Thursday, October 15, 2009

Meet the "Seamrog", a Fort Worth vigilante

This person operates in Fort Worth, and she is not affiliated with the DSS or any other recognized superhuman agencies. Thus, the DSS has officially classified her as "vigilante"; that is, someone who operates outside the law, and for whom the DSS has an interest in apprehending. She has been code-named "Seamrog", which is the Irish version of "shamrock". We gave her the code name "Seamrog" because Marvel Comics already has the trademark for the superhero name "Shamrock".

By the way, for those superhumans who operate outside the law, the DSS has three categories:

* Vigilante, which is basically anyone who dons a recognizable superhero attire and whom engages in what is considered superhero activities, but without reporting to anyone like I do with the DSS. All such people who operate outside the law are given this designation until two things happen, and when they happen, they fall into the two other categories, which are discussed below. Also note that they are given this designation whether or not they are recognizably superhuman. If it turns out to be a superhuman vigilante, then it becomes a DSS matter. Otherwise, it's a matter that is left to the local or state law enforcement.

* Hostile Vigilante, which is basically what the rest of us call "super villains" - in other words, that's our official name for superhuman bad guys. Hostile vigilantes are given our top priority and are handled exclusively by the DSS, overriding the authority of all local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

* Rogue Vigilante is a pretty narrow title that is for those superhuman superheros that had once been DSS agents (or agents of other departments), but now have gone rogue; in other words, they have struck out on their own and now operate outside the DSS. For those who are in hiding, they are known as AWOL Rogue Vigilantes; otherwise, they are merely Observed Rogue Vigilantes.

We at the DSS like to say that all Rogue Vigilantes are Observed Rogue Vigilantes; it's just that some are more "observed" than others, and we prioritize accordingly. Rogue vigilantes are "observed" simply because they went rogue, but so long as they behave themselves, they will stay "observed" - that is, we will keep our eye on them and check on them once in a while, but if they don't cause trouble, then we'll let them be, unless circumstances dictate a need to contact them.

Of course, if any Rogue Vigilantes turn bad on us, then they are re-classified as Hostile Vigilantes. Since we still have files on them, we know their identities and the full range of their powers, so if any of them do go hostile on us, we have the means of knowing how to deal with them; which is why most rogues will behave themselves in order to keep us off their backs. A few have adopted a status of "on-call" and will assist at certain times should conditions warrant it, but they will go back to their Observed Rogue Vigilante status after that.

But getting back to Seamrog...

Based on reports of Seamrog's activities, she is about 5 foot 10 and is very athletic. Her observed powers are the ability to stick to walls virtually like Spiderman, but she does not have webs like him, nor does she seem to have his super strength. In fact, her strength seems to be that of a regular human woman her height and build and who engages in regular intensive exercise. It is not known at this time whether the sticky power is a superhuman trait, or if it something that is the result of an adhesive. However, since she has also been observed using gadgets a la Batman, then it's likely that her sticky power is also one of her gadgets.

So far she has only been busting up burglars and muggers, so we have largely let her do her thing. But should she cause any harm or property damage, then we will be apprehending her.

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Anonymous said...

I see no reason why Seamrog would be causing property damage. Now if it were "Distortion" that would be a different story.

Distortion is an Engineer for the U.S. Military Science department. The woman specializes in sonic weaponry. It was said that one of her superiors went corrupt and wanted to sell the technology to terrorists (sources say its North Korea, but we aren't sure). To silence the scientist, the corrupted officer fired the weapon she was developing on her.

It was upon that day when she became "Distortion". The woman has the ability to bend matter. Think of it has ripples in water, but in the air, ground, etc. The after effects are sometimes aren’t pretty.

She is 5' 8" and has an athletic build.

I have a full color drawing of this character that I'm willing to share if you're interested.