Friday, August 17, 2012

I found the dress to wear to the museum!

This is going out to two groups of people.  One, this is going out to the ladies to help me accessorize this dress.  And two, this is for the artist who will eventually draw me wearing this dress while I am around and about in an art museum. 

I love this dress because it's so retro, and yet it can be dressed up to be a kind of nerdy chic - the very look that I want for my art museum artwork.  And this is where I would like my lady friends to help me out.  So what to wear with this, to give this a nerdy chic look?

No high heels, for sure.  At 6 foot 1, I'm tall enough as it is, and plus, high heels aren't good for walking around a museum for 2+ hours.  So flats of some sort.

Certainly boho jewelry.  Also, a small purse - nothing big or clunky, but something to go with the nerd chic look.  Ah, the possibilities are making me drool.  >.<

I'll keep working on this, and then I'll find an artist to do this.  A proactive thanks to any of the ladies who help me out!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

World of Warcraft movie - or rather the lack of one.

For years, rumors of a World of Warcraft movie was always on the horizon.  It was always going to be "next year".  Well, 4 expansions of WoW are about to happen, and still no movie.  You know what bugs me?  The WoW movie could have taken up the slack left by the end of the Lord of the Rings movies.  Heck, there could have been a WoW movie as each expansion came out.  Instead, we have no movie, and the next LOTR movie is about to come out - almost 10 years after the last one was released.

I don't know what the hold-up is, but it's probably related to why the WoW comic was cancelled after it was just getting warmed up (It had Walt Simonson as the writer - you know, the guy who wrote the classic Thor series!) with the promise that not one, but two ongoing series were going to replace it.  But then that didn't happen.  Well, no problem, there's the manga WoW novels that were running at the time, and a couple of graphic novels were on the way.  Except that the manga WoW novels likewise got cancelled, and the promised graphic novels never materialized.  Sigh.

There is allegedly another graphic novel on the way, this one based on the new Mists of Panderia - but I'm not holding my breath.  My friends, I love WoW and its lore.  I love the fact that WoW belongs to my generation - those of us born in the 1980s.  But I wish Blizzard, the company behind WoW, would do a much better job of getting behind its product.  It's really disappointing to the fans that the movie and the comics keep being promised but not delivered.

What I don't get is why they can't make a WoW movie as a CGI like in the cinematic below.  What's wrong with a whole movie in this style?  Wouldn't this be much faster than trying to put together a cast and scenery?  At least we have the game, but there is so much more that could have been done by now.  WoW is to my generation of nerds is like the lover who is indeed loving, but lazy.  High - and even eloquent - on promises, but short on following through.  There will eventually be an end to WoW, but I can't help but feel that the end of it will come sooner than expected, because Blizzard failed to deliver on too many promises.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My take on Paul Ryan

Since some of my friends have been asking my take on Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney's new running mate, here ya go:

Be honest with yourself, especially if you're liberal.  There was never going to be a perfect running mate for Romney, was there?  In your heart of hearts, you know that it wouldn't have mattered - you would have dissed and trashed whomever Romney selected to be his running mate.

I know this about liberals, and I know that what matters most to them is not what's best for the country, but that President Obama gets reelected, even if his reelection will be very bad for the country.  What matters to liberals is holding on to power, even if it means continuing the reckless policies of this administration another four years. 

Such people that desperate to hold onto power should be denied.  Acts made out of desperate desires to hold onto power have a way of corrupting a soul, and I see this more and more in the Democratic Party as the election draws closer and closer. 

Some of you liberals see it already, even if you can't or won't publicly admit it.  Some of you can't admit it publicly because it could literally cause you to lose your job, and you don't want to be out of a job - especially in this economy!  How does that feel, by the way - to have to begrudgingly admit the truth even if it's only to yourself, that the economy is in the gutter because of the reckless policies of this administration and its leader?

Others of you won't admit it because you don't want to "hand ammo to the other side".  Personally, I find that sad, because you’re supposed to be the side that’s committed to the truth; and yet when the chips are down, what’s actually more important to you is that “your side” wins – or, to be more exact, “the other side loses”.  While the former is mainly looking out for his job, the latter is being petty.  In both instances, however, they are operating out of selfish motives rather than to the search for the truth and looking out for the common good.

You are probably asking yourself now, “When is she going to say something about Paul Ryan?”  Again, it doesn’t matter what I think of Ryan – if you are a liberal as I described above, then nothing I write will convince you otherwise, so what would be the point of trying?

However, his nomination is mere days old, and there’s time to find out more about the candidate, and when the time is right, I’ll give my take on him.  I will say though, that I’m disappointed that a conservative woman wasn’t nominated, but I’ll take a Romney/Ryan victory over four more years of Obama/Biden. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Coming soon: My blog on Facebook!

Hopefully later this week, I will have set up my blog's Facebook group.  Now, don't fret - I'm not quitting the blog.  Rather, I'm just facing up to reality that I'm on FB much more than I'm on the blog.  There's so much I want to write about that I decided to create a FB group of my blog so that I can hit more of my thoughts there.  Here's what I think I'll do:

For my own FB wall, I'll post political and personal stuff.  For my upcoming FB group of my blog, I'll post stuff about comics, superheroes, pop culture, memes, etc.  That way, there's more of a separation between the pop culture stuff and the political/personal stuff. 

I know that some of you aren't keen on my conservative nutjob views - and while I think you should just learn to deal with it because your side is supposed to be the open-minded/enlightened/tolerant side - still, I'd rather hear from you than for you to disappear because subconsciously you aren't as open-minded/enlightened/tolerant as you'd like to believe.  See how willing I am to try to keep us all talking and working together?  :-D

Anyway, my blog will be titled "The Mighty Andromeda is: Busty Superhero Chick", with "The Mighty Andromeda" in small letters and "Busty Superhero Chick" in large letters.

For my blog's FB group page, it will have "The Mighty Andromeda" in large letters with "Busty Superhero Chick" in small letters.  A reverse, in other words, of how it's done on my blog.  Here's more of a clarification:


The Mighty Andromeda is:
Busty Superhero Chick

Blog's FB group:

The Mighty Andromeda
Busty Superhero Chick

I will save my blog for more in-depth discussions. Anyway, when I have things set up, I'll let you all know and start sending invites. If you are a regular reader of my blog who is also on Facebook, then now is the time to friend me up there.  Look for me as Andromeda Perseus.