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Breasts and society again

Anonymous said...
Hi. I have been reading your blog for awhile, and I believe that while your goal was to make fun of guys who obsess about women breasts, I think you ARE contributing to objectification of women. The positive note for you to counter this issue is that you fully explain yourself.

I apologize that you are getting a headache, but as I said before not all men are like that.

I do agree with you that men (such as myself) wired visually, and is a human component to the mating process with women. And there are men that are hybrids. What I am saying is that they feel from the inside and express themselves.

If you were truly upset about this, this blog would not exist.

Although objectification of women is not a positive thing, you DON'T HATE men because of it.
In conclusion, I say you should continue writing your blog. As a busty women, you are wise and are willing to educate to make society better for your gender. As a guy, I am learning a lot from you about the female perspective.

I posted Anonymous’ response above, because he pretty much captures the responses of my blog entry from last week about boobs and society. Most of the other responses were from those I know in person, so it was an interesting weekend for me. ;-)

Nearly all of the responses I got said what Anon said, that I was more objectifying women rather than my true intent of poking fun at men for being so obsessed over boobs. All I can say is that I’ll work on being clearer as to what I’m trying to do with my blog. Thing is, I kinda like how I’m doing things now, and I don’t want to mess too much with something that is working.

After all, if I wanted to mess with something that works, I’d be a liberal! (badaBOOM!). Why do you liberal guys and gals do that anyway – mess with stuff that works? You mess with it and then when it doesn’t work, you’ll tax the rest of us because you (probably intentionally) created a class of people who are the disenfranchised “victims” of the “new ways” of doing things.

Okay, I’m digressing here. Getting back to the topic…

There is a Romanian tennis player named Simona Halep who was known more for her DD’s than her tennis skills. Note the images below.

There are two things (no pun intended) to take away from this:

1.) Those pics weren’t shot to demonstrate the technical proficiency of her tennis swing, and

2.) This shows just how much big boobs move around on an active woman, and also shows why a shrunken-down male superhero couldn’t hide in an active woman’s bra without serious injury and probably death.

Halep is an example of the convergence of a woman of her generous proportions + mens’ tendencies towards visual sexual stimulation + today’s technological means of sending images anywhere and everywhere around the world in an instant. If you do a Google search for her, the majority of the pics you find will be those like I posted. That’s how she got her fame: that outfit plus her breasts captured shifted in various directions.

You guys no doubt enjoy those images of her breasts in unusual positions, but how do you think she feels? She had stated that they get in the way, and that it was why she was going to have breast reduction surgery. I have no doubt that it will indeed help her in her tennis game, but I also think that she didn’t want to be known as a glandular freak. She probably didn’t want people to come to her matches just to watch her breasts bounce. And I don’t blame her. She’s still a teenager, after all, and already has enough to deal with without also having to deal with being thought of as a freak show.

Had she asked me, I would have told Halep to talk to another tennis player known for her boobs. I mean, of course, Serena Williams. She's just as busty, and yet she also wins tournaments - so it can be done. It might have done Halep good to know that she has - ahem - a bosom buddy (pun intended that time!) who knows what it's like to play tennis while busty. If nothing else, Williams could have suggested a better bra for her to wear, because Halep does bounce too much. It's a moot point, though, because Halep has already had the surgery.

It’s because of women like Halep that I made my blog. Busty women need to be seen for more than their cup size, and I had hoped that, by creating this blog, I could show that women like me can be busty and still have a brain. You know what’s funny? Non-busty women wish they were busty, and some have breast augmentation surgery in order to give the appearance of a larger size. Meanwhile, busty women often get tired of lugging around their heavy breasts and get breast reduction surgery! I bet even if God had made all women a good sized C cup, we’d find something else to be unhappy about! LOL “We all look alike! There’s no variety!”

It’s also why I say to the ladies to accept themselves as they are. Non-busty women have advantages that busty women do not. Here is just a short list. Women like me deal with back and shoulder pain constantly. Eyes rarely go above the chest. In sports – especially physical sports – we get the wrong kind of attention. It’s neither cheap nor easy to find outfits that look good and are tailored for our proportions. That also goes for bras. The bras I get are not the nice, slender fashion types that you see in most department store catalogs that you guys are always thumbing through (don’t lie. You know you do it). Nope, what I get resembles the Golden Gate Bridge.

