Friday, February 26, 2010

Batman beats Superman!

Extra! Extra! This just in! Batman beats Superman!

At least when it comes to the sale of the comic with their first appearance! Just days ago a copy of Superman #1 sold for a cool mil. Now another rich comics nerd tops that with the purchase of Batman's first appearance!

Comics nerds have gone mainstream, baby! Whoohoo!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New banner!

I wasn't planning on doing this - it was kinda spur of the moment, but when I saw that pan shot of a scene from the old Justice League Unlimited series, I knew I had a new blog banner. :-D

In case you don't know, that scene is from an episode title Dark Heart, in which Wonder Woman tucks the shrunken down Atom into her cleavage so that she has both hands free to fight some mechanical monsters. The scene above is of the Atom leaping out of her abundant bosom and into action.

You have your Super men and your Spider men, but it's the Power Girls of the comics world that really make reading comics fun, isn't it? ;-)

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane...!

This question appeared in yesterday's Dear Abby:

My wife is constantly passing gas. She does not care where she is or who is around. I have worked in the trucking industry for almost 30 years and never ran across anyone as flatulent as she is.

She is young and attractive, but there is nothing less appealing than feeling "frisky," getting into bed and hearing the trumpet sounds. I have recommended she see a doctor, but she laughs it off and says, "Everyone does it."

I can't believe I'm the only one with this problem. I could really use some "sound" advice, Abby. -- BLOWN AWAY IN ALLIANCE, OHIO

Everyone may do "it," but perhaps not to the extent that your wife does. There are over-the-counter products that can lessen the problem, which may be related to her diet. However, if her flatulence persists, then I'm recommending you not let your wife "laugh off" the idea of consulting a physician, because her problem could be a symptom of something that needs to be checked out -- and that's no joke.

Did it ever occur to anyone that perhaps this woman has a superpower like The Spleen?

(By the way, I LOVE Mystery Men. I'll try to do a review of it later).

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Super teacher stops school gunner

A math teacher in Colorado (not far from where the infamous Colombine shooting took place a decade ago) tackled a shooter in his school before he could get very far in his shooting. David Benke of the Littleton middle school said he had no time to think as he took down a shooter who had already shot two students then was reloading to shoot some more. Benke and other teachers then held him down until the police arrived.

"Gutsy" and "selfless" doesn't begin to describe his heroic actions, and in honor of his brave deed, I give him my Real Life Superhero kudos. It goes to show that you don't need super powers to be a hero.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Superman #1 sells for a million!

You know of course that I had to mention this! A rare Superman #1 comic from 1938 sold for (trying to sound like Dr. Evil) One. Million. Dollars!

Recession? What recession? Who says comics are just for kids? I know that there are more comics nerds out there than most of us believe, and it's good to see that some of them are wealthy enough to buy such a book when it comes out!

Monday, February 22, 2010

So is Tiger Woods' apology sincere? Well...

Over the weekend, I was asked my take on Tiger Woods' apology for having fooled around - several times, it seems - with other women who weren't his wife. Here's the way I see it:

Tiger Woods had to say SOMEthing because -

- Continuing to play (and get paid) as a pro golfer depended on it
- Continuing to get paid for product endorsements depended on it
- He had to start somewhere to get back what little respect he has
- He owed it to his wife after putting her through all this in the first place

The order above is no accident, so yes I think he is doing this more for money than for it being the right thing to do in regards to his reputation and to his wife. Had it not been for the money part of it, he probably still might not have apologized - philanderers being the way they are, they generally don't feel guilty for doing what they have done, especially serial philanderers like Woods. However, in order to stem the tide of what income he still has coming in, he had to say something in order to put himself back into the good graces of the public eye - or at least as much as he can.

So my answer is no, I don't think his apology was sincere. Serial philanderers like Woods don't change their stripes overnight, and the more they philander, it shows how much less they truly care about the moral difficulty to do what they do against someone they allegedly love.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

An idea for a more formal version of my costume

Some time back, the idea of a more formal version of my costume came up. Over the weekend while watching a friend play World of Warcraft, he happened upon this boss in the Hall of Stone. She is named the Maiden of Grief, and I knew right away that I had found the more formal version of my costume!

One pic below is of her after she is killed, but I posted it because it shows the costume from above. Since it has the prerequisite cleavage if it's going to be my costume, I knew that this costume was the one. The formal costume is for special events, of course, in which I appear as a representative of the Department of Superhuman Studies. I'll still wear my white headband, but perhaps my hair can be braided for such occasions. And even though it's not as practical for fighting as my regular costume, I can still throw a punch in it, since we all know that the supervillain ALWAYS attack during such occasions! LOL

Anyway, there is an artist that I'm going to ask about making me in this costume or a variation of it at least. If I can get that arranged, I'll let you know.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Internet connection is back! And it's Mardi Gras! Whoohoo!

Yaay! The repair people got the power back on, and I can now get on the Internet and STAY on the Internet! Whooohoo!

And just in time for Mardi Gras! As good a reason to celebrate as any!

Now that things are returning to normal, I can get back to my writing. See, I didn't want to keep my laptop on when the power was out because I didn't know when the power would come back on. When the power went out, I would complete a thought or a sentence, then turn it off to save its energy. I ended up having to do that quite a bit, and it was messing with my writing mojo.

Anyway, now I can get back to the stuff that's saved on my computer. I'll try to have something posted on Thursday. In the meantime, go enjoy yourselves out there, but be safe!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Grr! Internet connection still funky!

