Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Busty Superhero Chick: She Hulk

Today's busty superhero chick is none other than the cousin of The Hulk, the She Hulk! There's quite a few male/female cousin combos out there. There's the Hulk and She Hulk, Namor and Namorita (and Namora), Superman and Supergirl as well as Superman of Earth 2, whose cousin is Power Girl. I'm not sure why that is.

Anyway, She Hulk's secret identity (which is actually not so secret) is Jennifer Walters, who is a lawyer. There's something of a history that says that she and cousin Bruce (Banner, the Hulk) spent a lot of time at the local library as kids. Once they grew up, they didn't see a whole lot of each other until later, when Bruce wanted to talk to Jen about how liable he would be legally for whatever the Hulk did. As comics would have it, Jen was also being stalked by the mob, and a drive-by shooting almost did her in. It took an emergence blood transfusion from Bruce to Jen to save her. And of course, the gamma-radiated blood caused her to become - tada! - the She Hulk.

The She Hulk at first was wild and angry like her cousin, but later she gained more and more control over her emotions to the point that she could for the most part be a regular superhero. However, from time to time, she does have "Hulk-out" moments where she is rampaging much like her cousin, and can be nearly as hard to bring down.

In recent years, the She Hulk has gone back to her legal roots, and has spent more time as Jennifer Walters. One reason for that is because some judges feel that being in court as She Hulk could unfairly sway the jurors (and even some judges) to render decisions her way just because she's a big-time superhero. Lately, however, she has been playing bounty hunter due to some still-unexplained reason that caused her to get disbarred. In the current issue (#28), she's sitting in jail. What happens to her next remains to be seen.

Jen has been going through some difficult times in recent months, including having to take sides during Marvel's Civil War. She also found out that her cousin was shot out into space to parts unknown, and this caused her to switch sides. She still tried to fight against her cousin when reasoning with him didn't work, but of course, it was no contest. Things apparently went downhill for her after that, because before we knew it, she was disbarred. And so it goes.

And now for a little editorial: It's been established in recent issues of She Hulk that her Hulk form is more assertive and uninhibited than her Jen persona. Not only that, she has also been rather promiscuous. Now, it's not so much her promiscuity that I have issue with, it's the fact that nothing ever results from her numerous sexual encounters, nor has it been established that she uses any sort of birth control. Normally, someone that promiscuous and without the usage of birth control suffers from either sexually transmitted diseases or becomes pregnant somewhere down the road.

I suppose it could be said that, since she had an enhanced physiology, then she heals from whatever diseases she may catch from her lovers. However, what about her regular human lovers? For instance, the Hulk's lover, Betty Ross, suffers (if she hasn't actually died already) from poisoning from the gamma radiation that the Hulk emits. For the She Hulk, for her to have sex with regular human males would mean putting them at risk for radiation poisoning as well. Or at least - (ahem) - a certain part of them, if ya get my drift.

So the Hulk can poison his lover just by being around her, but She Hulk does not do the same, even though her contact with her lovers is a lot more intimate? Can someone say "inconsistency"? Granted, Marvel Comics may not want that much detail on the problems that can be caused having sex with the She Hulk. However, if they are going to mention that she is promiscuous, then there should also be some consequences of those actions. Some stories could even be made from those consequences.

For instance, some of her former love interests could come back to her stating that they got radiation poisoning from her. Maybe some of them are on their death bed. Tony Stark as well, could start developing symptoms of radiation poisoning. How would all this affect She Hulk? Would she stop having indiscriminate sex? Would someone develop a condom that blocks radiation? Who could she sleep with? Other gamma-radiated beings? Besides the Hulk, the only others I can think of are Doc Samson, The Leader, and The Abomination.

She Hulk discovering the potential consequences of sex with her could serve as a lesson to the readers as to why indiscriminate, irresponsible sex can cause serious complications - especially as a gamma-radiated female. Either that, or the writers could stop mentioning her promiscuity, but I doubt they'd do that - especially now that I've provided them an "out" as to how they could address the issue. We'll see if they listen to me.