Having said all that, let me finish by saying that I am very happy and proud to be a woman, and in particular, a busty woman. I mentioned previously that I am not a feminist, because too many feminists want to concentrate on the negative; that is, on what women don’t get in our society. Not me. I’d rather concentrate on the positive. Despite not quite hitting my mark of my blog being a gentle poke to you guys who obsess over boobs, I still think I managed to carve my little niche on the Internet. It doesn’t mean that I should stop trying to strike that balance I’m looking for of celebrating the busty woman while at the same time teasing you guys for obsessing over boobs. So what this all means, dear friends is this: I ain’t going anywhere. :-D

The thing is, when I had viewed that site that was at the center of my self-examination of my blog and it’s purpose, it really didn’t change anything that I didn’t know already. All that did change was the awareness of just how much booby stuff is truly out there. In other words, it wasn't a question of content, but of quantity. And Anonymous, you are right: If I were truly upset about this, then this blog wouldn’t exist. But for better or worse, it does exist. Let’s just hope that I get more right than wrong. :-P

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My theory on the meaning of life

A Facebook friend of mine had asked a rhetorical question of "What's it all about?" Knowing me though, I couldn't resist answering! Here is my response as I wrote it on Facebook:

In short, my theory of the meaning of it all is that we all exist for a reason. We are here, right now, to contribute in some way to our progress in the so-called "march of history". We may be major players on the world's stage, or we could have bit parts, but we all matter in the grand scheme of things - that is, no one person is more important than another. Our life's journey is to discover what that role is, and to do what we can to live up to it. As for me, I couldn't think of a more exciting journey than that of discovering our life's calling.

Here I'm going to give a more detailed response.

Like I said above, I believe that we all have a role in life. We appear on the scene at a given point in time, then we try to fulfill what role it is that we are to play in our life, then we leave (i.e., we die). Just to get some questions out of the way, I am a non-denominational Christian - that is, I believe in Jesus Christ as God and as the savior of humanity, but I do my worshipping on a more personal basis rather than through an organized Christian religion.

You might say that I'm still shopping, because I want to find the right blend of living the "letter of the law" and the "spirit of the law". While I can identify with a lot of what evangelicals say, I don't like some of the more rigid views they hold. On the flip side, the more liberal Christians are basically indistinguishable from their secular liberal friends - so really, why bother with a group of Christians that can throw God away whenever their faith butts up against cherished liberal dogmas?

At the same time, I do recognize the benefits of belonging to a community of Christians; I just haven't found the one that's right for me. I know that there never will be a "perfect" Christian community, and at some point I'll just have to take the plunge and join a group and hope that the Good Lord has guided me to the community that is best for me. However, while I may not know what is the right one for me, I do know what is NOT right for me - so it looks like I'll be finding my way around through the process of elimination.

So in summary, let's say that I believe in the existence of God, and I believe in Jesus Christ as his son and that he died for our sins in order to open up the gates of heaven for us all. And because I believe in God, I also believe that he has roles for us to play in the course of living our lives. However, let me just as quickly add that I do NOT believe in predestination; that is, the idea that God not only has a plan for our lives, but there is nothing we can do about it, and that we will go to our eternal reward to the place he has already decided in advance that we will be going. The flaw in that thinking, though, is that there is no incentive to be good, because if you're going to hell no matter how saintly a life you live on earth, then "what the hell", you might as well live a life of reckless abandon! When you get down to it, predestination is depressing.

What I believe instead that God knows how our lives are going to turn out, but he doesn't determine your final reward; that is up to you. You can lead a saintly life and live an afterlife in heavenly bliss. But if it's a hellish life you choose to live and spending your afterlife with God is not your cup of tea, then it's the Inferno for you, baby, because the only place to not be with God in the afterlife is in hell.

Having said all that, let's get to the point that I stated above in my response to my friend. I believe that we all have a role to play in life. Our goal is to discover that role. Now, to explain my philosophy in this, I like to use two analogies: A theatrical production and a picture puzzle.

