Monday, May 31, 2010

For Memorial Day: Remember those who have given their lives in the defense of our country

This news article brought a tear to my eye, because it's a reminder not just that many of our military personnel die in the line of duty, but that so many have died in the line of duty over the years.

Now I wish to thank all our brave defenders who have died in the line of duty. You served your country to the bitter end, literally giving your all so that we can be free from the forces of death and oppression. My heartfelt thanks for your sacrifice, and I pray that God is rewarding you now in paradise for a job well done.

It's because of these brave men and women that we here in the U.S. must continue to fight the forces of death and oppression, not just abroad, but here in our shores. Specifically, we must keep after our politicians and other lawmakers that they never forget just whom they serve - and it's not political action committees! Not all acts of bravery in the face of stiff opposition is committed by those that carry a rifle in the battlefield - sometimes they carry a protest sign.

Our soldiers fought and died so that we would be free to express our views against even our political leaders. I'm not advocating an overthrow of the government; rather, I want our government to be reminded - constantly, since it seems to need it! - that they serve this country and that they serve us, and not themselves and their own selfish interests.

I think many in our local, state, federal offices need that reminder come this November, so please study the issues and know the views of your representatives at all levels of government. Our soldiers fought and died so that we would continue to have the power of the ballot box, so exercise that power when the time comes, so that their sacrifices will not have been in vain.

Thank God for our brave soldiers from the past, present, and those in the future. We honor their memory and sacrifice by exercising those very freedoms that they gave their lives for us have and to keep.

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