hell?!?

Thing is, all this time feminists have been criticizing the rest of us for treating girls as delicate little flowers, as fragile porcelain china, and as timid little princesses when they're capable of so much more.  And now, they turn around and want to ban a word - and not even the worst word - because they don't think little girls can handle it?  They misunderestimate your average little girl!  If they had asked me, my campaign wouldn't have been "Ban Bossy", it would have been "Toughen up, Buttercup!" 

Yes, some girls are indeed timid and afraid, and they should be helped and guided so that they can be more emboldened to speak out to help themselves and those around them.  But banning the word "bossy" isn't going to help that timid little girl - all that's going to happen is that preparation for such verbal assaults (and much worse than being called "bossy"!) is going to be delayed that much longer.  And the longer that such preparation is delayed, the less prepared she will be for when the verbal assaults begin.  If these goofy word-banning practices continue through all of that young girl's formative years, then it will get to the point that she will be so unskilled and unprepared for verbal assaults that the only job that she'll qualify for later as an adult is as a feminist! 

We need more female doctors, lawyers, CEOs, inventors, engineers, politicians, professors, accountants and other such professions, along with cooks, nurses, mechanics, and other so-called "blue collar" jobs (and let's not forget more female comic book artists, writers, and publishers!).  If such young girls are going to have any success in life, and I mean ANY success, then they can't be afraid of words.  In fact, they're going to have to get used to throwing out their own sometimes painful words if they're ever going to be leaders in society. In other words, they are going to have to BE bossy if anyone is going to respect their leadership, and no woman's leadership skills gets respect if her ego takes a hit just from being called names.

Then there's feminists.  Feminists are not something we need a whole lot more of - especially those that want to start useless programs like "Ban Bossy".  You ask me, such people are out of ideas, and just wasting whatever they're being paid to come up with such boneheaded and idiotic "self-esteem" programs.  Know that I have much more faith in the strength of young girls than feminists apparently have.  I totally believe that, with the right education and preparation, then little girls can handle just about anything you throw at them, including being called names. 

When feminists are MUCH more outspoken about the true abuses and dangers that young girls in other parts of the world endure - things like not being allowed to go to school, being beaten, raped, or even killed for being female, being sold as sex slaves to the scummiest slime on Earth, among other true and genuine horrors that they endure just for being female - then they can look me up.  But they have to be MUCH more outspoken than they are now.  MUCH more.  Until then, they are virtually worthless as role models of female leadership for young girls.

"Ban Bossy"!  Hey, I'm bossy and I'm proud of it!  Muahahahahahaha!!!

I might have more to say on this later, but it's time for more "ketchup!"

2.) Mash-up of Nintendo and Star Wars!

Check these out!  Awesome!  :-D

Star Wars and Nintendo Mashup Super Smash Wars

3.) World of Warcraft

You know that I gotta talk about WoW!  :-D

Those of you who still keep up with the game know that the next expansion is called World of Draenor.  Odd thing is, unlike past expansions in which I couldn't wait for them to start up, for WoD, I have to wait and see what happens.  This time around, deposed warchief Garrosh Hellscream goes back in time and is apparently trying to change the present day by preventing the orcs of the past from drinking the demon blood that drove them to become the horrors that invaded Azeroth all those years ago. 

However, he's not going to the past to help bring about an era of peace and prosperity; he still plans for the Horde (this version being called the Iron Horde) to be conquerors - just not conquerors under the influence of demon-tainted blood.  That is, he wants them to be doing their plundering and pillaging while under the full control of their wits and senses.  I guess that makes it all better, right?  O.o

There does seem to be impressive upgrades and improvements coming, but I have to wait and see what the designers have planned before I am good with the changes.  I know that the game has the change in order for Blizzard Entertainment to keep the subscribers that it still has, but there's changes to improve gameplay, and then there's changes that seem to be change for the sake of change.  I have to see what they end up doing before I decide what kind of change it is.  One of my favorite parts of the game is the lore, and if Blizz plans on changing some of the established lore, well then - it better be pretty darned good, that's all I gotta say!

In other WoW news, there's a reality show called Azeroth Choppers, in which a business who specializes in making customized motorcycles is going to make an Alliance chopper, and a Horde chopper!  The season just started, but I already predict that the HORDE WINS, BABY!

Oh!  I just got this in from a secret informant who has inside information!  Here's the final entry for the Horde bike, and here's the final entry for the Alliance bikeWhoohoo! But don't tell anyone yet!  It's supposed to be a secret, so SHHHHH!!

And before we leave my discussion of all things WoW, I gotta bring up their new app, a card game called Hearthstone.  I've yet to try it out, but it's within my cheapskate price range, because it's free!  When I have time to check it out and play the game myself, I will let you know what I think of it.

