Friday, December 31, 2010

Year-end Comics talk!

Here we are at year's end, so what better way to end a blog largely about talking comics than to talk comics? Here we go!

In May of 2009, I had answered a question here in regards to whether I had ever given a shot to the nuts of any super dudes I fought. Here is my response from that previous time. In short, I said that us super ladies do nutshots mainly as a last resort, and almost never as the first strike, because the super strength dudes can shake it off fairly quickly (but it still does hurt, judging by their reactions!).

Anyway, in the recent Power Girl, (#19), it shows her giving a nutshot to a giant killer robot, with devastating results! So what happened? The lower half of his body blew up, leaving just bare metal legs in their place! Ouch! See, folks? Us super ladies aren't above such hits if it has the desired result! You shouldn't go around using your superior strength to go beating on ladies anyway, even if they do happen to be super as well! I can honestly say that I have rarely resorted to such a - er, low blow - but I can also say that in no instance did any of the dude's lower torsos explode! Although I'm sure it felt like it did, judging by their reaction!

Next comic! On the last page of this week's Incredible Hulks (#619), Bruce Banner's adult daughter from the future, named Lyra, has just explained why she is not interested in pursuing a father/daughter relationship with him; namely (and to make a long story short), back where she is from, having a father was a reason for shame, because in her future world, women ruled (a feminist dream come true!), and were able to have children without the aid of men. Lyra was brought into existence by way of her mother Thundra going back in time to acquire the Hulk's DNA and using it to create Lyra.

If you will note on the last page posted below, Bruce acknowledged the difficulties Lyra is going to have in this new world of hers, and that she would be better off getting guidance from Bruce's cousin, Jennifer Walters; AKA the She-Hulk. I have to disagree with Bruce's arguments on the last page. If he really wants Lyra to have a better understanding of the world she has chosen to live in, then she should work on establishing a relationship with her father. In the process, she could see why her future world's attitudes towards men were wrong. If Bruce really wants her to accept her new circumstances, then chucking aside a big part of that - having a relationship with her father - is a mistake. Girls in our present time have relationships with their fathers. I'll keep a tab on where this goes, but the writers are missing an opportunity to demonstrate the benefits that daughters can have with a healthy relationship with their fathers.

And speaking of Marvel Comics, I am not sure I like the direction of the recent storyline of Chaos War. I'm not sure what it is that I don't like yet, but it just seems right now to be the Marvel version of DC Comics' Black Lantern storyline. Oh yeah, and speaking of that, I have no idea where they are now going with this Brightest Day storyline. It's all over the place now! There seems to be no real focus or theme going on - it just seems to be moving along looking for a storyline, and it's this close to losing my interest.

I suggest to Marvel and DC to resolve to wrap these grandiose storylines up in 2011!

Okay, I gotta wrap this up for now. I hope you guys all have a great New Year's! See you next year!

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Death Panels are back!

It looks like Sarah Palin was right! The Dems have done a Yuletide sneak attack and slipped in the controversial death panel requirement for those who are near the "end of life! "

Oh, of course they call it "voluntary" but friends, trust me it will not be. It will be exactly as Sarah Palin predicted of "death panels" making decisions on whose Grandma and Grandpa gets cut off from needed lifecare based solely on utilitarian justifications. Yes, yes, the liberals will go on and on about how "great care and sensitivity" will be taken and this will be "totally voluntary", but, as I've said before (feel free to mouth the words to yourself. Hehe!) "I was raised by Marxists, so I know their thinking"!

Have I said this before? (shrugs shoulders)

Anyway, their alleged sensitivity and their alleged claims of "voluntary" are a load of bullshit, and it's also a cowardly way of going about putting this "end of life" stuff in despite the issues raised previously. See, these people think they are right and that the rest of us unwashed ignorant slobs will just have to accept it. None of this, including this chickenshit coward way of putting it back in is no surprise whatsoever to me; including the timing, by the way.

All the more reason to vote these people out in 2012, 2014, 2016, and however long it takes to get them all out of positions of power so that they will stop infecting our society with their brand of "humanitarianism" that is often the opposite of humanitarianism.

Don't forget this, folks! More is sure to come! Let these liberal lemmings take that plunge over that cliff!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful and excellent day. What a year, and how fast it went! :-D

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New look! Just in time for Christmas!

Okay, kiddies! Check out my new holiday look of my blog! Cool, eh? It took me a second to notice it, but it's my costume made with a Santa theme, so this makes this a variant costume! LOL I loveitloveitloveit; right down to the Rudolph smiley face! X-D

Anyway, if this doesn't put you in the Christmas spirit, I don't know what will!

The artwork above was brought to you by the wonderful and talented Chris Butler. Thanks so much, Chris! This will be going to my Facebook album, of course...

Here's the full work:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Wish me Merry Christmas" shirt now in mens!

Okay, dudes! Now you can join your lady friends in being wished Merry Christmas! I finally finished a t-shirt for you to wear!

And as with the ladies, if you get the shirt and if you're willing, then send me a pic of you wearing it, and I'll post it to my blog! This is even if it's past Christmas.

