Thursday, December 22, 2011

New artwork by a new artist! Meet Rick Celis!

Okay true believers! It's time to reveal a new artist for yours truly! Meet Rick Celis!  Isn't this work incredible?  Time to reveal how this got started.  This was a combination of the boss' desire for commissioned artwork to have a more "comic book" feel to them, instead of the standard pin-up, followed by my idea of giving him a line to use as the basis of the artwork. 

The challenge to the boss was that he had to craft a scene around that line, and give that description to the artist. And then the artist, not knowing what that line was going to be, made the scene based on the boss' description.

He described the scene as just after I got walloped by a real strong bad guy (or lady!) and I flew into a concrete wall, leaving cracks where I struck the wall.  I am then shown just after I hit the wall, and glaring back at the villain, uttering that line. 

Below is the same artwork with my line included:

Isn't this just amazing? I love how Rick captured that instant perfectly! This, friends, is how it goes when the artist nails the tension and drama in a comic page of art! Look at all that Rick captures here! I got smacked around, but I'm ready to give it all right back, and more! YEAAAHH!!! Bring it on, bitches! LOL

This is one of the reasons that I love comics.  And I love it even more when I'm the one being depicted!  Ha!  Loveitloveitloveit!

Thanks, Rick!  Nicely done!


wendy said...

I love it to! Relly great.

wendy said...

Nicely Done

gio said...

"very Nice".
this artist is great!