When you go to a theatrical play, you see the actors and judge how well they performed in their roles. The better ones stand out and you keep them in mind for the times they are in future plays. BUT! The play's performance is not just the actors. No my friends, so much more goes into putting the play together. There's costume design and make-up, and script and lighting and directing and musical score and musical orchestras, and... well, you get the idea. A play is not just about the actors, but about a complex and coordinated bunch of activities going on both on and off the stage. A well-coordinated effort will produce a memorable play. A poorly-executed effort will also be memorable - but in the wrong way!

While we may make big to-do's over certain actors or actresses, they are only part of the play. The most visible part of the play, granted, but without all the production crew, they wouldn't have the stage for which to be seen in the first place, and then where would their egos be? What this means is that no one player of the play is more important than the other - they all need each other in order to put out a play that will be a performance for the ages. If they all get along, then a splendid product is put out to rave reviews. However, if there is dissension in the ranks, then the play's performance suffers accordingly, and the producers can expect harsh reviews afterwards.

As for the picture puzzle analogy, each and every piece of such a puzzle is important - no one piece is more important than another. You can have the whole puzzle assembled except for one piece, and what will catch your eye first? You got it - the missing piece. In the course of your life, you will discover that you have certain talents and skills; in turn, you also discover that you have certain weaknesses and limitations. Theses strengths/weaknesses and talents/limitations help shape who we are and what we can become. Or in the puzzle analogy, they help shape the type of puzzle piece that we become.

Along with learning the roles in our lives, something just as important is to discover our limitations; that is, what we just weren't meant to do. We have to recognize that we have our limits. Accepting those limitations is the first step to adult maturity. The most childish of adults are those who never accepted responsibility for their actions.

What this all ultimately mean to me, then, is that life is a journey. We start at birth and end at death, and in between, we learn about ourselves and the world and the role we are to play in it. You discover that role by learning your strengths and limitations and operating accordingly.

Of course, there will be times in which you simply do not know what you should do or what path you should take. In such times, I pray the Serenity Prayers, which goes basically like so:

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can change, and the wisdom to know the difference."

It's short, and yet so profound, which is why I love that prayer.

Okay, I didn't mean to go on like this! LOL I hope, though, that what I said above makes sense, and I hope that I haven't bored my poor friend by responding to a question that wasn't looking for an answer! :-)

You guys have a great weekend, and I'll discuss more the previous blog entry on breasts and society, and the reactions I got to that entry. But feel free to keep sending those responses. I've also yet to hear from any of the ladies, and I so want your feedback on this as well.

See you Monday!

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The question of breasts and society

On Facebook yesterday, I mentioned that I needed a drink. It's because I was reading this at the time: Victoria's Secret Compartment

Look at that site!

The link was sent to me by a reader. What got my attention first, though, was this image:

The woman is pulling a whole freakin' full length bazooka from her bra!

Yeahyeahyeah... I know what some of you guys are going to say - "It's just a cartoon!" and "It's exaggeration for humorous effect!". But guys, check out that page, and see how much of this "titty show" stuff runs in the entertainment media! It was enough to give me a headache! It's why I needed a drink, by the way.

Anyway, one of the reasons that I made this blog was to poke fun at the often absurd obsession that you guys have with boobs. I've said before on this blog that to me, they're just boobs - that is, they're a part of my body just like my hands or my knees. That's it!

And yet to you guys for some reason I don't understand, boobs are a magical, mysterious and almost mystical force of nature - so much so that there is literally tons of stuff out there just on boobs, and there are websites like the one I linked above that are sources for other such mammarian imagery. Sites like that are out there because you guys will watch it, and time and money are invested in such sites because you guys will buy what they offer, which is various expositions of a woman's mammary glands. Yeah, guys - they're mammary glands. They're the equivalent of a cow's udder. They are what we use to feed babies with. You call them boobs, tits, bazooms, etc, but they're just breasts.

Not only do you guys spend money for these titty shows, but women spend money as well to make their boobs look more presentable. Especially bothersome to me is that they will pay to have foreign objects surgically inserted into their breasts so that they look larger. I've always said that a natural A cup beats an inflated D cup any day, but apparently, I'm in the minority opinion on that, because thousands of women will endure the health risks of breast augmentation surgery. Granted, being busty myself, it's easy for me to be critical of women who go through such surgery - I'll admit that much - but I still say that they should just accept themselves for who they are.

