Friday, September 30, 2011

Coming Monday: There be ZOMBIES!!!

Yes, folks - coming Monday will be a month-long

Zommmbieeee  Apocalypse!

And you get to join in on the fun, too!

I encourage all of you to have yourselves made out into zombies and post these pics of yourselves on your FB page, and to use them as your profile pic!  Each time one of you does that, I'll post it here on my blog and as an album on my FB page.  What about me?  Glad you asked!  :-D

On Monday, to kick off BSC Zombie Apocalypse Month, I will be posting an artwork of myself - as a zombie!  YES!  I will be Zombie Andromeda!  It will be done by the wonderfully talented Rocio Zombie - er, I mean Rocio Zucchi, who brought you the most recent excellent artworks of me and Lucky Shot.  I just got the zombie artwork of me, and friends, I promise you -

You. WILL. Love. It!  It is the epitome of awesomely excellence!

So starting on Monday through the month of October, and inspired by the Rocio monster masterpiece, I ask you all to make zombie artwork of yourself, or you can call up an artist friend of yours, and  - Go Zombie! 

My preference would be that you have a full-body artwork done of yourself as a zombie, because....

...on Halloween....

.... the boss is going to make a panoramic artwork....

... of all of us as zombies!

So that means that I'll have my own Zombie Apocalypse!  I'll be posting the finished work here on my blog, and on FB.  :-D

I really hope you guys join in on the fun, because it would be so cool!

Oh man, I can't wait 'til Monday!  I gotta at least give you a sneak preview of Zombie Me!  Here it is!

I vant jur brainzz.....

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Y'all know I'm conservative, right?

One of my GFs said to me earlier this week that I would get more readership if I weren't so outspoken about being conservative.  And you know what?  I don't doubt that.  But I gotta be me.  The way I figure it, if I put my views and attitudes on my blog and on FB the way I would in real life, then the reactions of others will tell me something about them.  So far, I've gotten a lot more FB friends than I ever expected to get; especially since I'm writing as a superhero character.  That tells me something, I think.

Even though my readership is small, I do have readers, and I gain new FB friends at a rate of at least 1 or 2 a week.  Not bad for someone writing as a superhero, eh?  There has to be a reason for that - I must be connecting with you all in some way, shape, or form; and especially when you take into consideration that a lot of my readers are liberals - and they know I'm conservative!

Why would a liberal want to friend someone that they know is conservative?  Well, part of the reason could be because I am also a comics nerd, and comics nerdery runs the gamut of political ideology.  Another reason, I think, is because they consider me something of an oddity: a conservative with a brain.  I say this, because I've been told this by people I know in real life.  :-)

How conservative am I?  Well, I favor the death penalty, for one.  I also have voted GOP for every election that I've been able to vote in (except the very first time, when I voted Democrat because I felt I had to.  I was young and felt that that was what I was supposed to do.  After that, I decided that I will vote the way I want to vote, and not in the way that someone expects me to vote- which is the way it's supposed to be, anyway.). 

I am also a free market capitalist, and am a believer in "Drill, baby, drill" in order to create jobs here and to increase our oil production here to reduce our dependance on foreign oil.  By the way, I also want these oil companies to take every measure possible to minimize the impact that their machines have on the environment, and to also arrange that they will remove their machines once they're done so that the surrounding environment can get back to the state it was in when they came.

I am also pro-life.  I think the unborn is human from the moment of conception, and deserves our protection just like anyone else would get our protection from others who would seek to do harm.  I am also totally down with defunding Planned Parenthood, because they are not a government agency, but an establishment in the private sector, and as a free market capitalist (as well as being a pro-lifer), I believe they should sink or swim on their own efforts instead of being propped up by the government teat.  If PP's supporters want to keep it financially viable, then let them open up their wallets to help.  Or ask Warren Buffett, since he feels he's not paying enough taxes.  Or, if PP is really that concerned that women get the reproductive service that they offer, then let them provide those services for free.

Oh, and the clincher.  I am a total advocate of the Tea Party.  If that doesn't convince you of the extent of my conservatism, then I don't know what else will!  LOL  I could go on, but I think now you get the idea of how conservative I am.  :-D 

Another reason I am outspoken about my conservatism is because I am concerned about my liberal friends only getting one side of the picture when it comes to conservatives and what they are like.  For example, what do you think of Sarah Palin?  If your sources for Palin and her personality are the likes of Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow, and Joe McGinniss, then your impression of her is that she is a dim-witted, egotistical, power-hungry bitch.  I hope now that I've listed those names, you can see how your attitudes towards Palin are likely slanted by them.  Just imagine if you got all your info on Michelle Obama from Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.  Based only on their input, do you think that you would have a fair assessment of the woman?  So why should you limit your assessment of Palin on those who hate her?  From an intellectual standpoint, is that the right and fair thing to do?

