Monday, August 16, 2010

ART WEEK! Variant Costume by Damien George-Cox!

On the Friday before my vacation, one of my favorite artists, Damien George-Cox, posted to my Facebook page that he was gonna doodle me. In real life I said, HOT DAMN!!!! LOL

I was so excited that I kept checking my e-mail to see if he had posted his work yet, because I had NO idea on what sort of look he was going to do. As it turns out, I finally got the e-mail notice on Monday, the first day of my vacation, and also the first day of my week-long self-imposed No Internet Week. Yep, I was so looking forward to seeing his work of me that I broke my "No Internet" rule just that one time so that I can check it out. And boy, is it awesome! And so that I would not be tempted to break my rule again later in the week, I printed it out so that I can think about what to write about this variant costume. What I came up with is below, so here we go!

I had discussed previously at least twice on my blog the idea of a variant costume. I think we have it, friends! I love it! I just love it! **That** is a superhero outfit! And changing my hair to blonde and blunking my eyes out are all very interesting changes that can't help but make someone turn their heads. The white and red theme just grabs you and holds you, saying "I am HERE!" Yow! Such presence! As it should be with a superhero! Oh, and I love the stylized letter A, made to look like the ancient Greek letter, Lambda. So simple, and yet so striking, just like the rest of the costume. And fitting, since I am of Grecian heritage! Note that he repeats the same Lambda letter theme with my earrings. Man, I gotta find real earrings like that!

As for whether I would wear the costume, I would in a heartbeat! Well, except for the thong bottom, and here's the reason: Along with having big boobs, I also have a big ass. How big? If I were to wear that thong in public, people would notice my ASS rather than my boobs! I would be a YouTube sensation, and for all the wrong reasons! LOL

Damian, I would have to wear some sort of skirt with that outfit, maybe the very same skirt that I wear with my regular costume. It's white, and I think it would still fit in with this variant costume. Even so, I absolutely love this costume. Thank you, my friend. Thank you so very much. :-) You are now on my Cool Links list, dude! ----------->>>

Here is a link to Darian's website. Check out his other works, and be sure to look as his Sailor Moon. Damn, that girl never looked so good!

Two artworks down, one to go! Whoohooo!!!


Anonymous said...

Now I understand why you prefer not to wear thongs. Andromeda, because you had a big butt you shouldn't be embarrassed, you should be proud. There are lots of guys (and women) that find big butts attractive.

Busty Superhero Chick said...

Anon, thanks for the concern, but this is not a "body image" issue for me; I just don't want to show off my butt in that way. I'm sure many of you guys that have nice butts aren't willing to show it off with a thong.