Let me say this: I often defend you guys against feminists who want to find sexism under every rock, behind every tree, and in every pair of men's pants. I tell them that guys obsess over boobs because they are wired that way - to be sexually attracted by sight. I think God gave men that visually-stimulated sexual attraction so that you would notice us. Otherwise, we probably could never get you away from your sports and your drinking binges with your buddies. I tell the feminists that at least we get SOMETHING out of you with our boob bait.

I'm not going to go into an anti-feminist tear here, because even though I'm conservative, I don't see feminism as totally wrong - just wrongly applied. Let's just say that I support the feminism that helps women to become better and stronger people, and not the kind of feminism that is man-hating and indulges in whiny self-pity and institutionalized victimhood. Women and womanhood have a lot to offer society, and "victimist" feminists often forget that during their narcissistic rant-fests.

Having said that, when I am confronted with sites as the one I linked above, I have to wonder if my blog is helping matters, or if it's only contributing to the problem. In other words, is my blog truly poking fun at you guys for being obsessed with boobs like I want it to be doing, or am I only contributing to the problem of you objectifying women? That's where I am at right now, and that's what I'll be mulling over for the next few days.

Anyway, I'd appreciate your input on this matter, from both the men and the women.

Now to go get that drink.

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The Antman's special hiding spot

A reader sent this to me over the weekend and asked if I would ever do something like that. Uh, no. For one, that's just creepy. And for another, it's not a safe spot to hide in if the woman has super strength. The shifting and collisions with each other that my boobs undergo in a super battle would crush whomever would be in there. I know this because the cellphones that I've kept there have been crushed during such battles. While some guys might call being crushed there a "happy death", I do not want to deal with bloody remains in my bra. Sorry guys, but that's just gross.

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Review of Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

Today is my review of the movie, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (SBPE) But first, the obligatory:


Possible spoilers ahead! If you haven't read the book or seen the movie
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies and don't want it spoiled for you, then STOP READING NOW!

****You have been warned! ***

What I liked the most about SBPE is that my favorite busty superhero chick, Power Girl, makes her first appearance in an animated film. My only gripe about her appearance is the voice chosen for her. I think it was a little too high pitched and girlish for a character who is supposed to be an adult woman. Plus, given PG's reputation as someone who is brash, in SBPE, she almost sounded "Valley Girl". In short, I don't think her voice matched her character.

I also liked the fact that another busty superhero chick, Starfire, also made an appearance. This isn't the teen Starfire from the TV series, Teen Titans, but the adult Starfire from the comics. Unfortunately, she has no lines in the film, which is odd, given that she is known to be outspoken and emotional. Granted, this film was about Superman and Batman, but the right kinds of touches on these two ladies would have gone a long way to making the film better.

Anyway, having read the SBPE storyline when it had hit print some years back, I was curious as to how faithful the film would follow the storyline in the comics. In that, it was very faithful - and perhaps a tad TOO faithful. Granted, the producers of the movie were likely thinking of the annoying comic geeks that would point out EACH and EVERY example of how the film's storyline didn't follow the comic book's storyline, but such translations can be difficult. I think it would have been more important for the film to be entertaining rather than faithful to a familiar storyline.

As far as entertaining, it was just that: entertaining. And if I hadn't already read the comic book version of that storyline, then I probably would have enjoyed it more. What having read the book first did for me, though, was to demonstrate to me how much the film was trying to follow the comic book, and it was a bit distracting. Still, I must admit that it was awesome seeing Supes and Bats in action. That was the best part of the film.

However, there was one scene in the film that I think outdid the book, and it was the appearance of the Silver Banshee. In the book, her appearance is heard first before she is seen. She interrupts the conversation that Superman and Batman were having by belting them with one of her sonic screams. In the film, that scene was made even better by actually hearing the scream. It actually startled me a bit!

Overall, it was a very good movie; one definitely worth watching whether or not you read the book first. But like I said, I think it tried too hard to be faithful to the book, and it messed with its pacing. It's because of this that I can only give it an 8 on a scale in which 1 is a bomb and 10 is THE bomb.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Meet the "Seamrog", a Fort Worth vigilante

This person operates in Fort Worth, and she is not affiliated with the DSS or any other recognized superhuman agencies. Thus, the DSS has officially classified her as "vigilante"; that is, someone who operates outside the law, and for whom the DSS has an interest in apprehending. She has been code-named "Seamrog", which is the Irish version of "shamrock". We gave her the code name "Seamrog" because Marvel Comics already has the trademark for the superhero name "Shamrock".