4.) My generation needs to make a turn to the right if it is to save itself

Yeah, you heard me.  More of my generation - that is, those of us born mostly in the 1980s (and which I am trying to get us named the Worgen Generation) - need to all just make a jump to the conservative side of the ideological aisle if we are to save ourselves from ourselves.  If we save ourselves from ourselves, then we set ourselves up for the future, and all of society will benefit as a result.

Now now - don't get your panties all in a knot here; I'm not saying that the right wing is the be-all end-all to life.  For me to say that conservatism is the be-all end-all to life is to put conservatism on the same path that liberalism has now found itself in - and that is being so far to their own side that they now see their views as dogmas.  That is, today's liberals see their views as infallible, and anyone who disagrees with them is basically a heathen and a blasphemer.  When one side of the aisle begins to see their views as dogma, then bad things happen like they did in other parts of the world in which ideology ran amok, and tyrannies sprung in their wake. 

What we need to do in our country is help prevent that from happening here, and we (that is, those of us in the "Worgen Generation") do that by countering the left wing upbringings of our parents, because they've swung the ideological pendulum too far to the left, and are now trying to keep it stuck there. If we as a culture and society are going to evolve, then the pendulum must be able to swing freely back and forth. 

To keep the pendulum stuck to one side is to put us on the path to devolve as a culture and society, because those trying to keep the pendulum stuck on their side will eventually resort to tyranny to keep it that way, as we saw in most of the 20th century, in which nearly all of that century was one textbook case after another of ideology gone insane.  And in our wonderful country, that ain't how it's supposed to work. The proverbial marketplace of ideas must function in the way that it always has, with the free and open discussion of ideas.  We as a country work best when we can have these debates and discussions, even if they get lively and spirited at times.  The marketplace of ideas must reign supreme, beyond the reach of both sides of the aisle, so the ideological pendulum must be able to swing freely, back and forth like it's supposed to do.

It's been said that my generation is most likely not going to be more prosperous than the previous generation, which would be a first in a very long time.  Well, I'm not going to accept that, and neither should my fellow Worgen Gens.  So turn right, my fellow Worgens!

5.) New banner!  New profile pic!  :-D

Did you notice the new blog banner?  It came courtesy of four different people!  An artist who goes by Grim Rascal made the line art, another artist named Richard Dominguez colored it and put in the background, a third artist named Chris Hebert of HB Comics made the logo, and the boss himself made the layout.  The new profile pic is a cutout from the finished artwork of the first chapter of The Mighty Andromeda #1, and it's by Martheus Wade.  You will find further info on these cool dudes on my The Mighty Andromeda FB group, so look them up!  So cool!  Thanks, guys!  You all rock!  :-D

6.) Comics talk!

My usual segment on comics talk will have to come next time, as I've already talked enough this time around!  LOL

But trust me, there will be comic stuff to talk about - including an update to the book, The Mighty Andromeda #1!  YEAAAAAAHHH!!!!! 

So stay tuned, true believers!  The best is yet to come, and I want you all to be there to share it!  ^.^

Ahhh.... it's good to be back.  :-D

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

AFK for 40 Days begins today!

This is it, friends! 

My annual Lenten tradition, "AFK for 40 Days" begins today!  After midnight tonight, I will be taking my sabbatical to take some time off and recharge my batteries.  I will be thinking about you all, and I will be praying for you. 

I also hope that you will be keeping up with the progress of The Mighty One's book by going to the FB group called "The Mighty Andromeda".  There, the boss will keep you up to date on the latest goings-on of everyone's favorite busty superhero nerd!  I so look forward to tell you the happy news that my book is ready to purchase.  When I get back, we will be that much closer to that happy day.  I just can't wait!  :-D

It won't be easy to step away, but trust me, the time will fly before you know it.  Time has flown so far this year, hasn't it?  LOL 

So be good, my little nerdlings!  Take care, and see you after Easter Sunday, which will be April  20th this year. 

Goodbye.  :-)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Coming Wednesday: My annual Lenten AFK for 40 Days sabbatical

Well hey - look!  Only my third blog post of the year!  And it's only to inform you that I'll be AFK for 40 Days starting on Wednesday!  :-/

Yes, I've been a bit skimpy on blog posts so far this year, and because I'm about to be gone for over a month, that means that by the time I get back, it will have been a good 1/3 of the year with very few posts!  :-O

But if you've kept up with me on Facebook, then you know why I've been light on the posts here.  It's because the boss and I have been hard at work trying to put out the very first issue of The Mighty Andromeda! 


