Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Proof that Levi Johnston is officially the mainstream media's cabana boy

If you doubted me before, then now you should be able to see for yourself that former lover of Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston, is offically the mainstream media's cabana boy. He made his 6th appearance in two years on CBS's Early Morning Show. It's an incestuous relationship, because it enables the mainstream media's pathological hatred of Sarah Palin and Johnston's pathological attention whoring at the same time. One could almost call it a match made in heaven, except there is nothing divine about this relationship. If anything, it's downright embarrassing, especially since the mainstream media often reveals its liberal bias when it comes to Palin and thus betraying their alleged "unbiased" professionalism.

I would tell them to break it off, but he actually serves as a barometer of where the media currently stands in regards to their attitudes towards Palin. So long as they view Johnston as the proverbial "useful idiot", it will continue to demonstrate to the rest of us that the mainstream media still harbors a liberal bias. It's also kind of like watching a train wreck in slow motion as the media slowly but surely continues to undermine their credibility and relevance as a professional journalistic outlet, thus forcing us to seek alternate news sources. People didn't start going to Fox News because it was better than the news provided by the mainstream media; it's because the mainstream media stopped delivering news and started becoming the propaganda outlets for their liberal ideologies.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Alas and anon, another week away. Sigh...

Okay gang, I warned ya earlier in the week about my need to be away. After today, I will not have any blog posts until probably a week from today. I'll still be posting on Facebook, though, so it's not like I'll be totally in absentia like last time.

After Labor Day, I should be able to resume my regular blogging schedule. Anyway, take care of yourselves, and see you in a week!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Who Would Win?" Marvel Comics' Galactus vs DC Comics' Anti-Monitor!

And now we come to the most galactic, most universal, most cosmically expansive battle yet! Today's “Who Would Win?” is Marvel Comics’ Galactus vs. DC Comics’ Anti-Monitor!

The thing about these guys is that not only would they fight in such a way that we can actually see with our eyes, they also would be fighting on other levels beyond human senses to detect or to even comprehend. Here we are talking about stuff like fighting telepathically, telekinetically, utilizing the various energies that are available in the cosmos, and so on. With such powers and abilities, they could literally fight for eons without end. However, we are interested in who would win in the end, however long it takes!

So here’s my take: I think, ultimately, the Anti-Monitor wins in virtually any scenario that I can think of. Galactus, for all his power, is too dependent on the energies of planets to fuel his abilities. Marvels’ own heroes have succeeded at times in defeating Galactus by starving him, and if they can do that, then the Anti-Monitor can do the same on a much larger scale. Or the Anti-Monitor just has to make sure that there are no nearby available planets for Galactus to feed on. There are, however, two possibilities in which Galactus might win.

One is if he is near an abundance of planets to consume. If he consumes enough of them, then it might be enough temporarily to overpower the Anti-Monitor. Another is if Galactus consumes the Anti-Monitor’s own home planet of Qward. While the Anti-Monitor may not be as energy-dependent as Galactus is, just the act of his home planet being consumed might prove disruptive enough for Galactus to take advantage of to defeat him.

My guess also is that once one defeats the other, the victor will consume the energies of his opponent so as to prevent him from attacking again. Such are the ways of super-duper ginormous high-faluting godlike beings as those two. Dang! After all this mind-expanding thoughts, my brain hurts! Time for a strawberry shortcake!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Posts to be light this week

Because of a wedding this weekend, blog posts are going to be sparse this week. My last post will likely be Wednesday, and it might be the following Wednesday before I post again. I'm just letting you all know this now in case I forget to tell this to you later in the week.

But I will definitely work in the "Who Would Win?" between Galactus and the Anti-Monitor. :-)

Friday, August 20, 2010

ART WEEK! Full body art of me by Chris Butler!

And now we come to the last of the three artworks done by Chris Butler, and it's the full body art. Chris, if you recall, also did the portfolio pic of me that currently adorns this blog and in my Facebook page. He also did the image of me that currently appears in the blog banner above.

When I first saw the full body artwork, it was in line art, and I already liked it a lot. But when I got the full color version, I said, "Wow!" I had it up on my computer and zoomed in and out of the artwork, examining the details. Know what I like most? The expression on my face. It says, "Yeah, I can kick your ass, and I'll look hot doing it, too!"

I love everything about this art, though. The colors, the pose, the way he tweaked the costume. Notice the earrings. It's a stylized letter A, with the center of the A cut out. Very nice! And the gold badge BSC that adorns the bottom edge of my top. And I really like how the use of the gold tone in the earrings, the BSC badge, and the belt buckle. It's a great job of color coordination.

Ah, and the smiley face. I like how he has it looking up at me! LOL At first I thought it was flattened, but then I realized that it was being shown at an angle, which makes sense, actually. Heh! Cute! But one thing I find really interesting is the shape of the cleavage hole. Instead of the chevron shape that I normally have on the costume, this instead is in the pentagon shape of Superman's symbol, and it really works here. Man, this is a really fascinating work to examine.