Man, I hope this catches on. It will be so cool! :-D

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"It's okay to wish me Merry Christmas" - now in a t-shirt!

Yesterday on Facebook, I posted that it was okay to wish me Merry Christmas, even if you're not Christian. Well, the boss made a t-shirt design for me, and I then made a t-shirt out of it and posted it to Zazzle!

Thing is, friends, it really IS okay to wish me Merry Christmas! I promise that I won't be offended! So please don't give me the generic "Happy Holidays" or the even worse and perplexing "Seasons Greetings" (what the hell does that mean, anyway?). Just say Merry Christmas and know that I'll be one happy Yuletide camper!

Why did it become offensive to use the name of the holiday anyway? It's like everyone suddenly becomes Captain Marvel Jr at Christmastime and participates in the holiday in every other way except to call it what it is. Why do I say "Captain Marvel Jr", do you ask? Well, CMJr can do everything that CM can do, except say his name! If CMJr is asked his name and he says "Captain Marvel", then lightning strikes, and he's turned back into his unpowered human self! And that can be bad if he's in the middle of a fight! In case you don't already know, all the Marvels have a magic word that causes lightning to strike to turn them into their Marvel-ous selves. Everyone else says SHAZAM! - except CMJr, who has to say "Captain Marvel!" Why does he have a different magic word? Apparently the creator of CMJr hadn't thought that through! LOL

Anyway, that is apparently what happens at Christmastime: Everyone becomes a Yuletide CMJr and becomes afraid of saying Merry Christmas and becoming depowered like CMJr does when he says Captain Marvel. Well, I'm here to say that it won't happen. If anything, you'll be EMpowered rather than depowered. I say take back the holiday, and wish everyone in the way they should be wished, and had been wished before saying that became a victim of politically correct nuttiness.

And to be even more daring, buy the shirt! Even though I am a capitalist pig, I feel so strongly about this issue that I will make absolutely no profit from this. All the money spent will be going to Zazzle and not me. Currently, I have it only in women's, because I didn't like how any of the guys' shirts turned out, but I'll keep working on it and try to have it posted later today. Oh, and if you do buy the shirt, please mail me a pic of you in it, and I'll post it to my blog! Since it's getting close to Christmas, I'll be posting them after the big day, so feel free to send the pic to me even if it's after Christmas.

And before someone starts telling me - yes, not everyone is Christian and not everyone celebrates Christmas, and yes, the holiday has gotten too commercialized, and yadayadyada... For one, no one seems to have a problem saying Happy Hanukkah or Holy Ramadan or even Joyous Festivus, but freaks out when it comes to saying Merry Christmas. I am here to say, "Why?" Why not say Merry Christmas? If anyone gives you any grief about it, then it says more about them than it does about you, because you weren't wishing them ill. Quite the opposite, so why should they be offended? If they continue to be bothered, then direct them to this blog entry so that they can post their comments on it below, and I'll deal with them from there. We can win this holiday back, my friends, if we stick together!

Ahh, I feel good! It must be that ol' Christmas spirit! :-D

Friday, December 10, 2010

Q&A: Is Rudolph a superreindeer?

Hey, folks! Sorry to be away so much lately! It's not like I didn't have anything to write about; I just didn't have the time to write! Anyway, let's go ahead and hit upon a recent question, and that is this:

Q: Is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer the reindeer version of a superhuman?

A: You know, I had never thought about that, but he just might be, because regular reindeer do not have shiny noses! Unless they're intoxicated of course! ;-) LOL

Thing is, not only does Rudy have a shiny nose, he can also fly, and as you all know, regular reindeer can't fly. Hmm. You might even make the argument that all of Santa's reindeer are superreindeers, because they can also fly. But then, perhaps it can be argued that these reindeer fly because of "Christmas magic".

"Christmas magic", however, does not explain Rudolph's nose, because if it glowed because of Christmas magic, then Santa would have made all of the noses of his reindeer glow, or at least one other reindeer in case Rudolph got ill or met up with Sarah Palin.

So my answer is: At least Rudolph is the reindeer version of superhuman, and quite possibly all of Santa's reindeer.

Next week I will answer a question that has been on everyone's mind who has ever watched that TV special, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: What was "misfit" about the doll in the Land of Misfit Toys?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Me? A drill sargent therapist? LOL

I've been told more than a few times that my personality is a lot like the drill sargent therapist in this commercial!

Well, they say that I care about others and their problems, but I don't have a lot of patience with people who are what I call "professional whiners", like that guy in the commercial who says that yellow makes him sad. Had it been me who was told that, I would have said, "So do you get depressed every time you piss, dude?"

I will admit that I could use a little more diplomacy when it comes to talking to such people, but maybe part of their problem is that they haven't had someone in their life to just lay it on the line for them by telling them that there are more important problems to worry about than what color makes them sad. In other words, there's being patient and tolerant, and then there's enabling, and when you think about it, we do a LOT more enabling in our society than we believe.

I guess you might say that this makes me the "bad cop" in the classic "good cop/bad cop" interrogation scenario! X-D LOL