Friday, August 20, 2010

ART WEEK! Full body art of me by Chris Butler!

And now we come to the last of the three artworks done by Chris Butler, and it's the full body art. Chris, if you recall, also did the portfolio pic of me that currently adorns this blog and in my Facebook page. He also did the image of me that currently appears in the blog banner above.

When I first saw the full body artwork, it was in line art, and I already liked it a lot. But when I got the full color version, I said, "Wow!" I had it up on my computer and zoomed in and out of the artwork, examining the details. Know what I like most? The expression on my face. It says, "Yeah, I can kick your ass, and I'll look hot doing it, too!"

I love everything about this art, though. The colors, the pose, the way he tweaked the costume. Notice the earrings. It's a stylized letter A, with the center of the A cut out. Very nice! And the gold badge BSC that adorns the bottom edge of my top. And I really like how the use of the gold tone in the earrings, the BSC badge, and the belt buckle. It's a great job of color coordination.

Ah, and the smiley face. I like how he has it looking up at me! LOL At first I thought it was flattened, but then I realized that it was being shown at an angle, which makes sense, actually. Heh! Cute! But one thing I find really interesting is the shape of the cleavage hole. Instead of the chevron shape that I normally have on the costume, this instead is in the pentagon shape of Superman's symbol, and it really works here. Man, this is a really fascinating work to examine.

I can tell that all the artists have put some thought in how they represent me, and that's probably the most fun part of examing these works. I think, however, that all the artists so far have the most fun in drawing my long hair. Since I don't wear a cape, my hair is what they use instead to suggest movement in poses in which I am standing or sitting still.

Thank you, Chris, for all your hard work. It's all fantastic. :-)

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lexa michaels said...

wow. it looks like you really put a lot of effort in doing this, chris. im into face painting myself. right now im trying to figure out how to do a particular style of Devil Face Painting . Its really inspiring to the work of other artists! Keep it up!