My Internet connection is still intermittent! Fortunately, some repair people are supposed to come today, so I hope they can get me up and running again. It's very frustrating to be up and connected one minute then be disconnected for 5 minutes the next!

It's almost enough to make me throw the whole thing out the window!

I will try to get back to posting as soon as I can, folks.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The snow has messed up my schedule


The snow really messed up my schedule. I was without power overnight, and in the course of the day, I had a lot to do in order to be ready to run errands tomorrow that I am now way behind on. So forgive this setback, and I'll just check back with you guys next week.

See you soon and be safe!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow days are messing with my writing!

Hey, gang.

Just a quick note to let you know that I am working on a post for Friday, but the current and unexpected lots of snow that fell in Texas - yes, Texas! - is messing with the power at my house, which messes up the Internet connection, which then takes a few minutes to reboot before I have an Internet connection again. The power has been flickering off and on all day!

Not only that, the power was out for about 30 minutes just right now! I decided that if the power came back on, I'd make this message to let you know that if I don't post something tomorrow, then you'll know why. Keep your fingers crossed that the power stays on!

And if the snow is messing with stuff here in Texas, I can imagine how much worse it is for you folks in the Northeast coast! Oh my goodness! My prayers go out to you!

Anyway, hope to see you tomorrow. If not, have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For your favorite liberal on Valentine's!

Okay, I know I really need to get back to talking about comics and movies, but I couldn't resist posting about this!

GOP Valentine's Day Cards

I just may - I just might! - send these to some of my favorite liberal friends! LOL

Monday, February 8, 2010




Geez, given all the hub-bub over this ad, it really wasn't much, was it? It just had you refer to their site for more info. It didn't cause the fall of mankind or turn the female side of the country against the pro-choice movement and result in the total abandonment of feminism, did it?

Hell, as a prolife conservative, I have to hear a lot of crap in the news and entertainment media that I don't want to hear, but I'm not going around demanding that their free speech rights be taken away! If anything, I PREFER that they show how stupid they are! That's the beauty of our society's free speech values!

By the way, if you want to see the rest of that story, click here.

Focus on the Family

Just make sure none of your anti-free speech feminist nutjob co-workers aren't close by to hear you listening to it, or they'll sue you for harassment!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Controversial pic of a U.S. Women's skier? Are you serious?

Check out this image of Linsey Vonn, one of our women's skiers for the U.S Olympic team.

According to this news article, that pose is suggestive and semi-provocative! I just have to ask:


I've looked at this several times now, and I just don't see what these critics are talking about! She is in a skiing pose! Fully clothed, no less! I just don't get it! Is she guilty of being a women while skiing, is that it? Women aren't supposed to ski?

If any of you have any idea of why the above pose is considered provocative, please let me know in what way!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Once in a generation

Over the weekend, I had what you might call a “spirited discussion” with some baby boomers. In case you hadn’t read on my blog previously, I am a child of baby boomers, so I grew up with a very good familiarity of their views and values. I’m telling you this to provide backdrop for what I’m about to discuss. And believe me, I’ve heard enough songs by the Stones and the Beatles to last me for the rest of my life!

The discussion basically started about the various recent generations. My grandparents’ generation, the one that lived through the Great Depression and World War II, is often referred to as the "Greatest Generation" because of all they went through, and I’m certainly not going to dispute that title, because they earned it. Baby boomers are often called the “Me Generation” because of their well-known values of “self-gratification”. “Gen-X” is sometimes called the “slacker” generation; which I think is a bit unfair, because they are being judged for when they were teens/early 20’s, in which many of any generation were known for slacking.

And then there's my generation, sometimes called "Gen-Y" simply because "Y" follows "X". Apparently, creativity died out when it came to labeling my generation! Sometimes we are called the baby baby boom because most of us are the children of baby boomers. So what are we known for? That is still being worked out. However, I do have one suggestion, and before I offer it up, let me mention something here that the boss suggested that I try on my blog.

His suggestion for piquing curiosity was to make a statement, then waiting for a few days before explaining what I mean. I'll do just that. I'll make my statement, and then let you all mull that over the weekend. Here is my statement.

I think it can be argued that my generation is the worst generation.

Why do I say that? You'll have to wait until next week to find out! But feel free to offer your observations here and on Facebook. For those of you who don't know already, I am on Facebook under Andromeda Perseus, so look me up and "friend" me if you want to be added to my little group.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New cool link: Misfit Corner Press

Last month I had mentioned my desire to see DC Comics' Blackest Night storyline to cross over to other, non-DC and even non-comic venues. Well, one artist has been doing that, and he is now my latest cool link!

Meet Andrew Charipar and his blog, Misfit Corner Press!

What I especially like about Charipar's work is the fact that it's in black and white - which, when you think about it, is only fitting, since what he is portraying is largely Black Lanterns.

Black and white art in comics has its own mood and sense of dramatic imagery that color can't match - and done right, it's a real sight to see. One of my favorites in black and white art that the boss introduced me to was Richard Dominguez' El Gato Negro, and it was because of Dominguez that I developed a great appreciation for black and white art.

Now Charipar comes along and reminds me why I enjoy black and white art. While Photoshopped palletes of color may be all the rage in comics nowadays, it's good to see these two artists "kickin' it old school".

Welcome to my Cool Links list, Andrew!