Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The question of breasts and society

On Facebook yesterday, I mentioned that I needed a drink. It's because I was reading this at the time: Victoria's Secret Compartment

Look at that site!

The link was sent to me by a reader. What got my attention first, though, was this image:

The woman is pulling a whole freakin' full length bazooka from her bra!

Yeahyeahyeah... I know what some of you guys are going to say - "It's just a cartoon!" and "It's exaggeration for humorous effect!". But guys, check out that page, and see how much of this "titty show" stuff runs in the entertainment media! It was enough to give me a headache! It's why I needed a drink, by the way.

Anyway, one of the reasons that I made this blog was to poke fun at the often absurd obsession that you guys have with boobs. I've said before on this blog that to me, they're just boobs - that is, they're a part of my body just like my hands or my knees. That's it!

And yet to you guys for some reason I don't understand, boobs are a magical, mysterious and almost mystical force of nature - so much so that there is literally tons of stuff out there just on boobs, and there are websites like the one I linked above that are sources for other such mammarian imagery. Sites like that are out there because you guys will watch it, and time and money are invested in such sites because you guys will buy what they offer, which is various expositions of a woman's mammary glands. Yeah, guys - they're mammary glands. They're the equivalent of a cow's udder. They are what we use to feed babies with. You call them boobs, tits, bazooms, etc, but they're just breasts.

Not only do you guys spend money for these titty shows, but women spend money as well to make their boobs look more presentable. Especially bothersome to me is that they will pay to have foreign objects surgically inserted into their breasts so that they look larger. I've always said that a natural A cup beats an inflated D cup any day, but apparently, I'm in the minority opinion on that, because thousands of women will endure the health risks of breast augmentation surgery. Granted, being busty myself, it's easy for me to be critical of women who go through such surgery - I'll admit that much - but I still say that they should just accept themselves for who they are.

Let me say this: I often defend you guys against feminists who want to find sexism under every rock, behind every tree, and in every pair of men's pants. I tell them that guys obsess over boobs because they are wired that way - to be sexually attracted by sight. I think God gave men that visually-stimulated sexual attraction so that you would notice us. Otherwise, we probably could never get you away from your sports and your drinking binges with your buddies. I tell the feminists that at least we get SOMETHING out of you with our boob bait.

I'm not going to go into an anti-feminist tear here, because even though I'm conservative, I don't see feminism as totally wrong - just wrongly applied. Let's just say that I support the feminism that helps women to become better and stronger people, and not the kind of feminism that is man-hating and indulges in whiny self-pity and institutionalized victimhood. Women and womanhood have a lot to offer society, and "victimist" feminists often forget that during their narcissistic rant-fests.

Having said that, when I am confronted with sites as the one I linked above, I have to wonder if my blog is helping matters, or if it's only contributing to the problem. In other words, is my blog truly poking fun at you guys for being obsessed with boobs like I want it to be doing, or am I only contributing to the problem of you objectifying women? That's where I am at right now, and that's what I'll be mulling over for the next few days.

Anyway, I'd appreciate your input on this matter, from both the men and the women.

Now to go get that drink.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I have been reading your blog for awhile, and I believe that while your goal was to make fun of guys who obsess about women breasts, I think you ARE contributing to objectification of women. The positive note for you to counter this issue is that you fully explain yourself.

I apologize that you are getting a headache, but as I said before not all men are like that.

I do agree with you that men (such as myself) wired visually, and is a human component to the mating process with women. And there are men that are hybrids. What I am saying is that they feel from the inside and express themselves.

If you were truly upset about this, this blog would not exist.

Although objectification of women is not a positive thing, you DON'T HATE men because of it.

In conclusion, I say you should continue writing your blog. As a busty women, you are wise and are willing to educate to make society better for your gender. As a guy, I am learning a lot from you about the female perspective.