Thursday, January 5, 2012

The new year on my blog begins! Er... next week.... :- /

What a busy past couple of weeks I've had, friends!  And on my first week back to work, I have tons to do, so I will resume blogging next week.

And it will be worth the wait, for you will see the very first appearance of the Dept of Superhuman Studies' own engineering and computer genius, Megan O'Donnell!  She herself isn't superhuman, but she serves the role that Barbara Gordon did before she became Batgirl again; namely, as the communication center for all the superhuman agents out on the field.  So in short, she's our "Oracle".

Not only that, this artwork is done by Rick Celis, the very same artist whose fantastic artwork you saw recently!  Trust me, it will be a treat!

And of course, I'll also have more to say on the election and the recent primary in Iowa.  Plus, you'll hear my surprise support for a candidate that I bet you wouldn't expect me to support!  When you hear my reasons why, you just might agree with me!

Anyway, catch you all here next week, and have a great weekend!  :-D

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