Monday, September 19, 2011

Woot! We got a Post Office Box! Now we're talkin'!

About a year ago, I had listed some rules for doing reviews.  Here's the link:  Rules for reviews

Back then, I had asked the boss about getting a post office box so that people can send me stuff.  Well, he finally agreed to give me a test run, so if you want me to review your stuff, you got six months to convince the boss on why he should hold on to the post office box beyond the six months he's giving me for this test run, so let's have at it!

I am also going to add another rule here:  I will not review porn, bondage or any other sort of erotica, so don't even ask.  It's because of this that I am requiring anyone interested in me reviewing their products or works to e-mail me first so that I know what's coming, and then I can tell the boss to look out for it when he visits the PO Box  (The boss picking up the stuff will also be how he'll know how much I use the PO Box).

If I am sent anything unsolicited, then it will be a judgement call as to whether I'll review it, but your odds are better if you tell me in advance.  And why wouldn't you let me know in advance anyway, if you want me to review it?

Also, be sure to let me know if you are allowing me to keep the work or product, or if you want me to send it back after I review it.  If you want me to send it back, then you are REQUIRED to include a box, envelope, etc, WITH SUFFICIENT POSTAGE to mail your stuff back to you.  Otherwise, I will not send it back.  Remember, I'm too cheap to go see movies when they are in the theater, so why would I be generous and mail your stuff back when you haven't covered the cost of the return postage?

As noted on my review page, I'll be fair and honest in my reviews.  If you have any questions about any of this, then let me know.

One last note:  I'll also use this PO Box for artists who want to send pin-up art of me or Lucky Shot.  I would love nothing more than to be collecting comic art of me!  Whoohoo!  If you do that, then I'll have the boss scan it so that I can post it to my blog.  As with the stuff to review, let me know in advance that you're going to sent art to me, so that I can let the boss know to look out for it.

I hope this works.  I'm so excited!  :-D

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