Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just gettin' you all caught up on what's going on round these parts...

Hey, gang!

Yesterday was supposed to be when I got back into the swing of things! Well, here's the situation...

I have a new blog banner, but for some reason I can't view the finished work, and it's done that twice now whenever I've tried to save it. The boss is working on why that is happening. Hopefully he'll have that fixed soon so that I can put it up. However, he is also busy with scanning the story he made during the 24 Hour comic thing. Just so you know, it's a rushed pencil sketch, so it's not the best artwork he's ever done, but as it usually is with him, the story makes up for the art.

Saturday into Sunday, we were working together on the story - well, it was mainly him with me offering my suggestions and opinions, but hey - I helped a little bit, okay? In between the times he was sketching and writing, I did other stuff like get goodies for us to eat, and kept up with the sports scores, and I also went out to buy a couple of movies for me to review later. One is Superman/Batman: Public Enemies and the other is Monsters vs. Aliens.

Anyway, the boss finished the story, and he's now working on scanning the pages so that I can post it to my blog. Thing is, since it's a rushed pencil sketch, it's a bit messy and it also is not as clean when scanned, so he has to work on *each page* in order to make it scan properly where you can see the art and words. On top of that, he's trying to fix my banner, so he's got his hands full. I'll keep you up to date on that. The cool thing though, is that you will finally see me in a story! Whoohoo!

So that's the situation, folks. On Thursday I have a special treat for you, and then I'll try to get this show up and running next Monday, as I want to try to get back to a M/W/F posting format. Hopefully by then I'll have my new banner up as well.

I can't wait for you guys to see me in a story at last!

See you Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

I watched Monsters vs. Aliens as well. It had it moments. I can say one thing Andromeda, I would definely visit San Francisco, CA thanks to this animated feature.

I wanted to rent Batman/Superman: Public Enemies, but the video store was out of copies. The film was that popular. Instead, I rented Coraline.

I've been hearing all these reviews and wanted to check it out myself.

The film is even being showcased at this year's International Animation Festival in Ottawa, Canada. My god! I thought the would suck, but I was wrong. I was immediately drawn into the story.

Its rare for films to do that nowadays. I love Tim Burton's dark tone of style (Batman, Batman Returns, Edward Scissorhands). I recommend watching this film.