Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gisele Bundchen in hot water over - boobs!

Boobs just can't stay out of the news!

Gisele Bundchen, wifey of Tom Brady, recently commented that it should be an international law for women to breastfeed for six months, apparently completely unaware how impractical this would be for most of the world's working moms. Ah, folks - I tell ya. The almighty boob strikes again.

It's also one of those moments in which many of us seem to relish when one of society's "elites" demonstrates how distant and unconnected they are with the problems of us regular 9 to 5 slobs. I don't know if it's envy of their lifestyle on our part or something else, but lashing back at celebrities (or other very public figures) when they make such comments tends to get a lot of press when these things flare up.

So is that fair to them? Maybe. Maybe not. Perhaps it demonstrates that they shouldn't allow themselves to get so distant from the problems of regular folks. But wouldn't this happen to any of us who happens to come into a lot of money? Doesn't this demonstrate just how human we all are? Maybe all the more reason that such people shouldn't allow themselves to get so distant.

Gisele's comment about the need for breastfeeding isn't wrong, it's that she wants to institutionalize a practice that wouldn't be practical for the majority of working moms. And how would you enforce something like that anyway? What happens when you jail such women? Are their babies going to be incarcerated along with them? If not, then how will they breastfeed them? This was definitely a question that she should have thought over first before answering it.

You can bet, though, that Gisele will think twice next time before commenting on this issue again. :-)

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