Thursday, May 30, 2013

BSC patch 2.2: Commission Contests!

Last month, I had my first-ever patch for my first-ever expansion!  Now I’m starting my second patch, otherwise known as:

BSC patch 2.2: Commission Contests!

The rules are basically this: I set the themes of the contest, and any interested artists will submit rough drafts of what they will do if they win.  After a certain deadline, the boss and I will decide which rough draft will win the prize.  The boss agreed to raise the prize from $100 to $125, just to give you artists a little extra incentive to make the finished project nice and pretty!  On top of the $125 commission, you'll also get an awesome review from me of how great your work is, and who doesn't want an awesome review from me?  :-D

This time around, we’re going to have two themes for you to choose from.  You can choose to submit your rough drafts from one or the other theme, or you could submit entries for both themes if you wish.  In any case, there will be just the one $125 prize.

***By the way, the boss pays by PayPal, so if you use something besides that, we’ll need to know that before you put in the grind for your awesome artwork. ***


FIRST THEME:  I want an artwork of me punching a killer robot.  It can be a robot like one of the Terminators, or it could be someone in a killer robot suit. The angle/pose, etc. is up to you.  You're the artist!

For this artwork, I would like a landscape format, because I may use it for my FB timeline banner and maybe even my blog banner.  Because of this, I would like the action to be like so:

Killer robot on this side <----------> me on this side about to throw a punch, or me throwing a punch.  If it makes a difference, I'm right-handed, but I can punch with either fist.  

So if you’re going to show me about to throw a punch, then you will need to capture the tension of the moment.  I want to feel that I’m about to really, totally, and completely unload the Mother of All Haymakers on this killer robot.  That’s one of the challenges of being a comic book artist – to capture such tension-filled moments to increase the drama of the story.

If, however, you’re going to show me just after I land the punch, then I want to see the utter devastating results of my punch.  That is, I want to see robot parts flying!  Boom!  Bam!  POW!

SECOND THEME: This will be a nighttime scene, downtown in a large city.  I want this to be a mid-air fight with another flyer.  The bad guy can be male or female, but he or she will need to look like a bad guy.

As with the robot one, this artwork needs to be landscape, so that I can use it as my blog banner and also my FB banner.   And like the first theme:

Bad guy on this side <---------------> Me on this side

Now for this artwork, you can show us about to fly into each other and about to throw punches at each other, or you can show us having a mid-air war of words, or maybe the bad guy has some laser-eye power or can shoot energy bolts from his hands or something.  I just need to see that something’s happening!  Again, you’re the artist, so use your creativity to figure this out!

You could, of course, combine the two themes by depicting a mid-air duel with a killer robot.  That’s up to you, my creative friends!


There will be two stages to this contest.


The first stage is where all interested artists submit a rough draft of what they might do.  At this point, just a simple pencil sketch will do, but I may ask for clarification if I can’t see exactly where the action is going.  If the boss and I are really tossed up about which submission to go with, we may ask you to add some color to help us decide between submissions.

The rough draft needs to show enough so that I can see what you'll be doing if I select your artwork for the commission. You don't have to go all out on the detail - I need just enough to see what you plan to do.  Also helpful are links to any sites of your other works.  I suggest using the site that you will want me to link to if you are the winner.  This will serve as a little promo for you.  :-)

Here’s the e-mail address to send them to:

* Submit as many entries as you like, but remember to make them rough drafts.  Label your entries in this format: “yourname_robotrd1” (or “yourname_downtownrd1”, for the second theme).  So a rough draft by Jack Kirby would be labeled thus: jackkirby_robotrd1

Sorry... I nerd-drooled on myself for a second there at the thought of actually receiving a rough draft of me by Jack Kirby.  To continue...

* Refer to this link for how my costume looks, but if you need further info, ask me.  One thing to note, though: My boots do not have stiletto spike heels!  Simple flat heels please.

UPDATE: The deadline to submit rough draft entries is now Friday June 21, 2013.