Of course, she could change into Jen to have sex, but one, I bet her lovers want sex with She Hulk, not her much smaller alter ego, and two, Jen still might be radioactive even in her human form. If she - She Hulk - cut back on sex or even cut it out completely, what would that do to her? Would she have a "Hulk-out" moment, but instead of a rampage, she gets VERY flirty? A "horny Hulk" storyline could be one for the ages if the writers can do it right!

Busty Superhero Chick rating (on a scale of 1 to 10 in which 1 is worst and 10 is bust - er, best) : 8.0

The next busty superhero chick coming next - probably Tuesday - will be Starfire.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Busty Superhero Chick - Felicia Hardy (Black Cat)

Today's busty superhero chick is someone who tends to waver close to the line between hero and villain. Felicia Hardy, also known as the Black Cat, has been a villain, hero, and love interest to Spiderman; much like Catwoman to Batman.

In her most recent origin story, she was a rape victim who was going to train herself in various martial arts so as to kill her attacker, but he was killed in an auto accident before she had a chance to do it herself. Angered over being denied her chance to do the killing herself, she adopted a role as a thief so that she could support herself, so that all her training wouldn't go to waste, and also because she enjoyed the thrill of being a criminal.

For a time, she had an on again/off again romance with Spiderman, but she was disappointed to discover that he had a regular (for her, boring) life outside of being Spiderman. In other words, she wasn't impressed with Peter Parker, and preferred that he keep his mask on. She simply didn't want to deal with the boring half of his life. Their relationship eventually got to the point that they parted for good, and Peter Parker eventually married Mary Jane Watson. When Felicia came back into his life, she was upset that he was married and for a time tried to ruin their marriage, but now she has come to terms with it, and is even friends with MJ.

The story of the Black Cat that "retconned" her origin story is titled, "The Evil that Men Do". The cover of the first issue is below, and you see with that cover why she qualifies as a "busty superhero chick". The tight-fitting, low-cut costume that shows abundant cleavage is intentional. It's meant to be a distraction for when she is fighting men (and it might prove distracting for some women, no doubt). No doubt it works, but I also wonder if she has ever "popped" out of her costume at one time or another. That could be intentional as well, for it would be even more distracting than just the cleavage alone.

Currently, Felicia is in hero mode, but given her past, that could easily change.

Busty Superhero Chick rating (on a scale of 1 to 10 in which 1 is worst and 10 is bust - er, best) : 7.5

The next busty superhero chick coming next - probably Thursday - will be She Hulk.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Good news and bad news

First, the good news: Power is now back on at my house! I am once again surrounded by the soft hum of modern technology. Ahhhh....

Now the bad news: One of the pieces of modern technology that is NOT humming - is my computer! This is the one with all of my blog notes! When the power was coming back on briefly last week, we had a power surge that burnt out 5 light bulbs and one TV. At the time, I hadn't checked my computer, but now apparently it was another surge victim.

Thing is, that computer was connected to a surge protector power strip! Even odder, the printer - which was NOT plugged into the surge protector, but WAS plugged into the same wall socket as the surge protector - DOES still work. Theoretically, it is the printer that should be burned out, not the computer.

Fortunately, it's an older computer - from 2002, so it's not like I lost a top-of-the-line model. But still, it had a lot of files in it that I still need! The only good news coming out of this is that I now have an excuse to buy a new computer! :-)

So anyway, this affects the start of my comic in May, which has now been pushed back from the start of May to maybe the middle. If it takes longer than that, I'll let you know. But the goal is still to start in May one way or the other, setback or not. I'm also going to have to rebuild my notes on the busty superhero chicks that I once had on that computer. I'll try to resume those on Monday starting with Felicia Hardy, aka the Black Cat.

What is still on schedule for the beginning of May is my first appearance. THAT will still come, so that you all will know what I look like.

So anyway, that's the situation for me, kiddies. Bear with me and send those prayers or at least your good thoughts and well wishes my way.

I'll keep you all updated. :-)


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My house still has no power!

My house was one wrong wire away from having power yesterday! Arrrggghhh!!!

Hopefully later today, I will finally have power. This is frustrating beyond words!

