Monday, January 30, 2012

So far, my favorite DC Comics Reboot title is...

Okay, it's been 5 months since DC Comics did its "reboot" thing.  My verdict so far:  Still being determined.

I haven't read all of the new titles - mainly because I don't have that kind of money to buy all of them - but also because not all of them interest me.  However, one has at least caught my interest, and it's a surprise to me.  That title would be Batgirl with Barbara Gordon donning the cape and cowl.

Before I continue, let me state here that I'm about to reveal spoilers, so if you haven't read Batgirl and don't want what's in it spoiled for you, then -

STOP READING NOW!   You have been warned!

I, for one, am rather disappointed in the way they brought the Barbara Gordon Batgirl back.  She's still the same Barbara Gordon who was paralyzed from the waist down, but somehow, inexplicably, she regained her ability to walk and run and do her other superhero stuff.  Pre-Reboot Barbara was an inspiration to those who were physically disabled - and yet now suddenly she's whole and hearty again.  Almost a slap in the face to what DC had been promoting her up to this point, I would think.   I don't get what DC was trying to do here.  It seems to me that if they were going to reboot the characters, then they should have done the same here with Babs.  Anywhoo...

 I have to admit that I have enjoyed reading her struggling with getting back into the superhero groove.  She's managing, but it's not easy, which is no surprise, since she's been out of the superhero loop for a while.  However, the real bombshell is the introduction of her mother!  I'll say here that I haven't read every single thing about Barbara Gordon as Batgirl then Oracle and now back to Batgirl again, but I don't recall a previous time in which her mother was even brought up.  To my knowledge, it's always been just her and her dad.

Here, at least, we will now find out what happened, and why her mother left.  Apparently, the departure was all her mother's idea, and it left Babs bitter.  So... why did she leave, and what happens now?  I don't know!

It's this very fact that has caught my interest, and it's why Batgirl is currently the title that I most look forward to, so as to see how the writers answer the questions that are now lingering about Babs' mother.  All I gotta say is - they better not screw this up!  This, my little nerdlings, is why I love comics.  :-D

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2013 calendar again

After some e-mail discussion, the boss and I hashed out some ideas for my 2013 calendar, and they are below.

The boss is working on ideas for art for the different months of the year, and perhaps a centerfold pin-up. Roughly, here's the ideas for each month (Note: This may change!):

January: New Year
February: Valentine's Day
March: St Patrick's Day
Special art, perhaps of a character and his/her bio not yet presented anywhere else.
April: Easter/spring related (Easter is March 31)
May: Mother's Day, with image of Lucky with her son
June: Summer/beach theme
Centerfold - large full body art, perhaps in flight or other dramatic superhero pose
July: 4th of July patriotic theme
August: vacation theme
September: Labor Day/cookout theme
Special art, perhaps of a character and his/her bio not yet presented anywhere else.
October: Halloween
November: Thanksgiving/harvest theme
December: Christmas

We also toyed with the idea of sponsors, perhaps some comic companies or Facebook groups who might be interested in being in my calendar.

There is also the matter of how to get the calendar printed. One place the boss checked gave a price close to $20 per calendar, which is more than what most people might be willing to pay for a little-known superhero character. Plus, that company also used a spiral center, and we want a stapled center for the centerfold. Finding a printer for the calendar is the most important part, and if that can't be managed for a decent price, then this calendar project may not get off the ground.

As for artists, I'm going to ask artists that we've used before, but I would also like new artists, so if any of you artists out there are willing to do some art for this, let me know and we can see what we can work out. Oh, along with sponsors, we will also give credit to all the artists and provide Internet addresses to whatever site they wished to link with other samples of their work.

That's all for now, but feel free to add your comments or observations as well.

Monday, January 23, 2012

2013 calendar of me: What do you think?

What would you all think of a 2013 calendar of me? The boss is willing to consider it and even get all new art, but he wants me to gauge interest in it. He's going to have to take into consideration how much art he'll need and what it would cost to produce such a calendar locally, and also the cost to have it sent to whomever may be interested in purchasing it. At the minimum, I think, he would need artwork for each month of the year, plus one on the cover and another on the back cover, which would be 14 total. However, I think it would be cool to have some additional pin-up art as well - or perhaps introduce new characters that haven't had art done of them yet. Anyway, please comment here, or go to my Facebook page and comment there. If you haven't already friended me there, I'm on FB as Andromeda Perseus. If we can get this done, it would be SO cool! :-D

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stop SOPA: It's my Internet, too!

Good intentions do not always translate into good law. It also goes to show that while the music and film industry will sell out on our morals, values, and traditions, what they won't compromise on is their profit margins, so to hell with the rest of us if it's cutting into their bottom line! Well, we say the hell to you, greed mongers of the film and music industry!

Friday, January 13, 2012

My surprise support for a certain GOP presidential candidate

First, let me say that I am disappointed that both Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann won't be in the running for president.  I am especially disappointed that they won't both be on the same ticket.  I really wanted an all-woman ticket!  Moot point now.

I know some of my friends want to know who I would be willing to support of the remaining nominees.  I'll say now that none of the quite fill the bill of what I want in a GOP candidate.  Of all of them, Mitt Romney is my last choice, because he has a history of flip-flopping, and I am afraid that he'll do that again once in the Oval Office. 