By the way, for those superhumans who operate outside the law, the DSS has three categories:

* Vigilante, which is basically anyone who dons a recognizable superhero attire and whom engages in what is considered superhero activities, but without reporting to anyone like I do with the DSS. All such people who operate outside the law are given this designation until two things happen, and when they happen, they fall into the two other categories, which are discussed below. Also note that they are given this designation whether or not they are recognizably superhuman. If it turns out to be a superhuman vigilante, then it becomes a DSS matter. Otherwise, it's a matter that is left to the local or state law enforcement.

* Hostile Vigilante, which is basically what the rest of us call "super villains" - in other words, that's our official name for superhuman bad guys. Hostile vigilantes are given our top priority and are handled exclusively by the DSS, overriding the authority of all local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

* Rogue Vigilante is a pretty narrow title that is for those superhuman superheros that had once been DSS agents (or agents of other departments), but now have gone rogue; in other words, they have struck out on their own and now operate outside the DSS. For those who are in hiding, they are known as AWOL Rogue Vigilantes; otherwise, they are merely Observed Rogue Vigilantes.

We at the DSS like to say that all Rogue Vigilantes are Observed Rogue Vigilantes; it's just that some are more "observed" than others, and we prioritize accordingly. Rogue vigilantes are "observed" simply because they went rogue, but so long as they behave themselves, they will stay "observed" - that is, we will keep our eye on them and check on them once in a while, but if they don't cause trouble, then we'll let them be, unless circumstances dictate a need to contact them.

Of course, if any Rogue Vigilantes turn bad on us, then they are re-classified as Hostile Vigilantes. Since we still have files on them, we know their identities and the full range of their powers, so if any of them do go hostile on us, we have the means of knowing how to deal with them; which is why most rogues will behave themselves in order to keep us off their backs. A few have adopted a status of "on-call" and will assist at certain times should conditions warrant it, but they will go back to their Observed Rogue Vigilante status after that.

But getting back to Seamrog...

Based on reports of Seamrog's activities, she is about 5 foot 10 and is very athletic. Her observed powers are the ability to stick to walls virtually like Spiderman, but she does not have webs like him, nor does she seem to have his super strength. In fact, her strength seems to be that of a regular human woman her height and build and who engages in regular intensive exercise. It is not known at this time whether the sticky power is a superhuman trait, or if it something that is the result of an adhesive. However, since she has also been observed using gadgets a la Batman, then it's likely that her sticky power is also one of her gadgets.

So far she has only been busting up burglars and muggers, so we have largely let her do her thing. But should she cause any harm or property damage, then we will be apprehending her.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New blog banner! Let me know what you think

Hey, troopers!

As you probably already noticed, I have a new blog banner! Me and the boss finally were able to get it worked out so that it would post. What do you think of it? Let me know.

I am still working on the other changes, but I wanted to get this one out first. So until I get this other stuff ironed out, I am going to stick to posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Can you believe it's almost mid-October?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dressing as me for Halloween? Hmm...

I got at least one question in real life about this, and it made me think that maybe there might be others. I don't think there would be that many more, since I'm not that well known yet (I like to tell others that I'm famous, but no one knows it yet). That question is, "If I wanted to dress like Andromeda for Halloween, what sort of outfit and the like would I need?" So with that, here's my best attempt to create an Andromeda costume short of making it yourself (which you are welcome to do, of course).

White stretch headband:

White cheerleader briefs

Boots: Colint Stuart Stretch Wedge Boots - $98

As for the top and the skirt, I had to do some research, and I think I found something that will work. Got to this site, and you'll find this top:

That white top is perfect, and if any of you are seamstresses, then you can cut out the chevron-shaped cleavage hole.