Anyway, for my liberal friends, according to your sources, now that I admitted to being a conservative, why aren't I the sort of racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic sort that you've heard about?  Maybe I am an exception?  Maybe, but I assure you, I am not.  If the only kinds of conservatives that you've met so far are of that racist, sexist, bigoted and homophobic stereotype, then you seriously need to broaden your social circles, because conservatives run the gamut of society.  Some of us even love comic books!  :-D

So I am outspoken on my conservatism here and on FB so as to challenge your views of conservatives and conservatism.  And if you are truly intellectually honest and open-minded, not only would you be open to having your views of conservatives and conservatism questioned and challenged, you would even welcome it as yet another opportunity to further your knowledge and wisdom overall - and you also certainly wouldn't want to be known to be harboring any prejudices, especially based on misinformation from biased sources.  Yeah, I know you guys pretty well.  :-)

So there ya have it.  Come what may, I am conservative, and outspoken about it!  Hear me roar!

RRRRROOO (coughcough) AAARRRRR!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Woot! We got a Post Office Box! Now we're talkin'!

About a year ago, I had listed some rules for doing reviews.  Here's the link:  Rules for reviews

Back then, I had asked the boss about getting a post office box so that people can send me stuff.  Well, he finally agreed to give me a test run, so if you want me to review your stuff, you got six months to convince the boss on why he should hold on to the post office box beyond the six months he's giving me for this test run, so let's have at it!

I am also going to add another rule here:  I will not review porn, bondage or any other sort of erotica, so don't even ask.  It's because of this that I am requiring anyone interested in me reviewing their products or works to e-mail me first so that I know what's coming, and then I can tell the boss to look out for it when he visits the PO Box  (The boss picking up the stuff will also be how he'll know how much I use the PO Box).

If I am sent anything unsolicited, then it will be a judgement call as to whether I'll review it, but your odds are better if you tell me in advance.  And why wouldn't you let me know in advance anyway, if you want me to review it?

Also, be sure to let me know if you are allowing me to keep the work or product, or if you want me to send it back after I review it.  If you want me to send it back, then you are REQUIRED to include a box, envelope, etc, WITH SUFFICIENT POSTAGE to mail your stuff back to you.  Otherwise, I will not send it back.  Remember, I'm too cheap to go see movies when they are in the theater, so why would I be generous and mail your stuff back when you haven't covered the cost of the return postage?

As noted on my review page, I'll be fair and honest in my reviews.  If you have any questions about any of this, then let me know.

One last note:  I'll also use this PO Box for artists who want to send pin-up art of me or Lucky Shot.  I would love nothing more than to be collecting comic art of me!  Whoohoo!  If you do that, then I'll have the boss scan it so that I can post it to my blog.  As with the stuff to review, let me know in advance that you're going to sent art to me, so that I can let the boss know to look out for it.

I hope this works.  I'm so excited!  :-D

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Al Gore 24/7! Whoohoo!

Starting on Wednesday, we are going to be treated to a 24 hour Al Gore-athon of him telling us that we need to be more environmentally conscious!  Whoohoo!

Hey, Al!  You want us to be more environmentally friendly?  Why don't you set the example and do something about your fucking energy hog of a house???

Among liberal circles, hypocrisy is hypocrisy unless one of their own does it.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Finally, Komrades! A revolution I kan join!

Finally!  It iss revolution that Komrade Andromeda kan join! 
It is People's Cube!  It is so cleverly done that the Left would appreciate it if they weren't so hateful to those who disagree with them!

I love it!  I'm already a fan!

Long live Glorious Revolution!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Time to retire moniker, "Ground Zero"?

NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg says that perhaps it's time to retire the moniker "Ground Zero".  While we're at it maybe we should just forget 9/11 even happened.  Perhaps all the pain and suffering and horror of that day was just a fanciful movie in 3D that we somehow believed happened for real.   Never mind, friends.  There was no 9/11, so there is no need for a "Ground Zero".  Move along.  Nothing happening here...

While we're at it, let's retire other monikers that only serve as reminders of other - unpleasantness.

Let's dispose of the moniker "Ban the Bomb", because it reminds us of the unpleasantness of nuclear Armageddon.  There are no nuclear bombs.  Why in the world would anyone make such dreadful devices, anyway?

Let's also get rid of the moniker "My Body My Choice" because it reminds us of the unpleasantness of abortion.  What woman would deliberately end the life of her unborn baby, anyway?

See how silly his logic is?  Words have power.  Words have strength.  Words can move, motivate, and inspire (in good ways and bad).  The moniker "Ground Zero" was borne out of that horrifying and tragic time.  I say that the phrase is not stuck in the past, but is alive and present to us today.  Consider the words spoken by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  No, I don't mean "A date which will live in infamy", but "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." 

He spoke those words way back in 1933 as part of his inaugural address.  That is almost 80 years ago, so should we say that those words are stuck in the past?  No, actually, they are timeless.  They are as true now as they were then. 

While Roosevelt's words are those of hope while "Ground Zero" is a reminder of something tragic, both of them were borne out of trying times.  Roosevelt spoke those words when the country was in the depths of the Depression, so they have that in common. 

