Monday, August 2, 2010

Upcoming August FYIs

Hello, my little nerdlings! I hope you had a great weekend!

Today I want to let you all know that this month is going to be a bit nutzo for me. First, I have a real life vacation coming up next week, so I will also be taking a week off from writing to my blog. That will make either this Thursday or Friday the last day I will post to my blog until I get back from vacationing, which should be on Monday August 16th. What this will mean for my blogging is that I will probably be a bit skimpy in posting this week, because I have so much to do before I head out to the beaches of... somewhere. ;-)

However, I will try to post at least twice this week, not including today's post. Perhaps to encourage me to post something by Thursday or Friday, then please send me any ideas or suggestions for my "Who Would Win?" feature that I am trying to start up. Refer to my previous blog entry on this.

Anyway, after I get back, I will be crazy again with real life stuff - this time getting caught up with stuff that piled up while I was on vacation! We get stressed before vacations and after vacations! Makes ya wonder why we even go! LOL On top of that will be an end-of-the-month wedding that I will need to get ready for. I'm not the bride or the maid of honor, but I am in the wedding party, and I will have to get fitted for those traditionally ugly bridesmaid's dresses that we are supposed to wear. (Note to the bride: Yes, I'm kidding! They're lovely! Seriously!)

Getting fitted for those is always an interesting experience because of my curvy proportions. Since most of these dresses tend to be fitted above the waist in a bodice sort of style, I have to pack my boobs rather tight, and I also have to try not to breathe too deep, lest I "pop" out. It's never happened so far, and I don't want a first time that it does. What will happen a lot during the wedding and the reception is a lot of me turning around from public view and grabbing the front of the dress and hiking it up.

Also, since the waist cinches in, that makes the bottom part of the dress flair out, and with my big hips, they flair out a LOT unless the fabric is heavy. Oh, and the high heels. Yeesh. With heels, I'll be 6 foot 3 and hard to miss! That's why I am usually stuck at the opposite end of the bridesmaid line from the maid of honor. I'm also usually paired with the tallest dude from the groom's posse, and more often than not, the dude is taller than me. You guys are so lucky! It's the rare dude that doesn't look great in a tux!

Sorry to digress there. :-)

So like I said, this month is going to be crazy for me, so please understand if my posting schedule is a bit chaotic this month (and totally absent next week). Despite all the craziness, I WILL try to post (except next week) this month. Come Labor Day a month from now, things should start getting to normal for me around here. Well, as normal as they get for me, anyway. ;-)

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