Friday, February 5, 2010

Controversial pic of a U.S. Women's skier? Are you serious?

Check out this image of Linsey Vonn, one of our women's skiers for the U.S Olympic team.

According to this news article, that pose is suggestive and semi-provocative! I just have to ask:


I've looked at this several times now, and I just don't see what these critics are talking about! She is in a skiing pose! Fully clothed, no less! I just don't get it! Is she guilty of being a women while skiing, is that it? Women aren't supposed to ski?

If any of you have any idea of why the above pose is considered provocative, please let me know in what way!


Anonymous said...

Well, you asked for it!

Speaking from a typical crude guy's viewpoint a typical heterosexual male is attracted to curves and positions to suggest a sexual act.

If anything the post tries to hide any suggestion of curves. Even with the pole pressing on the side the top and bottom of the breasts are hidden and you see almost no curvature. The legs are bent and show little if any shape. The rear is almost nonexistant. Cover up the front half and you would have no trouble thinking that this was a picture of the male.

With position it is almost anti-sex. A provocative pose would have her tush rounded upwards for easier access and the head in almost any different position.

If anything whoever designed the picture bent over backwards to make it look as little provocative as possible.

Busty Superhero Chick said...

Thanks, Anon, for providing the typical crude guy's point of view! :-D LOL

So folks, if even a typical crude guy doesn't see anything suggestive or provocative in that pose, then maybe these critics are seeing something that isn't there.

And, as one person I know in real life told me, my blog banner alone is tons more suggestive and provocative! If a fully clothed woman skier in a recognized skiing pose is enough to make them cry "Tart!", then seeing my blog banner should make their head explode - and I'd love to see that!

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I don't see it either. The guy who wrote that article doesn't know what he is talking about. The various drawings of you (including your main blog banner) are lot more provocative.

Geez! We can see down your cleavage (say cheese :-))

Linsey Vonn? Nothing! It's just a young woman in a skiing pose.

I say get over it people!