Monday, May 17, 2010

Local comic shops in the news, and correcting a mistake

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has a news story today on the local comic shops and what they are doing to get and keep in business, and apparently the comics biz ain't too shabby. I know that some comic shops have come and gone in this area, and I miss some of them, because they were where I had spent quite a few coin getting the latest from Marvel or DC (and indies too, of course). However, I am glad to see that the comics industry has managed to tough it out, and I am also glad to see the indy comic shops persevere too; just like I like seeing the mom and pop stores and restaurants do well despite the presence of franchises in those respective retail and dining areas. I guess rooting for these indy places is where I show some of my liberal side. And yes, I have a liberal side, even if it's not plainly obvious. :-P

Also, I notice that the linked article above is written by Scott Hinze, who just happens to be based here in Fort Worth with his nationally known Fanboy Radio show, which broadcasts from the Texas Christian University campus. You know what? It's a bit odd that, here I am based in Fort Worth and I write a blog about comics, and here Scott is based here with a radio show also in Fort Worth, and yet I have never mentioned him on my blog until now!

Well, permit me to correct that now by including a link to Fanboy Radio on my list of cool links on my blog's sidebar. My apologies, Mr. Hinze! While I am not surprised that you don't know about me, I have known about you, and yet I never thought to talk about you on my comics-related blog until now!

See folks, even superpowered superhumans who can throw tanks like a child throws a water balloon can still make mistakes! Anyway, today's lesson is to go support your local comics shop, folks. They need the business just like any other business, and unlike your 7D-Elevens or Barnacles and Ignoble's Bookstores, your local comic shop owner not only sells comics, he or she is also most likely a fan, so go show some nerd love for a fellow comics nerd. :-)

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