Thursday, May 29, 2008

And here I am! TA-DAAAAHH!!!!

Sorry for the longer-than-expect wait, folks. But here I am! More details to follow in the coming days. This is the first page of the BSC comic that will be coming out in June. I'm the one on the right wearing pink, in case you hadn't figured that out. ;-)


COMING TOMORROW! My first appearance!

Coming tomorrow!
My first appearance!
Don't miss it!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Busty Superhero Chick - Wonder Woman

And now we come to the bustiest superhero chick - Wonder Woman! Well, "bustiest" so far as being known for having big boobs!

Wonder Woman (WW from here on) is a princess of an island of Amazon warriors. Her mother is Queen Hippolyta, and her sister is Donna Troy. If not called WW, then she is also known as Princess Diana, or simply Diana. Others have worn the WW costume, including her mother and her sister, but Diana is the one most famous for wearing it. More on the costume below.

WW actually had her start way back in the early 1940's. As with most superheros with such an early start, explanations had to be given as to how someone who was in at least their 20's back in 1940 can still look so young more than 60 years later. Most of the time, the explanation is, "it's not the same person". See, 1940's WW is referred to as "Earth 2 WW", the one that met Steve Trevor and so forth. That WW actually had a daughter. The WW from the 1950's thru about 1985 is "Earth 1 WW". Wait, how did Earth 2 come before Earth 1? Don't think about it - it'll only make your head hurt.

After 1985, the current WW can be called, basically, "modern era WW". This WW still has the magic lasso, but it only forces them to tell the truth, and that's only if they choose to talk. If they don't want to talk, then they don't have to. But if they DO talk, then what comes out of their mouths is only the truth. The lasso of the past compelled whomever was ensnared in it to do the bidding of the holder of the lasso - usually WW, but it could be used by anyone, and that person could compel even WW to do their bidding if she happened to be ensnared in it.

Whatever era you look at, her origin is basically the same - Amazon Queen Hippolyta desires a child, even though she is on an island of only women. Guided by the ancient Greek goddesses, she forms a child with clay, and the goddesses cause that clay baby to form into a real baby. However, this baby has special abilities even beyond her superhuman and virtually immortal fellow Amazon sisters.

She comes to the U.S. for different reasons in each era, but basically she is serving as a sort of ambassador of Themyscira, the name of her home (also known as "Paradise Island"). Once she meets up with other superheroes, she joins their organizations - the Justice League. In whatever form the JL takes, she's always one of the founding members. Her, Superman and Batman form a core threesome that basically guide the other superheroes of the DC Comics universe. In recent years, she was in a controversy in which she purposefully broke a villain's neck in order to stop his mental control of Superman.

WW's costume has changed considerably over the years, but even in those early years, she showed cleavage - so she always had boobs. It's gone from the stiff bodice with skirt and clunky boots to the one-piecer with strange and impractical "ballet booties" to the stiletto heel boots to the current and more practical flat-soled boot. The cut of the leg openings can vary - depending on the artist drawing her - from a cut that covers her whole butt to one that is "wedgie wear". She's always almost always had the bracelets and headband/tiara, even though those have changed in appearance over the years as well.

WW is also known for a scene in this video clip from an episode in the Cartoon Network show, Justice League Unlimited, titled "Dark Heart". Check it out!

Yep, that's WW really sticking a superhero in her bra! Here's a still shot of that scene:

Wow! What a lucky dude! Thing is, that couldn't really happen (yeah yeah, "suspend your disbelief" and all that. I get it), because...

1.) that space between her breasts is just that: a space. It's not a cockpit or otherwise a seat where Atom could strap himself into. It's simply a space, and as she moved around or even flipped upside down, there is nothing keeping Atom from falling out - unless there's something in her costume or bra small enough for his tiny hands to hold onto.

2.) Her breasts - that is, real breasts - are not hard and immobile. They are basically rubbery bags with nothing but the bra to support them. Without a bra or some sort of support, breasts will flop this way and that, depending upon the movement; thus, when WW draws her arms together, her breasts are pushed together - and Atom could get crushed! And since she's superstrong, he could literally get flattened like roadkill on the street! Hell, he could get crushed to death just from her breathing hard! Then WW would have this disgusting red stain in her cleavage! I doubt even the horniest teenager would want to go out that way!

Here is a video clip of how much breasts move in a WW costume. The woman, of course, is Lynda Carter, who played WW way back in the 1970's.

