Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ha! The feminists heard me about Polanski!

The feminists heard me, and have put a response to the Polanski issue! Of course, they're not going to give me credit, because I'm a conservative, and one who isn't ashamed of being conservative - but hey, at least they responded. I will also note, however, that they complained first about the Huffington Post's poll about Best Hollywood Chest before they responded to the Polanski issue.

If I were a feminist that was true to my calling, I would have responded to the Polanski story as soon as it came out, and long before I discussed how obsessed Hollywood is with chests.

There is even an observation that could be made about how shallow, vapid, and hedonistic the Hollywood culture is, and how it helped create the environment that gawks at boobs and defends child rapists - but surely you all can see that? Surely it's not only God-fearing conservatives who see this depravity for what it is?

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