Thursday, April 26, 2012

Secret Service just needs a woman's touch

Boy, those dudes in the Secret Service sure embarrassed the US with their drunken revelry!  It was so bad that one feminist suggested that what the SS needs is more women among its ranks to help bring a level of maturity, professionalism, and decorum whenevery the agents go overseas.

Oh, really?  That will be all it takes - just to take women along? 

You mean like Hillary and the example she set at that same outing in Colombia

Party on, GF!  Glug glug glug glug.....

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Saying something without saying anything

I get "sayings" from time to time in my e-mail, or in the format of a jpeg image as in the post below.  These are usually written by pseudo-intellectual left-wing nutjobs who say a bunch of stuff that sounds thought-provoking but actually says nothing meaningful.  Its vagueness and incoherence is meant to be a disguise for its vagueness and incoherence by way of producing a few factoids that sound deep, but ultimately the post's statement makes no real point. 

Let's look at this one below.  We'll start with the opening statement: "Before you judge others or claim any absolute truth, consider that..."

Right off the bat we see that this is aimed at religious people, because it is liberals who accuse religious people - specifically Christians - of being judgmental and believing in absolute truths.  Let's deal with the issue of absolute truths first.

What is an "absolute truth"?  In a nutshell, it is a truth that is absolutely true - for example, that God is all-good and all-loving.  Now, while liberals will say that they don't believe in absolute truths, the truth is that they do, and it's easy to prove.  If you ask them, "Would you say that there are no absolute truths?", what would their response be?  If they say "Yes, there are no absolute truths", then they've contradicted themselves!  Did you see the contradiction?

However, if they catch themselves before uttering "There are no absolute truths", then they'll have to respond with something like "I'm not certain".  Well then, with this uncertainty comes the possibility that absolute truths exist, because if they say that they don't exist, then they'll contradict themselves, so based on just that, we've proven the existence of absolute truths.  

So I - and you, and anyone - can claim with no guilt whatsoever the existence of absolute truths; for if one can exist, then others can exist, and the argument that "There are no absolute truths" is sunk faster than the economy under a Democratic government.  The doubting and the questioning of absolute truths is the lazy intellectual shortcut way for these people to sound like they're saying something deep and profound, but for anyone with a lick of sense, they'd know that they are just drooling utter nonsense.  

As for being judgmental, there's an important distinction to be made, and liberal dunderheads intentionally leave out this distinction so as to buttress their weak arguments.  That distinction is that there is a difference between judging the person and judging the act that they perform.  Before I continue, I will state that yes, there is such a thing as judgmental (in the bad way) Christians (who are the villains to whom this particular post is aimed at), but you would have to be lying to yourselves to deny that judgmental (in the bad way) people come in all races, colors, and creeds, and not just among Christians. 

Now let's look at some examples of bad acts and bad people.  Let's say that Melvin, a 6-foot-5, 325lb man, just jumped Scott, a 5-foot-4 165lb man and pounded the hell out of him.  A bad act?  On the surface, yes.  Hardly a fair fight, with big ol' Melvin pounding on little ol' Scott!  You might judge Melvin to be a bad man.  However, what if Scott was carrying a pair of Uzis and was about to fire into a crowd at a mall?   Melvin is now a hero!  The act is still the same - of Melvin pounding on Scott - but the context changed the whole judgment of his act.  Would it be a big stretch to assume that Melvin is of good character while Scott is not? 

Isn't that very assumption...

...being judgmental? 

Now let's take another example, and one that I think even our liberal looney psycho nutjobs would say is an evil person!  Let's take Chuck, a man who likes to wear golf shoes and go stomping on kittens and puppies with them!  What kind of sick, sadistic monster gets enjoyment out of that?  Well, you would have to pass judgment on Chuck to say that he is evil! 

Thing is, friends, liberals are just as judgmental as they say Christians are.  The difference is that they are judgmental in ways that they feel totally at ease in passing judgment.  For example, they have no hesitancy whatsoever in calling the likes of Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and other conservative women the worst names imaginable.  They have no shame whatsoever nor do they have any sense of irony in hating them passionately.  So the same group of people that would call themselves open-minded, tolerant, enlightened, and non-judgmental will suddenly go Jekyll-and-Hyde whenever Sarah Palin posts something to her Facebook page and whip themselves up into an orgasmic frenzy over how stupid she is. 

