Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Epic Rap Battles of History: I'm a fan!

This is an example of how I wish I had listened to my GFs sooner about something that they knew that I would love.  In this instance, it's Epic Rap Battles of History!  One of my GFs has been pestering me for months to watch them, and finally I did.

Okay, they're probably NSFW, but they are freakin' hilarious!  I watched them all!  It's hard to pick my favorite, but if I had to, it would be Sarah Palin vs. Lady Gaga.

Here are some other epic rap battles that I hope they consider.  Feel free to suggest others!

Where's Waldo vs. Carmen Sandiego
Marie Antoinette vs. Queen Victoria
Smurfette vs Tinkerbell
Winston Churchill vs. Julius Caesar
Amy Winehouse vs Britney Spears

More to come for sure!  :-D

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A new ability for Power Girl's boobs?

What the hell is this? Power Girl's boobs are now some sort of - lightning rod?  They're boobs, not some sort of electricity insulators!

DC, this is Power Girl, not Captain freakin' Marvel (or Shazam, as I think they are calling him nowadays.  Legal stuff, I believe)!  If you read the story, you see that PG does indeed take a lightning bolt to the chest, so the cover is not just some sort of artistic license taken.  I know you're supposed to "suspend your disbelief" when it comes to comics, but c'mon!  I would think that taking a lightning bolt to the chest would hurt even her! 

Just sayin'...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This whole Anthony Weiner business really has me wondering about you guys.

Only you guys can tell me this, because sometimes your thinking patterns escape me.  I speak, of course, of Anthony Weiner and the scandal that he is in.  What would possess a man to shoot pics of his junk and send it out electronically where others can see it?  Can one of you explain that for me, please?

And while we're at it, can one of you explain why men like Anthony Weiner thinks that women want pics of their junk.  There was even a PSA about it, but I forgot the name of it.  Anyway, if any of you can explain any of this, then I would appreciate it. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Dianisis and Foreskin Man: Leftist superheroes!

San Francisco now has two superheroes!

One is Dianisis, the other is Foreskin Man! Seriously!

If you watch Dianisis' video, you'll see that it's horribly bad!  Just look what she does to the first "villain" (made out at a poor man's Dick Dastardly):  She fills a trash can with water, throws him in it, and... slams AND holds the lid down with him in it!  In other words, anywhere else other than a cartoon and that person drowns!  And it doesn't get any better after that.  (By the way, is that really a condom over the Washington Monument?  Yeesh!). 

And I just don't know what to say about Foreskin Man - other than that I'm surprised that such blatant, anti-Semitic, Nazi-era works could seriously attempt to be sold as "mainstream" today - and in this country.  Geez, the "hero" dude is even a blue-eyed blond "Aryan" type!  I mean, DAAAAAMN!  Go to the site and click on the link for one of the comics.  Bad enough, dudes, that just about every bad Jewish stereotype is thrown out there, but at the end, what does the alleged "hero" do?  He does what would be considered kidnapping outside the liberal world!

Egads, these are horribly bad.  And it's amazing considering that a lot of comic book talent and cartoon animation out there is liberal; given that, I have to ask: This is the best that could be done?  There's a joke or snide comment that could be made about the fact that they both hail from San Francisco, but I'll refrain from saying it.  However, I think what these two should do is get together, join up with Captain Condom and form the Leftist Justice League!  They already have access to comic publishing and video production, so they're good to go!  I might even buy it out of a "train wreck" sort of perverse fascination!