Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Commission contest: Me punching a killer robot!

For those of you who are regular readers to my blog or are my Facebook friend, you know that I have many commissioned artworks of myself and my coworkers, Lucky Shot and Megan O'Donnell.

Now I want to try out a new idea for more artwork, and I call it a commission contest.  The rules are basically this: I set the theme of the contest, and any interested artists will submit colored rough drafts of what they will do if they win.  After a certain deadline, the boss and I will decide which rough draft will win the prize of a $100 commission!  On top of the $100 commission, you'll also get an awesome review from me of how great your work is, and who doesn't want an awesome review from me?  :-D

Here's the theme:  I want an artwork of me punching a killer robot.  It can be a robot like one of the Terminators, or it could be someone in a killer robot suit.

The angle/pose, etc is up to you.  You're the artist!  But be sure to have me in such a pose like I'm about to really wallop the robot, or just after I punched it, with the gears and other robot parts flying out. 

So if you're interested, then please note the following:

* Submit one or more rough draft entries with some coloring to:
 Be sure to put this on the subject line of your e-mail: Commission contest - punching robot

The rough draft needs to show enough so that I can see what you'll be doing if I select your artwork for the commission. You don't have to go all out on the detail - I need just enough to see what you plan to do, and I'd like you to add a little coloring to help me visualize this a little better.  Also helpful are links to any sites of your other works.  I suggest using the site that you will want me to link to if you are the winner.  This will serve as a little promo for you.  :-)

* For this artwork, I would like a landscape format, because I may use it for my FB timeline banner and maybe even my blog banner.  Because of this, I would like the action to be like so:

Killer robot on this side <----------> me on this side about to throw a punch, or me throwing a punch.  If it makes a difference, I'm right-handed, but I can punch with either fist.

* Submit as many entries as you like, but remember to make them colored rough drafts.  Label your entries in this format: name-robotroughdraft1 (or 2 or whatever number rough draft this is).  So a rough draft by Jack Kirby would be labeled thus: jackkirby-robotroughdraft1

Sorry... I nerd-drooled on myself for a second there at the thought of actually receiving a rough draft of me by Jack Kirby.  To continue...

* I may ask you for clarification if I can't see exactly where the action is going. 

* Refer to my Facebook album for examples of how my costume looks, but if you need further info, ask me.  One thing to note, though: If you show my boots, then know that they do not have stiletto spike heels!  Simple flat heels please, if you show my boots.

The deadline to submit entries is Friday, August 10th.  I will notify you if you're the winner.  If you are the winner, then you agree to provide a full colored finished awesome artwork based on your rough draft.  I prefer a PSD or JPEG format for the finished work, but other formats are fine so long as the resolution is high so that it will show up nice and pretty on my FB timeline and on my blog banner. We pay by PayPal just so you know, so if you use something else to receive payments, I need to know this ahead of time. 

I would like the finished colored work by the end of August, but if you need more time, I'll be agreeable up to a point.  Have to go a little negative here, but this comes from having dealt with artists before.  ^.^

If you're going to dawdle until December, then I'll award the commission to someone else.  It's why I won't award the commission payment until I get the finished artwork into my greedy little hands.

If this works out, then I might have other commission contests with different themes. For example, I may do the commission contest for October to have a zombie apocalypse theme! Whoohoo!

Good luck, everyone!

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