See how much they move side to side? Now imagine Atom in her cleavage! It would be the equivalent of two giant walls slamming on him from side to side! Now imagine the real WW and her super strength, and the impact of those "walls" increases by probably a hundred! And that's if he doesn't just fly out from all that side to side movement! Okay, one more:

3.) What's to keep Atom from sliding further down? If there is a bra under that bodice, then perhaps that prevents him from sliding down, but it wouldn't prevent him from falling out (see #1)! If there is no bra under there, then he could slide further down into - well, all kinds of trouble! And not the good kind (sorry, fellas!)! If he's not crushed by her breasts coming down on him from above, then her superstrong abs could crush him if she were to do some sort of stomach crunch fighting the bad guys. And if he goes further down even more- still not good! All that leg movement (powered by superstrong muscles) provide too many methods that he will be crushed to death!

Nope, even in comics and cartoons, this just won't work! This is still the stuff of teenage sexual fantasies! One last note: In a recent issue of The Atom, WW is seen sticking her hand in her bra to pull out - a chair for Atom! What the HELL?? C'mon, folks! How and why is she keeping his furniture in her bra?? And didn't the pointy legs of that chair hurt while in her bra?

Okay, enough of this. Let's move on...

Here we have the actress most famous for playing Wonder Woman: Lynda Carter!

No other actress has been able to pull off playing the Amazon like she has.

And finally, here's a pic of WW for you to put on your computer or cellphone wallpaper:

Whew! I'm tired!

Busty Superhero Chick rating on a scale of 1 to 10 in which 1 is worst and 10 is best, WW gets a 9.75. Highest rating ever!

Highest ever, that is, until me! Finally, at last, later this week I make my own first appearance! You will see for who this blog is named. You will at last see THE Busty Superhero Chick! Stay tuned!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Poll updates

If you've been following my polls, you see that it is a close contest for Wonder Woman vs. Power Girl and Tsunade vs. She-Hulk. However, it's a rout in Catwoman vs. Black Cat. Really? Is Catwoman that much better than Black Cat? Or is it because more people have heard of Catwoman than Black Cat? While both are slightly enhanced in the way of strength and flexibility, I don't think that one has that great an advantage over the other. I think that, if the two ever came to blows, it really would be a catfight. Maybe one day, they'll do a cross-over with those two to finally settle the question once and for all. ;-)

Coming later this week is my entry on Wonder Woman, and she'll be my last busty superhero chick to comment on. Coming next week will be my own first appearance. It feels good to finally get to it. The power outage that I had at my house that lasted 4 days really put me behind, so it's good to finally get caught up.

See you soon, kiddies. :-D


Friday, May 16, 2008

Busty Superhero Chick - Tsunade

Now we're getting to two of the biggest - and not just in bra size - busty superhero chicks! Today is Tsunade, and next time will be Wonder Woman. By the way, it is Tsunade's bounteous bosoms that grace my profile pic. ;-)

Tsunade is a character of the Manga (and anime) show, Naruto. She is the hokage - or defender/leader - of the village that she works in, which is called Konohagakure, or just Konoha for short. She was originally one of three ninja that were considered highly skilled. One went on to become basically a pervert, the other became evil, and she became despondent due to the deaths of her little brother and her lover. When we first see her, she is coming into town looking for the local gambling hall. She has a gambling addiction, you see. She also drinks a lot.

However, despite her past history and current lifestyle, and despite being a woman in her 50's, she still looks like she's in her 20's. This is because of a ninja skill that allows her to manipulate her "chakra", which basically is her "life force". By manipulating her chakra, she's able to keep herself young looking, and is able to alter her appearance in such a way that she can skip out on her gambling debts (and there are many) in case things go bad (and they usually do).

Apparently, this ability to alter her appearance includes giving herself massive boobs. I can think of a couple of reasons to do this. One, one of her former teammates (the pervo one) used to call her "flat-chested Tsunade", and she probably still remembers that. Two, big boobs are a great means of making sure that anyone at one of her gambling venues aren't spending a whole lot of time memorizing her face should she try to skip out on her debts again. ;-)

Naruto, the main character of the Naruto stories, and his tutor (who happens to be one of Tsunade's former teammates - the pervo one) are in that same village where she's boozing and gambling looking for her. They find not someone who is "hokage material", but quite the opposite. Long story short, all of them fight the third former teammate who is now evil. They all defeat the evil one, and he goes away to lick his wounds. After all that, Tsunade has a change of heart and accepts the role of hokage, a role that she had initially refused. Once she was a lush and a gambler on the road to nowhere. Now she is a lush and a gambler - but with a job! Kinda like most politicians nowadays, wouldn't you say? ;-)

In the video below, which has subtitles, a kid runs into Tsunade in such a way that it's a good thing that she has all that padding, 'cause he coulda hurt himself!

In the video below, you see Tsunade swing away at the former teammate who is now evil. Look at those massive boobs sway! It's a good thing that she has all that super strength, because otherwise she'd have killer back and shoulder pains!