That site also has the white skirt, called a Trendsetter Short Skirt:

So far this is all looking better than I expected. Not cheap, but still a pretty decent looking version of my costume. As for the bracers of my costume, you could go fancy with some leather bracers, or you can find some long sleeve brown gloves. Just make sure that they match the brown in the boots, because all the brown portions of my costume match. I also have some upper arm bracers that go over my biceps, and those can be just some simple brown cloth.

I don't wear any jewelry while in costume other than earrings, and those are just simple white triangles, and perhaps your local accessories store will have those. Okay, you got this far, and you're looking pretty good! Now to finish this off!

To get the cleavage I show, you'll need some padding to push your boobs up. How much padding you need depends, of course, on your cup size, but you do need to look like you have big, pushed-up boobs, and not merely pushed-up boobs. In other words, for this you will need not a push-up bra, but a regular bra with padding.

And last is the smiley-face on the boob. You can find a temporary tattoo or use yellow clown make-up with a black clown make-up pen to make the eyes and smile. You can also get a permanent tattoo, but that's entirely up to you. I am not about to ask anyone to do something like that!

So! With that, you should have a pretty good and convincing version of my costume. By my rough estimates, you are easily looking at $200+ here, so it's entirely up to you if you want to go through the trouble and expense to look like a busty superhero chick who is not well known yet.

However, if you do - please PLEASE send me pics of you in the costume! I would love love LOVE to see how it turns out! I'll also post it here, of course! If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to ask me.

If you go out in my costume, most likely others will think you're supposed to be a cheerleader rather than a superhero. You are free to add a white "Lone Ranger" mask if it helps to convey the image of "superhero". But if you send me pics of you in my costume, please send pics with and without the mask.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just gettin' you all caught up on what's going on round these parts...

Hey, gang!

Yesterday was supposed to be when I got back into the swing of things! Well, here's the situation...

I have a new blog banner, but for some reason I can't view the finished work, and it's done that twice now whenever I've tried to save it. The boss is working on why that is happening. Hopefully he'll have that fixed soon so that I can put it up. However, he is also busy with scanning the story he made during the 24 Hour comic thing. Just so you know, it's a rushed pencil sketch, so it's not the best artwork he's ever done, but as it usually is with him, the story makes up for the art.

Saturday into Sunday, we were working together on the story - well, it was mainly him with me offering my suggestions and opinions, but hey - I helped a little bit, okay? In between the times he was sketching and writing, I did other stuff like get goodies for us to eat, and kept up with the sports scores, and I also went out to buy a couple of movies for me to review later. One is Superman/Batman: Public Enemies and the other is Monsters vs. Aliens.

Anyway, the boss finished the story, and he's now working on scanning the pages so that I can post it to my blog. Thing is, since it's a rushed pencil sketch, it's a bit messy and it also is not as clean when scanned, so he has to work on *each page* in order to make it scan properly where you can see the art and words. On top of that, he's trying to fix my banner, so he's got his hands full. I'll keep you up to date on that. The cool thing though, is that you will finally see me in a story! Whoohoo!

So that's the situation, folks. On Thursday I have a special treat for you, and then I'll try to get this show up and running next Monday, as I want to try to get back to a M/W/F posting format. Hopefully by then I'll have my new banner up as well.

I can't wait for you guys to see me in a story at last!

See you Thursday!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Tomorrow is 24 Hour Comics Day!

Hey, gang! Tomorrow is 24 Hour Comics Day, in which comic artists are to try to create an entire 24 page comic in 24 hours!

I will be prodding the boss to make a comic of me so that you guys can finally see me in action! I'll let you know if I succeeded in getting him to do it on Monday! Have a great weekend and see you then!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ha! The feminists heard me about Polanski!

The feminists heard me, and have put a response to the Polanski issue! Of course, they're not going to give me credit, because I'm a conservative, and one who isn't ashamed of being conservative - but hey, at least they responded. I will also note, however, that they complained first about the Huffington Post's poll about Best Hollywood Chest before they responded to the Polanski issue.

If I were a feminist that was true to my calling, I would have responded to the Polanski story as soon as it came out, and long before I discussed how obsessed Hollywood is with chests.

There is even an observation that could be made about how shallow, vapid, and hedonistic the Hollywood culture is, and how it helped create the environment that gawks at boobs and defends child rapists - but surely you all can see that? Surely it's not only God-fearing conservatives who see this depravity for what it is?