Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ramón Pérez coming up in an issue of Marvel's Dazzler

Hey, guys!

Just so you know, the artist formerly known (and still known as) Ramón Pérez will be featured in part of Marvel's upcoming Dazzler one-shot that comes out on May 26th. If you recall, I brought up Mr. Ramón in a previous blog entry of his stunning webcomic, Kukuburi. Here is further info on his upcoming Dazzler gig from his website. Below is one such example of his artwork from the Kukuburi website. Isn't it awesome? Can you see why now that I still hope that he can find the time to do a pin-up of me? :-)

So anyway Mr. Ramón, I will certainly buy Dazzler when I see it come out! :-D

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