Friday, May 28, 2010

Holy smokes! Junko from "Desert Punk"

Desert Punk is an anime that I have not seen, so I don't know if it's good or not. However, I was sent the pic below of one of the characters. Her name is Junko. And yes, her boobs are that big in the show. I don't know who the little dudes are, and I don't know what she's about to do with one of them.

But trust me on this, fellas - in real life, boobs that big are freakishly, monstrously heavy! Heavy, heavy, heavy! So heavy that it would be virtually impossible for Junko to hold that pose below for any length of time without tipping over to her right side or her left arm collapsing from the weight! Try strapping on watermelon-sized water balloons to your chest and see if you could hold yourself up at an angle like she is with just one arm!

I know you guys like big boobs and that you are sometimes too horny for your own good, but most of you would have to admit that this is a bit too much? If Junko were real, she would be a candidate for breast reduction surgery. She could lose several cup sizes and STILL be a DD!


Anonymous said...


It's a comic. Second, guys do have limits to these sorts of things.

Busty Superhero Chick said...

I understand that it's a comic, and I also understand that exaggeration is part of comics, but Geez Louise, this is absurd even for a medium known for absurdity! And I am glad to see that some of you guys have limits for this sort of thing, but once in a while I think the rest of you need reminders that this sort of stuff ain't normal. :-P