Those of you who are regular readers to my blog and on FB know how long we've been at this trying to get the book out, so we're very excited that things have finally started rolling.  In the past couple of years when I did my Lenten AFK for 40 Days sabbatical, it was a good time to take them anyway, because I needed the break to recharge my batteries. However, this time around, we are finally in the process of putting out a comic, so I had to decide if I should step away as I had usually done, or if I should stick around this time. 

After hearing from others, I decided to continue the practice of going AFK for 40 Days, because I think it sends an important message on priorities.  That is, as excited as I am about the book and progress finally being made on it, my custom of taking time off for Lent sends a message that there are more important things in life than putting out a comic book.  Don't misundertand - it's not at all easy to step away at such an exciting time, but either my spiritual life means something to me, or it doesn't.  And friends, my spiritual life matters that much to me. 

However, this time around there will be a TMA FB group for you to keep up on all things related to The Mighty One, so look it up, and join up, because the boss himself will be keeping everyone posted on the progress that's going on with the book while I'm away. 

Good times are ahead, friends.  I can't wait to tell you that TMA #1 is out and ready to purchase.  Please pray that that happy day comes as quickly as possible!  :-D

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Coming soon! Beta testing for the new TMA expansion!

Just to update you all on the comic:  Currently, the boss is working with the artists for the art of my very first comic book!  WHOOHOO!!!

We will know more details of the progress on the art next month, and I will keep you all updated as I have news to report.  But still - just to say that "art for my comic book is in the process of being made" is awesome enough!  :-D

However, it occurred to both of us that once the book hits, then we should have something online that new readers can go to once they're done reading the book.  Don't get me wrong - I'm proud of my little corner of the Internet that I've created these past few years, but we need something more than just a blogspot site.  No my little nerdlings, we need something more - something to draw more interest to the world of The Mighty Andromeda!  Oh, by the way, I'll be using TMA as shorthand for The Mighty Andromeda more and more both here and on my FB account, so get used to it.  :-)

Alright, so anyway - we decided to do some brainstorming as to what we can do, and I decided to help bring that process about by making reference to my love for all things World of Warcraft, so with that, I introduce to you the beta test phase for:

BSC 3.0: World of The Mighty Andromeda (WoTMA)!

So what's in the works for BSC 3.0: WoTMA beta test phase?

* Audio reviews!

Yes, my friends!  We are looking into doing my reviews as podcasts!

* Talking comics!

Once TMA#1 hits, who knows how long it will be before TMA#2 hits?  This is all new to us, you know, so we're still working out how to get stuff done to put out a comic!  So with that, we are looking into doing short videos of comic art plus audio as a way to tell back stories and to fill in some of the goings-on between issues.  This might also be how we do crossovers with our buds over at Creators United.  We love those guys.  :-)

* A TMA website!

For all things Andromeda!  It will have the blog, of course, along with links to archives of my podcasts and video comics (if they're made), and other features that we are still considering.

* A TMA Facebook fan page!

That will probably happen first.  We are still working on what we want to do with a TMA fan page.

*And last, the beta key to the BSC 3.0: WoTMA expansion (Also known as "a pdf file of the rough draft for the entire first issue of TMA")!

Yes, we are in the process of deciding which lucky people will be getting this precious beta key to get a sneak peek into the first issue!  These are rough draft sketches done by the boss himself, so you won't be seeing just words, but rough draft of the art as well!  How cool is that?  We are still determining the criteria of who gets this beta key (also known as a pdf).

There are other things under consideration, but those might come later, in a future "patch" or even the next "expansion", so we're tabling those ideas for now.  We might be needing the help of some of you in getting this all set up, so if I come knocking on your FB mailbox, it's probably because I'm seeking you out for help or information on some of the stuff above. 

As we start putting together some of these ideas, I'll be posting them here to get feedback from you all.  Just consider this my version of WoW's "public test realms" (aka PTR)  :-)

Thanks for being one of my readers these past few years!  If all goes well my friends, then the best is yet to come! 


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014!

Hello, friends!  Welcome to the new year!  :-)

And what a year that I hope it will be, because later this year, if all goes according to plan...

...then I should finally have the very first issue of my long-awaited comic!

Details will definitely be coming as things flesh out, but please do send me your thoughts, prayers, positive vibes, well-wishes, or whatever it is that you do to help someone with potentially exciting news to get energized into making that news truly happen! 

I so look forward to telling you that the comic is now available.  In fact, I'm bursting at the seams dying to tell you all that happy news.  For now though, what I can do is say...

...stay tuned, my friends.  The best is yet to come. :-D

Happy New Year to you all!  Let's make 2014 the best one yet!