However, I will just as quickly add that I would vote for him if he is the eventual nominee, because I'd rather take my chances on him than another four years of Barack Obama.  If Obama can do this much damage to our country while still having his reelection hanging over his head, how much more damage can he do once that's taken away?  Friends, I've said before how I was raised by Marxists.  I have seen their thinking and philosophies up close and personal.   What they believe is not pretty nor pleasant, and it will lead to the destruction of the American way of life as we know it. 

And for what?  Some dimwitted, narrow-minded philosophy that is all lovey-dovey on the surface but anti-humanistic and ultimately nihilistic at its core?  The kind of society that liberals want to put into place in our country will ultimately lead to an ugly de-facto tyranny.  Again, I've seen what they want to do to the rest of us, and I've looked upon their goals, both short term and long term, and the betterment of our culture and society is last on their list.  It would be best to prevent them from getting full run of our country while we have the means to stop them, rather than trying to undo the damage that they WILL cause once in power and once they've implemented all their evil policies into place.  

Friends, I don't use the word "evil" easily or lightly, but how else can you describe the sort of  utilitarian and dehumanizing philosophies that they want to impose on the rest of us?  We are not people to them, but tools for their goals.  A means to an end, in other words.  This is not to say that all conservatives are holy and righteous, so don't get me wrong.   It's just that the liberals have had the past 4-5 decades to show their good intentions, and they failed in that respect.   It's because their intents aren't good, but self-serving.  Not only that, they're trying to get my generation - those born in the 1980s and later - to go along with this.  But we can't allow that.  We have to stop this now, and we stop it with our voices and our votes.   I'm sure doing a lot of prefacing here, but it's for a reason.

I wanted you all to know what we - my generation, specifically, but everyone else as well - face if we don't get this right.  My generation needs to see what's coming, and my generation needs to take matters in their own hands rather than rely on the lies of liberals.  My generation needs to be able to see with their own eyes and think with their own brains, and they need to speak with their own voices and vote for themselves, rather than listen to the Rachel Maddows and the Bill Mahers of the world.  People like them will lead you astray.  

What my generation needs then, is a candidate who can be a sort of "gateway drug" to conservatism, because my generation needs to adopt conservatism to get them  away from the path of destruction that liberals are taking them. 

That's why I am willing to support Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is an incomplete candidate for me, but his views on the roles of government are what's needed right now.  His views of the military and his desire to pull us out of everywhere are a bit of a concern for me, but I'm willing to go along with him than risk the possible flip-flopping of a Mitt Romney, and I also prefer Paul to another four years of Obama.  Don't misunderstand me here - this is "support", and not an "endorsement".  "Endorsement" implies that I support everything about a given candidate, and I'm not there with Paul, but I am willing to give him my support if he can help turn my generation around and introduce them to the benefits of conservatism. 

So what I'm doing here is seeing the big picture by supporting Paul.  The path that liberalism wants to continue leading us on will only lead us astray.  We need direction, and focus.  We need a candidate that will show my generation how conservatism can benefit us individually and collectively.   Once my generation sees that difference, I believe that they will join the right wing in droves.   But someone has to show the way, and I think Paul just might be able to do that. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another Rick Celes artwork: Meet Megan O'Donnell!

Before any more time passes, I want to present to you the latest artwork by Rick Celes, as well as the very first artwork of Megan O'Donnell, our resident computer and engineering guru here at the Dept. of Superhuman Studies.  I had planned on also posting her bio and other information, but - I'm still working on it.  LOL

Don't you just love how calm and in control she looks there?  She would have to be, to deal with so many different personality types!  All that, and she still finds time to do her nerd stuff!

Anyway, thank you Rick, for another outstanding artwork!  What a way to start the new year!  :-D

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The new year on my blog begins! Er... next week.... :- /

What a busy past couple of weeks I've had, friends!  And on my first week back to work, I have tons to do, so I will resume blogging next week.

And it will be worth the wait, for you will see the very first appearance of the Dept of Superhuman Studies' own engineering and computer genius, Megan O'Donnell!  She herself isn't superhuman, but she serves the role that Barbara Gordon did before she became Batgirl again; namely, as the communication center for all the superhuman agents out on the field.  So in short, she's our "Oracle".

Not only that, this artwork is done by Rick Celis, the very same artist whose fantastic artwork you saw recently!  Trust me, it will be a treat!

And of course, I'll also have more to say on the election and the recent primary in Iowa.  Plus, you'll hear my surprise support for a candidate that I bet you wouldn't expect me to support!  When you hear my reasons why, you just might agree with me!

Anyway, catch you all here next week, and have a great weekend!  :-D

Sunday, January 1, 2012


And here it is, my little nerdlings!  This is what I had been leading up to on FB with my countdown this week!  The artwork is by the creative and masterful hands of Chris Butler!  The rest was Photoshopped by the boss.  Thanks, Chris!  Wow, so sexy!  What a way to bring in the new year!

What a year we all had, and what a year ahead!  And according to some people, this might be THE year - the end of the world!  Yikes!  Well, it might feel like the end of the world come November once we find out who was elected or reelected president! LOL

I thank you all for reading my blog and for friending me on FB.  It's because of you good folks that I keep writing, and I hope that you enjoy reading what I write - even if you don't always agree with my opinions.  ;-)

So let's get started on this new year, friends!  Whoohoo!  :-D