Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Breasts and society again

Anonymous said...
Hi. I have been reading your blog for awhile, and I believe that while your goal was to make fun of guys who obsess about women breasts, I think you ARE contributing to objectification of women. The positive note for you to counter this issue is that you fully explain yourself.

I apologize that you are getting a headache, but as I said before not all men are like that.

I do agree with you that men (such as myself) wired visually, and is a human component to the mating process with women. And there are men that are hybrids. What I am saying is that they feel from the inside and express themselves.

If you were truly upset about this, this blog would not exist.

Although objectification of women is not a positive thing, you DON'T HATE men because of it.
In conclusion, I say you should continue writing your blog. As a busty women, you are wise and are willing to educate to make society better for your gender. As a guy, I am learning a lot from you about the female perspective.

I posted Anonymous’ response above, because he pretty much captures the responses of my blog entry from last week about boobs and society. Most of the other responses were from those I know in person, so it was an interesting weekend for me. ;-)

Nearly all of the responses I got said what Anon said, that I was more objectifying women rather than my true intent of poking fun at men for being so obsessed over boobs. All I can say is that I’ll work on being clearer as to what I’m trying to do with my blog. Thing is, I kinda like how I’m doing things now, and I don’t want to mess too much with something that is working.

After all, if I wanted to mess with something that works, I’d be a liberal! (badaBOOM!). Why do you liberal guys and gals do that anyway – mess with stuff that works? You mess with it and then when it doesn’t work, you’ll tax the rest of us because you (probably intentionally) created a class of people who are the disenfranchised “victims” of the “new ways” of doing things.

Okay, I’m digressing here. Getting back to the topic…

There is a Romanian tennis player named Simona Halep who was known more for her DD’s than her tennis skills. Note the images below.

There are two things (no pun intended) to take away from this:

1.) Those pics weren’t shot to demonstrate the technical proficiency of her tennis swing, and

2.) This shows just how much big boobs move around on an active woman, and also shows why a shrunken-down male superhero couldn’t hide in an active woman’s bra without serious injury and probably death.

Halep is an example of the convergence of a woman of her generous proportions + mens’ tendencies towards visual sexual stimulation + today’s technological means of sending images anywhere and everywhere around the world in an instant. If you do a Google search for her, the majority of the pics you find will be those like I posted. That’s how she got her fame: that outfit plus her breasts captured shifted in various directions.

You guys no doubt enjoy those images of her breasts in unusual positions, but how do you think she feels? She had stated that they get in the way, and that it was why she was going to have breast reduction surgery. I have no doubt that it will indeed help her in her tennis game, but I also think that she didn’t want to be known as a glandular freak. She probably didn’t want people to come to her matches just to watch her breasts bounce. And I don’t blame her. She’s still a teenager, after all, and already has enough to deal with without also having to deal with being thought of as a freak show.

Had she asked me, I would have told Halep to talk to another tennis player known for her boobs. I mean, of course, Serena Williams. She's just as busty, and yet she also wins tournaments - so it can be done. It might have done Halep good to know that she has - ahem - a bosom buddy (pun intended that time!) who knows what it's like to play tennis while busty. If nothing else, Williams could have suggested a better bra for her to wear, because Halep does bounce too much. It's a moot point, though, because Halep has already had the surgery.

It’s because of women like Halep that I made my blog. Busty women need to be seen for more than their cup size, and I had hoped that, by creating this blog, I could show that women like me can be busty and still have a brain. You know what’s funny? Non-busty women wish they were busty, and some have breast augmentation surgery in order to give the appearance of a larger size. Meanwhile, busty women often get tired of lugging around their heavy breasts and get breast reduction surgery! I bet even if God had made all women a good sized C cup, we’d find something else to be unhappy about! LOL “We all look alike! There’s no variety!”

It’s also why I say to the ladies to accept themselves as they are. Non-busty women have advantages that busty women do not. Here is just a short list. Women like me deal with back and shoulder pain constantly. Eyes rarely go above the chest. In sports – especially physical sports – we get the wrong kind of attention. It’s neither cheap nor easy to find outfits that look good and are tailored for our proportions. That also goes for bras. The bras I get are not the nice, slender fashion types that you see in most department store catalogs that you guys are always thumbing through (don’t lie. You know you do it). Nope, what I get resembles the Golden Gate Bridge.

Having said all that, let me finish by saying that I am very happy and proud to be a woman, and in particular, a busty woman. I mentioned previously that I am not a feminist, because too many feminists want to concentrate on the negative; that is, on what women don’t get in our society. Not me. I’d rather concentrate on the positive. Despite not quite hitting my mark of my blog being a gentle poke to you guys who obsess over boobs, I still think I managed to carve my little niche on the Internet. It doesn’t mean that I should stop trying to strike that balance I’m looking for of celebrating the busty woman while at the same time teasing you guys for obsessing over boobs. So what this all means, dear friends is this: I ain’t going anywhere. :-D

The thing is, when I had viewed that site that was at the center of my self-examination of my blog and it’s purpose, it really didn’t change anything that I didn’t know already. All that did change was the awareness of just how much booby stuff is truly out there. In other words, it wasn't a question of content, but of quantity. And Anonymous, you are right: If I were truly upset about this, then this blog wouldn’t exist. But for better or worse, it does exist. Let’s just hope that I get more right than wrong. :-P

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