Friday, December 2, 2011

New artwork! Whoohoo! Chibi Shamrock

Hi! I'm back! And it looks like all this month, I'm going to be posting all new art! Wow, what a Christmas gift, eh? Well, let's get started, because I'm so excited! First up is a chibi style of The Shamrock. Ain't it awesome? You know, I love that visor!

I've discussed The Shamrock before, who is actually code-named "Seamrog" by the Dept of Superhuman Studies, since Marvel Comics already has a "Shamrock".  But if I called her Seamrog here in today's blog entry, then you wouldn't get that she's an Irish-themed superhero until you looked at the artwork below!

As stated before on my blog, we at the DSS so far are letting Seamrog do her thing so long as she sticks to stopping burglars and robbers and the like.  Also as stated before, she doesn't seem to be superhuman (and thus not an issue for the DSS to investigate) - just a regular human running around in a costume playing hero - and so long as she doesn't get herself hurt or killed, I'm willing to let her be for now.  She just seems to be in it to see her name in the headlines, so let's hope that she's not in the headlines for the wrong reason one day - that is, to report on her untimely death.  This is why I generally discourage regular humans from taking up the superhero life.  If you want to defend the general population from the bad guys, then join the police where you can do that legally and officially.  :-)

Anyway, this outstanding artwork was brought to you by the artistic hands of Rocio Zucchi, who has made the most recent artworks that have appeared on my blog.  And she's also going to be the artist for the next two coming up.  Trust me, you'll love them just as much as you loved this one.  :-D

Have a great weekend, all!

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