Naruto - Episode 96

Let's take a look now at how Tsunade is drawn in the Manga book where she first appeared. You notice that the artist meant for her to have big boobs - and not just big boobs, but heavy, massive boobs. Most times when large breasts are depicted in comics, they are shown as being unnaturally stiff and hard, and jutting out like traffic cones. If they ever ran into a concrete wall, their boobs would leave impact craters - that's how hard they were!

However, notice how Tsunade's breasts crease and dimple when handled in a certain way. The artist (Masashi Kishimoto) apparently took great care to emphasize what breasts that size do in the circumstances that they are shown in the artwork below. In other words, they're not made of rock or other hard substance, they're soft. This gives Tsunade a more realistic feminine touch that is lacking in other superhero women, even though her breasts are unrealistically large. Now, when I say "unrealistic", I don't mean "impossible", because there are women out there with boobs that big!

I just love this one! Isn't she lovely and ladylike? ;-)

Busty Superhero Chick Rating (on a scale of 1 to 10 in which 1 is worst and 10 is bust - er, breast - I mean, best!): 9.5. The highest rating yet! This is because of the realistic depiction of Tsunade's breasts that the artist drew them.

Coming up next - and last, but certainly not least - is Wonder Woman.

After that will finally be my own first appearance!

See you then, kiddies!


Monday, May 12, 2008

Dance, dance, dance!

This is unrelated to either comics or busty superhero chicks. I'm just posting it here because I love it! You will, too! :-D

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Busty superhero chick: Starfire

And now for the #1 busty superhero chick in my B-list poll: Starfire! By the way, when I am talking about Starfire, I do not refer to the teenage version of her depicted below, but rather to the adult version as depicted in the images further down. Just wanted to clarify that! ;-)

According to various origin stories, Starfire - whose real name is "Koriand'r" (sometimes called "Kory" for short) - comes from a planet named Tamaran. She was a princess there, and had an older sister named Komand'r.

Komand'r - also known as Blackfire, and that's what I'll be calling her from here on - was jealous of Starfire because Starfire was next in line to the throne due mainly to the fact that Blackfire did not have the powers that Tamaraneans normally had due to a disease in infancy that robbed her of those powers. That power was flight due to the absorption of solar energy. I guess in Taranean royalty, you have to be able to fly to the people if you are going to rule them. This action of passing over Blackfire began the jealousy that she has had ever since. It doesn't help matters that Tamaraneans tend to be overly emotional anyway, so this jealousy is doubly worse as a result.

But these parents don't sound like candidates for Parents of the Year anyway, because when some of Tamaran's enemies conquered the planet, one of the surrender conditions was the enslavement of Starfire. (I gotta wonder - are the Tamaraneans descended from the French? (badaBOOM!) Okay, I better move on...) The parents apparently said, "Here ya go. Enjoy!" Later on, both Blackfire and Starfire were captured by another alien race who experimented on their solar absorption powers by forcing solar energy into their bodies to see how much they could absorb before they exploded. Niiiice...

It was during these experiments that Starfire gained her starbolts, and in the process of escaping, she found Earth, joined the Teen Titans, and the rest is history. She's now an established Earth superhero (a busty superhero, no less) that is now mentoring the next generation of Titans. Of course, she does have the Tamaranean trait of tending to be emotional (hit first, ask questions later, in essence), and she also likes to be nude when she can, for she feels that clothing hinders her solar absorption abilities. Other than that, she could shape up to be a great mentor.

Busty Superhero Chick rating (on a scale of 1 to 10 in which 1 is worst and 10 is bust - er, best) : 8.5

The next busty superhero chick coming next will be Tsunade, whose generous bosoms are currently my profile pic. See you then, kiddies!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

More busty superhero chicks coming

Sorry I haven't posted as much as I wanted to, but things got unexpectedly busy for me. Coming this weekend, I will be talking about Starfire. Next week, I'll talk about Tsunade, and then Wonder Woman - proud wearer of the Wonder Bra! (actually, I don't know if that's what she wears, but don't you think she should?).

And then the week after that will be - finally! - my own first appearance here on my blog! Hopefully by the end of the month, my own stories will begin, both on my blog and on the ComicSpace site. The writer of my stories hopes to have another artist by then. I'll keep you updated.

Hang around, kiddies! The fun's still coming!


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Today is Free Comic Book Day!

So what are you waiting for, fanboys and fangirls? Hie thee to your local comic shop for:


Here's a link to the site, so that you can find a comic shop near you!


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Final Poll Results!

And now here are the final poll results of both Busty Superhero Chick polls!

For the "big gals":

Wonder Woman 8
Power Girl 11
She Hulk 1
Tsunade 2

So as you can see, PG took exactly half the votes!

Now for the B-list gals:

Starfire 14
Lara Croft 2
Black Cat 1
Catwoman 2

Here it was no contest; Starfire ran away with nearly 75% of the vote! What a gal!

I'll work on another poll over the weekend. Thanks for voting!