I can tell that all the artists have put some thought in how they represent me, and that's probably the most fun part of examing these works. I think, however, that all the artists so far have the most fun in drawing my long hair. Since I don't wear a cape, my hair is what they use instead to suggest movement in poses in which I am standing or sitting still.

Thank you, Chris, for all your hard work. It's all fantastic. :-)

Monday, August 16, 2010

ART WEEK! Variant Costume by Damien George-Cox!

On the Friday before my vacation, one of my favorite artists, Damien George-Cox, posted to my Facebook page that he was gonna doodle me. In real life I said, HOT DAMN!!!! LOL

I was so excited that I kept checking my e-mail to see if he had posted his work yet, because I had NO idea on what sort of look he was going to do. As it turns out, I finally got the e-mail notice on Monday, the first day of my vacation, and also the first day of my week-long self-imposed No Internet Week. Yep, I was so looking forward to seeing his work of me that I broke my "No Internet" rule just that one time so that I can check it out. And boy, is it awesome! And so that I would not be tempted to break my rule again later in the week, I printed it out so that I can think about what to write about this variant costume. What I came up with is below, so here we go!

I had discussed previously at least twice on my blog the idea of a variant costume. I think we have it, friends! I love it! I just love it! **That** is a superhero outfit! And changing my hair to blonde and blunking my eyes out are all very interesting changes that can't help but make someone turn their heads. The white and red theme just grabs you and holds you, saying "I am HERE!" Yow! Such presence! As it should be with a superhero! Oh, and I love the stylized letter A, made to look like the ancient Greek letter, Lambda. So simple, and yet so striking, just like the rest of the costume. And fitting, since I am of Grecian heritage! Note that he repeats the same Lambda letter theme with my earrings. Man, I gotta find real earrings like that!

As for whether I would wear the costume, I would in a heartbeat! Well, except for the thong bottom, and here's the reason: Along with having big boobs, I also have a big ass. How big? If I were to wear that thong in public, people would notice my ASS rather than my boobs! I would be a YouTube sensation, and for all the wrong reasons! LOL

Damian, I would have to wear some sort of skirt with that outfit, maybe the very same skirt that I wear with my regular costume. It's white, and I think it would still fit in with this variant costume. Even so, I absolutely love this costume. Thank you, my friend. Thank you so very much. :-) You are now on my Cool Links list, dude! ----------->>>

Here is a link to Darian's website. Check out his other works, and be sure to look as his Sailor Moon. Damn, that girl never looked so good!

Two artworks down, one to go! Whoohooo!!!

ART WEEK! First up, my vacation post card!

So how many of you caught this when it posted last week? :-D

I made that a pre-scheduled post before I went on my weeklong Internet hiatus so that it would be like you guys were getting a postcard from me while I was away!

This wonderful piece of art is by none other than Marietta Delene Williams, who also brought you this other wonderful artwork.

This artwork, by the way, represents the most skin that I've ever shown anywhere. When you think about it, my regular costume really doesn't show a lot of skin. What skin I do show, of course, is strategically planned. :-)

Anyway, so now you see where I was last week. It was beautiful, relaxing, and most importantly, no oil on the beach! LOL

I love this artwork. I feel like I'm really back there on the beach. Man, Marietta did such an awesome job. It's funny, but you know what I think makes this pic work so well? It's the attention given to the scenery. The waves washing up on the beach, the windblown palm leaves, the cloudless blue, blue sky... I can almost hear the seagulls cawing overhead! See folks, that's an artist for you! She knew that to make this scene work, it wouldn't be just about the hot chick in a bikini, but also the surrounding environment. There's gotta be a way to make a poster out of this to hang on my wall, I love it so much!

All this, and there's still more art to come this week, but what a way to start, eh?

Thanks so much, Marietta! You rock, GF!

Damn! Where did my vacation go?

Hey, kiddies! I'm back! I'm tanned, breasted, and ready after a wonderful vacation! (Actually, thanks to my healing power, I don't tan. You do know that when you get a tan, you are slowly burning your skin, right? Hmm...) I hope you all behaved yourselves while I was gone! ;-)

Now that I'm back, we are going to hit the ground running this week, for this week is....

(trumpets blaring) Datdadada dadadaaaaaaa!!! ART WEEK!

Yes, my little nerdlings, I will be showcasing some art this week starting tomorrow! It will be fun and cool, and I know you'll love them! So stay tuned and stay nearby, for you don't want to miss it!

See you tomorrow RIGHT HERE! Whoohooo!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

On vacation, friends! See you in a week!

Well friends, I must bid adieu for now. I will be away on vacation for a week for parts unknown. I will probably post again on Monday August 16, and that depends upon how I feel when I get back. I will definitely be posting during that week though.

I enjoy writing this blog, but I must admit that I do need the break. There's so much going on in my life right now, which is a wonderful thing, truth be told. Anyway, take care and behave yourselves while I am gone, okay?