I will notify you if you're the winner.  If you are the winner, then you agree to provide a full colored finished awesome artwork based on your rough draft.  I prefer a PSD or JPEG format for the finished work, but other formats are fine so long as it is high resolution so that it will show up nice and pretty on my FB timeline and on my blog banner.

I would like the finished colored work by the end of July, but if you need more time, I'll be agreeable up to a point.  Hate to go a little negative here, but this comes from having dealt with artists before.  ^.^

If you're going to dawdle until December, then I'll award the commission to someone else.  It's why I won't award the commission payment until I get the finished artwork into my greedy little hands.

But wait!  There’s more! 

Did I happen to say above that this is BSC patch 2.2: Commission Contest*s* – that is, more than one contest?  Yes!  If this works out, then I might have other commission contests with different themes. For example, I may do the commission contest for October to have a zombie apocalypse theme!

Whoohoo!  It depends on how this contest goes, and the awesome artwork that I get out of it, so do your best to impress me so that I'll want to do more of these contests!  Oh, and the boss too, since he’s funding this little operation.  :-D

Good luck, everyone!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Damo artwork of me! WHOOHOOO!!!

And now I present to you the latest artwork of me by the aweseome and creative hand of Daemion Elias George-Cox!

Excuse me while I engage in several minutes of happy, girly-giddiness noises!

(several minutes of happy, girly-giddiness noises)

Whew!  Okay, I'm back! 

A year ago today, my FB friend Daemion Elias George-Cox pleasantly surprised me with a portrait that you see to the left above.  Today, he surprises me again, with the portrait to the right.  Over the time I've known Damo on FB, his artwork has evolved.  He was already very skilled and talented when I first came across his artwork a few years back, but he just keeps getting better and better, and it's a real treat to watch his creative talent develop. And yes, I said this last year, too!

Now check out these two portraits and look how his style has changed in just one year. A year ago, I had mentioned that the first portrait looks like he captured me in mid-animation.  Today, it's a softer look, like I'm sitting across from a friend sharing a meal.  It's those eyes, though - they have a "come hithery" look to them, don't they?  :-D

This is so awesome.  Thank you very, very much, Damo.  I'm very flattered and honored that you'd do this for me. 

By the way, if you're going to make this an annual thing, you won't have any complaints from me, buddy!  :-)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I'm a troll - for truth!

Here's the situation: On FB, one of my FB friends posted this article.

In response, I posted this article.

In short, I had to respond to the article, because according to American history, it was the Democratic Party that had defended and fought for slavery during the Civil War, and it was the Democratic Party that fought against civil rights for another 100 years. 

Of course, my FB friend (and her friends) responded by saying that those same Democrats are now Republicans.  After that, the conversation devolved into regional discrimination and elitism, and it went downhill from there.  During that devolving conversation, I got called a troll. 

A troll?  Moi?

For those of you who might not know, a troll in this Internet age is someone who causes problems for the sake of causing problems.  That is, they're not out for debate and discussion, but simply to be a pain in the ass. 

Technically, I wasn't trolling; I was simply pointing out historical facts.  Everything I said is exactly as I said it was: the Dems were the racist haters for all that time, and not the GOP. 

Let me also add here that while the Dems fought for the institution of slavery, the current crop of Southern Republicans - the "former Democrats" - are not like the Dems that had dominated the party for those years leading up to the 1960s.  I challenge anyone to find a prominent member of the current GOP who wants to bring back slavery.  I don't mean some backwater extremist nutjob, I mean someone in leadership who is on the record in saying that he or she wants to bring back slavery.  Find me ONE.  

While the current GOP certainly has its 99 problems (give or take a few), wanting to bring back slavery is not one of them, and if the GOP is ever stupid enough to adopt slavery in its platform, I will be the first in line to protest that stupidity. 

So with that, if a person telling the truth is now going to be called a troll, then so be it - I'll be a troll for truth!  And as I said on FB, I will stand with my Horde brothers and sisters and carry that banner of truth -