Bloomberg states that he wants to retire those words as the first step in moving on and start the process of rebuilding.  But to retire"Ground Zero" is to take the first step in trying to revise what happened on 9/11/01.  I'm not saying that Bloomberg is deliberately trying to reinvent history, but his actions will have that result. 

No, let's not retire "Ground Zero".  Let's remember the pain, agony, and tragedy that occurred on that horrific day.  It's the least we can do for those who lost their lives on that day, and for the families and loved ones that were left behind.  For them, Ground Zero will always be as fresh as that terrible day 10 years ago, so for their sake, let's not put aside the term and pretend it never happened. 

And by all means, rebuild.  But let "Ground Zero" serve as a reminder of WHY we are rebuilding. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Comics Talk: Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1

In today's Comics Talk, I will discuss both Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1 since they came out together earlier this week on Wednesday, but before I continue, time for the obligatory:


Spoilers ahead! 
If you have not read Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1 
and don't want what's in it spoiled for you, 
You have been warned!

Okay, first things first, I enjoyed them both.  FP#5 had an interesting twist in that it was not the Reverse Flash that had caused all the chaos that had been going on for the whole FP limited series, but instead it was the result of something The Flash (Barry Allen) had done; which was to go back in time to save the life of his mother so that she lived to see her son Barry grow to adulthood and to succeed.  However, this one act caused a series of events to change how his "universe" had turned out, which ended up turning it inside out from what Barry had remembered.  

He still remembered how things were, but even those memories were slowly being "retconned" to reflect the changes in the universe.  So his mission was to fix things back the way they were before he forgot how things used to be.  So Barry had to fix things by going back in time to stop himself from fixing things.  Confused yet?  LOL  In other words, he stopped himself from saving his mother.  This meant, of course, that his mother was now dead when she was supposed to be (when he was about 10), but in an odd little twist, he still remembered the times he spent with her when she did live to see him grow to adulthood.  Don't think too much on this; it'll mess with your head  LOL

What this is, ultimately, was a reboot of the DC Comics franchise on par with the one they did waaay back in 1985 with Crisis on Infinite Earths, which sought to clean up a lot of continuity issues by having all the various "earths" - Earth One, Earth Two, etc. - compacted to just one Earth.  So this time around, all the major characters will be meeting each other for the very first time in an environment that seems to be DC's answer to Marvel's Ultimate universe, with the exception that what DC is creating is their "mainline" universe rather than an alternate universe like Marvel's Ultimate line.

So - is this whole universal reboot idea gonna work?  It's a very large change to the franchise, and thus it's a big risk.  I think it might increase sales in the short term, but how things eventually turn out will depend on what they end up doing with the characters.  And that's where my fear comes in.  I'm afraid that they are going to make a kinder, gentler, more PC universe that's more in line with liberal ideology than with making a good story. 

I got concerned about this when I heard the "women wear trousers" rule that was supposed to take place in the new universe. It made me wonder what else they might do to the women to make them and their attire less feminine.  Whenever discussions come up about making characters more "relevant", it's not generally a good thing, because it's almost always code for making them more liberal.  In other words, I feared the whole lot of the DC superhero ladies becoming a superhuman branch of the National Organization of Women.  If they become a bunch of  the stereotypical whiny, "empowered" feminists, then I am dropping DC faster than Keith Olbermann at a Tea Party rally!  Or at least until the next franchise reboot!  LOL

I did notice that Wonder Woman lost her ugly pants.  Well, I mean that she now wears her bikini bottom again.  Not only that, it's not the wedgie-wear that had been drawn on the super ladies in recent decades.  While I may not desire bland costumes for the super ladies, I likewise don't want something that is more suited for a prostitute.  Practicality when it comes to costumes is not a bad idea.  For example, low heeled boots for super ladies are practical.  Fighting in high heeled boots is a great way to either break off the heels in a fight or to twist your ankles.  But just because something is practical, it doesn't mean that it needs to be ugly!

I also find it odd that DC initially had WW in pants because it was "practical", but she still had that strapless top.  Strapless tops may be sexy, but they are mucho impractical.  It's way too easy for some supervillain to simply flip her top down so as to distract her.  Well, now she is back to the bikini bottoms, but she still has the strapless top!  LOL  I am going to use how they depict WW as an indicator to the direction that DC is going to go with this new reboot idea.  If WW becomes an advocate for Planned Parenthood, then that will be a clear sign that DC will be going down the path of its ultimate demise.  Trust me on this.

As for JL#1, I found it hilarious when Green Lantern was asking Batman what his powers were.  Then when he figured it out, he blurted "Don't tell me that you're just a guy in a bat costume!"  Making me laugh like that is a good sign.  :-)  My only complaint is that they made the book too short.  Something that is meant to be the starting point of a franchise reboot should have been a double sized issue.  Otherwise, I think JL#1 was a good starting point. 

So if you haven't bought Flashpoint #'s 1 thru 5, then I suggest buying them this weekend before the new stuff starts showing up starting next week, and I also suggest getting JL#1.  They will be a good point of reference on where DC is now, and we can refer back to them once the franchise starts going down the road.  And then we can see if they deserve our lauds or our jeers. 

Man, I love comics!  :-D