Be good, and see you in a week! :-)


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gisele Bundchen in hot water over - boobs!

Boobs just can't stay out of the news!

Gisele Bundchen, wifey of Tom Brady, recently commented that it should be an international law for women to breastfeed for six months, apparently completely unaware how impractical this would be for most of the world's working moms. Ah, folks - I tell ya. The almighty boob strikes again.

It's also one of those moments in which many of us seem to relish when one of society's "elites" demonstrates how distant and unconnected they are with the problems of us regular 9 to 5 slobs. I don't know if it's envy of their lifestyle on our part or something else, but lashing back at celebrities (or other very public figures) when they make such comments tends to get a lot of press when these things flare up.

So is that fair to them? Maybe. Maybe not. Perhaps it demonstrates that they shouldn't allow themselves to get so distant from the problems of regular folks. But wouldn't this happen to any of us who happens to come into a lot of money? Doesn't this demonstrate just how human we all are? Maybe all the more reason that such people shouldn't allow themselves to get so distant.

Gisele's comment about the need for breastfeeding isn't wrong, it's that she wants to institutionalize a practice that wouldn't be practical for the majority of working moms. And how would you enforce something like that anyway? What happens when you jail such women? Are their babies going to be incarcerated along with them? If not, then how will they breastfeed them? This was definitely a question that she should have thought over first before answering it.

You can bet, though, that Gisele will think twice next time before commenting on this issue again. :-)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bristol breaks it off with Levi! Ha! I was right!

Bristol Palin has broken it off with Levi Johnston, because of what I had said previously! Basically, he was out to use the family to get an additional 15 minutes of fame! See? Didn't I tell you all how suspicious I was?

The article stated that he said that he might have gotten another girl pregnant. He was trying to pull the "weepy hunk face", and Bristol almost fell for it, and she would have fallen for it had the horny little creep not 'fessed up! Leopards can't change their spots, and neither can cheating, bed-hopping jerks! Just ask Hillary Clinton! (Ouch! Cheap shot! LOL)

Aw man, it feels so good being right! Damn, I feel like celebrating! I'm going to the local ice cream shop and treat myself to my favorite dessert, strawberry shortcake!


My new Facebook group! Candidates' contingency plans for the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE

Now on Facebook! My new group titled, "Candidate, what are your plans for the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?"

While we have a lot going on right now as it is, all of that won't matter if we're overrun by zombies! So wouldn't it be helpful for us to know what our candidates' stands are on the zombie apocalypse? The public has the right to know! So join today, and make your voice heard!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Upcoming August FYIs

Hello, my little nerdlings! I hope you had a great weekend!

Today I want to let you all know that this month is going to be a bit nutzo for me. First, I have a real life vacation coming up next week, so I will also be taking a week off from writing to my blog. That will make either this Thursday or Friday the last day I will post to my blog until I get back from vacationing, which should be on Monday August 16th. What this will mean for my blogging is that I will probably be a bit skimpy in posting this week, because I have so much to do before I head out to the beaches of... somewhere. ;-)

However, I will try to post at least twice this week, not including today's post. Perhaps to encourage me to post something by Thursday or Friday, then please send me any ideas or suggestions for my "Who Would Win?" feature that I am trying to start up. Refer to my previous blog entry on this.

Anyway, after I get back, I will be crazy again with real life stuff - this time getting caught up with stuff that piled up while I was on vacation! We get stressed before vacations and after vacations! Makes ya wonder why we even go! LOL On top of that will be an end-of-the-month wedding that I will need to get ready for. I'm not the bride or the maid of honor, but I am in the wedding party, and I will have to get fitted for those traditionally ugly bridesmaid's dresses that we are supposed to wear. (Note to the bride: Yes, I'm kidding! They're lovely! Seriously!)

Getting fitted for those is always an interesting experience because of my curvy proportions. Since most of these dresses tend to be fitted above the waist in a bodice sort of style, I have to pack my boobs rather tight, and I also have to try not to breathe too deep, lest I "pop" out. It's never happened so far, and I don't want a first time that it does. What will happen a lot during the wedding and the reception is a lot of me turning around from public view and grabbing the front of the dress and hiking it up.

Also, since the waist cinches in, that makes the bottom part of the dress flair out, and with my big hips, they flair out a LOT unless the fabric is heavy. Oh, and the high heels. Yeesh. With heels, I'll be 6 foot 3 and hard to miss! That's why I am usually stuck at the opposite end of the bridesmaid line from the maid of honor. I'm also usually paired with the tallest dude from the groom's posse, and more often than not, the dude is taller than me. You guys are so lucky! It's the rare dude that doesn't look great in a tux!

Sorry to digress there. :-)

So like I said, this month is going to be crazy for me, so please understand if my posting schedule is a bit chaotic this month (and totally absent next week). Despite all the craziness, I WILL try to post (except next week) this month. Come Labor Day a month from now, things should start getting to normal for me around here. Well, as normal as they get for me, anyway. ;-)