Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Death penalty and super folks again

In my previous entry, I brought up the death penalty in regards to super folks. Basically, I stated that I support the death penalty for the super-powered people who are pretty much beyond reform - that is, if released, they'll do the same damn thing that got them incarcerated in the first place. As it is, many of them escape rather than serve out their sentence.

As is the case in my neck of the woods, my support of the death penalty for super folks wasn't taken very well here. However, rather than come away with an impression that I'm some sort of bloodthirsty type, let me explain a bit why I came to this conclusion. When normal humans wreak havoc, there's limits to what they can do. However, depending on the power, super people can wreak unimaginable harm and chaos. A telepath can fry the minds of those within range of his or her power, or alter their minds in such that they are no longer the same. A super strength person can literally tear people apart with less effort than it takes for you to lift a sheet of paper. Those with fire-based powers can cause incalculable loss of life and damage in a relatively short span of time.

I liken the gaining of powers to winning the lottery. Some people can handle suddenly having a lot of money; others can't. Some lottery winners will invest their money so that they won't have to work for the rest of their lives; others will blow it all away on stupid stuff and end up even more poor than when they started. Getting powers is a lot like that. Some people can handle having powers, others can't. Having been a longtime fan of comics, getting my powers was like a dream come true. For others, their powers become tools of oppression and/or destruction.

For others still, it's like being addicted to a drug. For instance, there's one guy who has rage-induced super strength. He goes from a 5 foot 5 skinny guy to a hulking 6 foot 5 monster who can get stronger than me if he's angry enough. When normal humans get extremely angry, they can do some seriously dangerous things that they normally wouldn't do. Now add to that if you gained super strength on top of that. Next add that this guy isn't exactly stable when he's not powered up, and you have a guy who's like the worst brat in history with the mother of all temper tantrums. Even worse, he's a drug addict, and his super strength rages are often drug-induced. I've seen the results of the damage he's done, and I'm tired of hauling his ass to the holding facility only for him to escape again.

And folks, that's just one super-powered guy!

Other super-powered problem people, of course, cause other kinds of trouble; this blog entry would be too long to mention them all. But in short, many of these people are repeat offenders who don't seem capable of rehabilitation, as I keep having to recapture them time and time again. They simply have little to no self control to begin with, and their having powers on top of that only makes the problem worse - pretty much like handing a belligerent drunk guy an AK-47.

Understand that I didn't go into this decision lightly - but I am tired of seeing the damage they do. I'm tired of seeing the great numbers of lives harmed or destroyed in the process of trying to stop one of these people when they lose control. I understand that some of them might not be responsible for their actions, but it still doesn't justify allowing them to walk so that they can do more harm. I don't go into this wanting them dead - I just want to stop them from killing others. If it means doing that permanently, then so be it.

I'm sure that I haven't changed some of your minds on that, but that's my take anyway.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Comics talk - Sunday edition

Hey, gang!

Welcome to a rare weekend appearance! Today I’m going to discuss DC Comics’ DC Universe Decisions (DCUD), in which the various DC superheroes reveal their political leanings, followed by my own revealing of another one of my political views. Enjoy! But first…

If you have not read DC Universe Decisions and don’t want the story spoiled for you, STOP READING NOW! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

This past Wednesday, the second issue of DCUD, here’s how the candidates are lining up so far, followed by the superheroes that support them:

· Katherine (Kate) McClellan: Republican moderate


Plastic Man

· Robert (Bob) Ridgeway: far right conservative

Guy Gardner – aka Green Lantern

Power Girl

Wildcat (Ted Grant)


· Martin Suarez: Democratic moderate

Beast Boy


Bruce Wayne (not as Batman)

· Davis Brewster: far left liberal

Green Arrow

Dr. Light (Kimiyo Hoshi)

(unidentified hero)

So far, that’s all the heroes that’s identified their political leanings. Also, I am LOVING this series! It’s taking the characters in waters that are not normally explored! If you are near a comic shop, I definitely recommend getting it!

Okay, time for me to reveal another one of my political or social views. Today I shall discuss the death penalty. Before I got my powers, I was uncertain how I felt, but now that I’m super-powered, I can see the need for it – at least for those who are super-powered. Some super villains are like 8 year old children who have been suddenly given the power to control people. In other words, they have no self control – they’ll always do the wrong thing. Yes, we can incarcerate them, but they always break out, and some innocent civilian always ends up getting used, harmed, or killed by them – all because we didn’t have the will to end their evil ways permanently.

Understand that in my universe, there are other super folks who totally disagree with me. And as Americans, that’s their right. However, I invite them to join me the next time I see the results of what super villains do to people. Look into the eyes of someone whose mind has been permanently scrambled by a telepath, or whose body has been torn into pieces by a super strength villain. As often as I’ve seen the damage they do, it still can make me sick to my stomach.

They’re the reason that I fight the good fight, even though at times I’m out of my league with some super villains. But if I don’t do something, the people that are being victimized by a super villain have no chance whatsoever. At least with me to take on the damage, they’ll have a chance to escape. Some villains I’m tired of bringing in time and time again only for them to escape and do even more harm. I’m for stopping them permanently. It’s an issue that’s still being debated in the governmental department that I work in, but they know how I feel. That’s my take on the death penalty – at least as how it applies to super villains. For regular humans, it depends on the case. At least there, I’m still open to discussion.

Okay, that's my take. Feel free to let me know what you think.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated!

Sorry I hadn't posted all week, gang. Been really crazy! But tell ya what: On Sunday I'll make a rare weekend appearance and get all caught up at the same time! See you then!