So now we see that this post directed at judgmental believers of absolute truth actually applies to all of us!  I can guarantee you that this was not the writer's intent, but it is the ultimate result!  It's time now to see what follows and how it applies to this opening statement.  

(reading rest of post)



Our eyes create rainbows, eh? 


The point of the rest of this post seems to emphasize that we are, in essence, less than nothing -

- and yet our eyes can create rainbows. 


I can see how rainbow-creating eyes would be inconsistent with being judgmental and believing in absolute truths. 

This, folks, is what education buys nowadays.  

Sad, ain't it?  :- \

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Yes, my friends, I present to you a cookie!

This particular artwork is special because it was made by the boss!  It's been awhile since I've seen artwork from him, and he admits that he was rusty!  But when a professional colorist offered to do the coloring for it, he just had to drag out his old pencils and pens and try making his first artwork of me in quite awhile!

It looks good, despite the rust!  Okay boss, now that you've got one down, I hope that this means that more is coming!

What really makes this art is the awesome coloring!  The coloring is brought to you by Wilson Ramos Jr.  I LOVE IT!  Thanks so much for saving the boss' artwork, Wilson!  Check out his site and see what else he's done! I love love love working with comic artists and just the whole comic nerdery genre in general!  

So why the cookie artwork?  I'm going to use this artwork once in awhile whenever someone has done an excellent job at something.  Their reward will be a cookie!  Who doesn't love a good cookie?  Whoohoo!

Oh, and about that x-ray pic last week of a hand to show its bones...

It's so that you can print it out and show it to your doctor.  Why?  In case you ask for milk to go with the cookie, in which I'll have to break your hand with my super strength grip.  And then you can show the doctor that x-ray so that he can point out where your hand's bones were broken.  I thought I'd provide you that little service.  In other words, get your own damn milk from the supermarket!  Or better yet, go ask ya mama!

By the way, I normally wear gloves with my costume, but for this artwork, I had to take them off so that I would be touching the cookie with clean hands.  My gloves have dust, dirt, and the occasional blood from the bad guys that I punch in the face.  Yeah, that happens once in awhile.  >:-)

Oh, and so that I don't forget to let you all know, note your calendars for May 5th, which is Free Comic Book Day!  Visit your local comic shop and along with your free comics, buy some comics as well.  They need to stay in business, after all!

Anyway, thanks again, boss and Wilson, on a great piece of artwork!  It will, of course, be going to my FB album.  :-)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

You have 19 bones in your hand!

Wow! Would you look at that! There are 19 bones in your hand, not including the cluster of bones in your wrist! So 19 times 2 (hands) comes to 38 bones! That's a lot of boney action going on there! Why am I bringing up this fact of skeletal anatomy? The answer to that will come Monday! :-D

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

OHAI! I'm bak!

Hi, everyone!  I'm baaaaaaack!

And man, were there news events going on that I so wanted to cover on my blog while I was away!  Don't fret, for I will get to those news topics soon, because they were just too juicy for me to pass up talking about.

To hit the ground running, let's go ahead and post the latest artwork by the talented hands of Rick Celis, who has brought you some wonderful artworks of me, Megan, and now Lucky Shot on her ride!  Whoohoo!  Also note that this artwork is now gracing my blog's banner.  Awesomeness!

I have to say that I'm starting to develop a real appreciation for Rick's style.  While some may say that it's cartoony, I think it's more than that.  His use of bold lines and bold colors brings an expressiveness and fluidity that is very entertaining to look over and think about.

Your basic, generic cartoon doesn't make you sit and ponder, but Rick's art does that, and that's why I call it "art" instead of a "cartoon".  Calling it a "cartoon" doesn't do it justice - it's ART, baby!  Be sure to look at his deviantArt site and look at other examples of his work, and I think you'll see what I'm talking about.

By the way, Lucky loves that bike.  She loves it so much that it's...

... well, it's a very distant second to the love for her son, but still, she loves that bike!  In case you're curious, the bike is a Honda Shadow Phantom.  Just so you know, Lucky's ride is highly customized by our resident engineer Megan to have all kinds of cool stuff to help her carry out her various duties for the DSS.  I've never ridden Lucky's bike, because she won't let me touch it (and besides, I can fly), but it looks pretty awesome!

Anyway, I'm back, and I'm badder than ever - at least from the perspective of liberals!  They are no safer from my wicked wit than they were before, so shake and tremble, liberals, because the right wing source of your migraine headaches is back!


More to come soon, my friends!  Oh, and last, thanks for the birthday wishes on FB!  That was great!