Monday, August 6, 2012

Coming soon: My blog on Facebook!

Hopefully later this week, I will have set up my blog's Facebook group.  Now, don't fret - I'm not quitting the blog.  Rather, I'm just facing up to reality that I'm on FB much more than I'm on the blog.  There's so much I want to write about that I decided to create a FB group of my blog so that I can hit more of my thoughts there.  Here's what I think I'll do:

For my own FB wall, I'll post political and personal stuff.  For my upcoming FB group of my blog, I'll post stuff about comics, superheroes, pop culture, memes, etc.  That way, there's more of a separation between the pop culture stuff and the political/personal stuff. 

I know that some of you aren't keen on my conservative nutjob views - and while I think you should just learn to deal with it because your side is supposed to be the open-minded/enlightened/tolerant side - still, I'd rather hear from you than for you to disappear because subconsciously you aren't as open-minded/enlightened/tolerant as you'd like to believe.  See how willing I am to try to keep us all talking and working together?  :-D

Anyway, my blog will be titled "The Mighty Andromeda is: Busty Superhero Chick", with "The Mighty Andromeda" in small letters and "Busty Superhero Chick" in large letters.

For my blog's FB group page, it will have "The Mighty Andromeda" in large letters with "Busty Superhero Chick" in small letters.  A reverse, in other words, of how it's done on my blog.  Here's more of a clarification:


The Mighty Andromeda is:
Busty Superhero Chick

Blog's FB group:

The Mighty Andromeda
Busty Superhero Chick

I will save my blog for more in-depth discussions. Anyway, when I have things set up, I'll let you all know and start sending invites. If you are a regular reader of my blog who is also on Facebook, then now is the time to friend me up there.  Look for me as Andromeda Perseus. 

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