Friday, December 9, 2011

New badass art of me by Rocio Zucchi!

Yesterday you got a sneak peek at the latest artwork of me by Rocio Zucchi. Below is the rest of it! Waahoooo!!! Awesommme!

Don't you just love this pose?  Flexin' those biceps, baby!  Strong *and* sexy at the same time!  Man, I'm running out of words to describe her work! 

Rocio, I will say this, though...  It's no longer enough to say that you are an excellent artist.  Nope, now I gotta call you an art goddess!   :-D

Thank you so much!  I don't know how I forgot this before, but you are now officially in my sidebar of cool links!  --------------->

One more by Rocio coming next week, friends!  :-)

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