Thursday, May 14, 2009

Q & A Time: The Nutshot question

Time for a little Q & A! :-D

Q: In the course of your battles with supers, have you ever resorted to kicking the guys in the nuts?

A: This question actually made me laugh out loud! And the answer is yes! The reason is that it works! However, it's never the first thing I do. That actually does very little to take them down for the count. Yes, it hurts them, but some of the strongest ones can actually shake it off pretty fast, no matter how hard I may kick them there. There's two reasons for that:

One, most of them have speed healing like I do - speed healing being something of a necessity for those with super strength due to the strains that such folks put their bodies under lifting the weights that they do. If they didn't heal quickly, then most of them would have serious sprains, strains, hernias, and hyper-extensions each and every time they lifted anything heavy.

Two, and this response is - uh - well, it deals with a fact about the male anatomy of those with super strength. Okay, how to put this discreetly? Let's just say that just because these guys can rival the Hulk in size and bulkiness, it doesn't mean that their male organs are - well, correspondingly bigger. They can have male body parts that would be impressive in a man of a regular size and build, but on someone of the large hulking size - okay, quit your snickering out there! I'm trying to answer this seriously!

Anyway, their extra bulk is mainly in their bones and muscle, and their male body parts has neither bones or muscle, so their parts look smaller by comparison to the surrounding bulky body mass. And because of that, striking them there is actually harder to do than on your regular sized dude. Super ladies who are trained to fight these guys are taught on the first day to not rely on nutshots to bail them out of trouble because it's hard to hit them down there, and even if you do manage to hit them there, they shake it off pretty fast. We are taught to use nutshots mainly for a quick distraction and to hit as hard as we can when we do resort to it.

Even if they shake it off fast, it still hurts, judging by how even the strongest guys will double over. You have to consider that they ARE being kicked by super strength legs! Okay, this blog entry was kinda fun to write. I hope your responses will be just as amusing. :-)


Anonymous said...

Kinda cheap wouldn't you say, but then again female super heroines would have their weaknesses too.

Busty Superhero Chick said...

Yes indeed we have our weaknesses, and it's the fact that the strongest of super women in my "universe" are nowhere near as strong as the strongest of super men. Basically, it's almost like a regular human musclebound dude taking on a skinny 14 year old. Who has the better odds of winning in that scenario, do you think?

As I stated previously on my blog, just like the average human man is stronger than the average human female, it's even more so among the super folks. Like our human female counterparts, we don't bulk up on muscles, so we aren't nearly as strong.

And I also have to ask, Anon, what is fair about a super strength dude taking on a super strength woman whom he greatly outdoes in the strength dept.? The only advantage that super women have is that our eye/hand coordination is much faster than the super men - all that muscle slows them down so much that they are positively plodding to us. BUT - how much damage can you do if you take a hammer to a tank? Even if you hit the tank a lot of times?

So even though we can dodge their hits, they can take our hits - even if we are striking them numerous times. The way that such battles end is if the super man manages to catch the woman to knock her out (or worse!), or if the super woman resorts to other means to defeat the super man. Like hurling large boulders or chunks of concrete - which at super speed can hurt even super men.

We use nutshots mainly to distract the men long enough to find other means of taking them down. It's also a tactic we try not to resort to unless we have to, because doing that tends to piss the men off (I wonder why?), thus making them even harder to defeat.