Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Wish List

I'm starting a wish list, and I'll be adding to it periodically.

My # 1 wish is that my comic finally gets off the ground. I know how hard the boss has been trying to find a regular artist because he updates me, and I understand how frustrating this all is for him, but it's still my # 1 wish. In the meantime, I am perfectly willing to continue writing this blog because he got me started on this, and because I enjoy it so much. :-)

Next on my wish list is for the following artists to do pin-up work of me:

* Adam Hughes
* Terry and Rachel Dodson
* Amanda Conner

Another of my wishes is that I become a regular pin-up subject for aspiring comic book artists. I think it would be awesome to become a tradition of sorts in the comics industry that artists show their Andromeda pin-up whenever they present their portfolios to comic book companies or other companies that are involved in illustration. I would also like part of that tradition to be that a printout of my critique of their work being part of showing my pin-up to those comic companies.

For example, if Jane Doe applies to Bigshot Comics as an artist, among her artworks would be "the traditional" Andromeda pin-up, along with my glowing recommendation of her work. It could be one of those instances that if I like their stuff, then it becomes something to put on their résumé. I could post their pin-up of me on my blog, and then I can update everyone if that artist got accepted to work for the comics company that they applied for.

Yes, starting such a tradition is a long shot - but hey, when ya dream, then might as well dream big, right? ;-)

I think I have a pretty good start. I'll put this blog entry to my blog links on my sidebar so that I can add to it later.

Oh, and I wish for world peace. Meant to say that sooner, sorry. :-P

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