The lesson I have learned from all this is to keep my blog files on more than one computer!


Monday, April 14, 2008

BSC poll: Hottest B-list Busty Superhero Chicks

Let's go ahead and make a list of the hottest "B-list" busty superhero chicks. Note that it is already posted to the left.

By "B-list", I mean that, while they are still hot and of an impressive bra size, they are not of the caliber of the ladies in the previous poll. Not meant to be an insult by any means to these equally lovely ladies, just a recognition of the difference between the A-listers and them.

And an impressive list it is! They are:


Lara Croft

Black Cat (Felicia Hardy)


So who's it going to be, kiddies?

More polls to come in the future, of course. They're fun! :-D

Let's try the poll feature: Hottest Busty Superhero Chick

Okay, with the power still out at my house, let's go ahead and experiment with a new blog feature; namely the polls.

Note that it is attached to the right. ------------------------>

Here are images of the 4 ladies to pick from:

Wonder Woman

Power Girl

She Hulk

Tsunade (Naruto cartoons)

You will also notice a commonality among these lovely ladies: Not only are they busty, they are also very, very strong! Is this mere coincidence, or is there a connection between bra size and strength? Perhaps among the superhero chick crowd, bra size and strength is to them what Samson's hair length was to his strength.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Power still out

The power is still out at my house, and will probably be so for the next couple of days at least. That means that I still can't access my home computer where all of my busty superhero chicks notes are on. Now I wish I had saved a copy of my Black Cat notes (and other notes that I had made) so that I could continue my work on another computer! This is getting to be a real pain in the ass!

I'll keep you updated, kiddies.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Power outage at my house

Hey, all.

I had planned on talking about Spiderman's Black Cat today, but my house currently has no power, and we don't know when it will be restored. Anyway, all my Black Cat notes are on my home computer, but I can't turn it on!

So with that, there will be a delay on the Black Cat post. Hopefully I will have it up by this weekend - but that depends, of course, on the power company coming to fix the power! So if I don't manage to post the Black Cat entry - well, now you know why.

By the way, I'm posting this entry from work. I thought that you should at least know what's going on.

Bye bye, kiddies.



As of late Friday, still no power, and the earliest possible time will either be Saturday afternoon or evening. I hope not! I'd hate to lose a whole weekend like that!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Busty Superhero Chicks: Power Girl

Today we start out with one of the well-known busty superhero chicks of the comics universe: Power Girl. And if there were ever a good example of being in love with a busty superhero chick, PG is it. So in love is DC Comics with PG that they had rewritten her origin story several times in order to keep her in their "universe".

They finally settled on her being the survivor of what used to be called "Earth Two". Basically, though, PG is "SuperGirl" of Earth Two. But older. And taller. And about maybe 3 to 4 cups sizes larger. I guess the Earth Two diet is better. ;-)

PG is known to be bold, brash, and sometimes leading with her fists instead of her brains. Almost always since her beginnings in the mid-1970's, she's sported a short 'do and had big boobs. Other than a few variations, she's almost always had the white costume with the red cape and blue gloves and boots. Her staying power, though, seems to be her bold and brash personality.

Currently, she is the head of the Justice Society of America. How she will do as the leader rather than one of the critics remains to be seen. It's one thing to criticize the leadership - another thing entirely when you ARE the leadership, and all that criticism is being directed at you. It will be interesting to see how leadership changes - and doesn't change - her brash personality. I have no doubt, though, that this busty babe will do alright in the end.

Busty Superhero Chick rating (on a scale of 1 to 10 in which 1 is worst and 10 is bust - er, best) : 9.0

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Coming Tuesday: Power Girl

Coming Tuesday will be my first discussion of a current busty superhero chick, and it will be on Power Girl, the superhero "big gun" with "big guns". Be here Tuesday!


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Coming next week: Busty superhero chicks!

Starting on Tuesday of next week and at least twice a week after that, I will be writing and posting pics about current busty superhero chicks. This is all to lead into, of course, my own appearance in early May.

Will you be here? Of course you will. You know you love busty superhero chicks. ;-)