Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New artwork of me, "Marvel" style!

And now, TADAAAAH!

Here is the latest stunning artwork by the very creative and talented Chris Butler!  In this artwork, I am posing a la Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe style!  Yeah, baby!  I am so striking the pose! 

This is going to be my official artwork for times in which I need a ready reference for my costume's appearance.  Like I mentioned before, we've officially made the cleavage hole the flat oval that Power Girl used to have before DC Comics went all politically correct on her and covered it up.  I would think that the real Power Girl would have kept it anyway despite any rule changes about the women's costumes, so thanks for taking PG out of character, DC!  Pbbbbtthhh!!!!

So artists, pay attention.  My costume consists of:

* 1 white hairband
* 1 long-sleeved white crop top with a flat oval cleavage hole
* 1 brown leather chest band at the base of the top, with a gold-toned buckle at the front that has the letters BSC on it.
* 1 yellow smiley face temporary tattoo on the right breast
* 1 white pleated skirt that reaches down to mid-thigh
* 1 pair white Spandex shorts worn under the skirt 
* 1 brown leather belt with a gold-toned buckle shaped in a stylized letter "A" 
* 1 pair brown leather gloves that reach over the elbow
* 1 pair brown leather upper arm bands that go over the biceps
* 1 pair brown leather boots that go over the knees, with padding over the knee
* 1 pair gold-toned earrings in a stylized letter "A"

Also to note:  I'm 6 foot 1, my eyes are blue, and my hair is a light brown and is very long, reaching down to my butt.  Since my costume doesn't have a cape, it's my hair that artists often draw in an artsy way as a kind of substitute cape.

Got all that?  Good!  

Oh, wait!


What was that about this being my OHOTMU pose?  Oh no, I'm not joining Marvel Comcis!  LOL  No, instead what this is indicating is that we are in the works of making a page of me with this pose (along with the previous artwork by Chris) and whip it all together with a bio so that I have my own OHOTMU-style page! 

How cool is that???  ^.^

So stay tuned, true believers, because that will be coming your way very soon!


Thanks Chris, on yet another awesome and excellent artwork!  I love it!  :-D
UPDATE:  Here is a link to the OHOTMU-style page.  

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