Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Challenge to the artists: Slave Leia Disney Princesses!

With the announcement of Disney buying out the Star Wars franchises, this leads to the possibilities of inspiration for new artworks.  Therefore, I am issuing a challenge to you artists out there.  Here's your mission:

I challenge you to draw artwork of one or more of the Disney princesses in the Slave Leia costume!  I was searching for some images of cosplayers in the Slave Leia look, but they all had the wrong shoes!  Dammit ladies, Slave Leia did not wear high heels!  I decided to just go to the source and look up Carrie Fisher in that outfit, and voila, there is the outfit with the right boots!  Use that link as your reference, artists!

If I get any responses, then I'll post them to my blog! 

Go, artists, go!  Make those nerds out there drool!

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