Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This whole Anthony Weiner business really has me wondering about you guys.

Only you guys can tell me this, because sometimes your thinking patterns escape me.  I speak, of course, of Anthony Weiner and the scandal that he is in.  What would possess a man to shoot pics of his junk and send it out electronically where others can see it?  Can one of you explain that for me, please?

And while we're at it, can one of you explain why men like Anthony Weiner thinks that women want pics of their junk.  There was even a PSA about it, but I forgot the name of it.  Anyway, if any of you can explain any of this, then I would appreciate it. 

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What would possess a woman to shoot pics of her ass in the mirror of her bathroom and send it out electronically where others can see it? happens all the time
someone somewhere does want to see it. we just don't know who that is.
doesn't really matter though. the event with Weiner should have been a laughable situation. We all point and giggle at him, he feels embarrassed for getting caught, then we all go about our business. the end