Thursday, May 20, 2010

Power Girl (almost) as you've always wanted to see her!

Hmm. I had a discussion with the boss about how to post this, and we both agreed that if you're one of those kind that checks out my blog while at work, then this might be considered NSFW. You know... in case you have one of those insane feminist bosses. :-P

In the link is an artwork of Power Girl (almost) as you've always wanted to see her.

The artist is Scott Blair, who just happens to be the same artist that did an artwork of me last year. Dang, Scott! Or should I say, Great Scott! That's some nice artwork there, dude! And that perfectly positioned hand (well, maybe not for some of you!) is the perfect tease for this kind of work. This gives you more of a gander of PG's awesome boobs than we normally would see, and yet not quite everything. It just works, and I think it's cool.

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