Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Reason The Donald let Miss California keep her crown.

As you may have already heard, Miss California was allowed to keep her crown, this despite her views on gay marriage, and despite the racy pics of her that were posted on the Internet. I picture The Donald thinking about the benefits and drawbacks of allowing Miss California to keep her crown and for taking it away, and about the potential flak that is to come from either act. But I believe that the final determinant in his decision was arrived at when he first laid eyes on her in real life and thought:

"Damn, she's hot."


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...nothing against her opinion, but personally that woman does nothing for me.

mkfreeberg said...

Respectfully disagree.

The stereotype is that bible-thumping conservatives are pasty-looking, balding puffy white guys and people with "progressive" opinions all look like Alyssa Milano.

It would seem when a sexy, or a merely wholesome and attractive, woman sports these conservative opinions -- she comes under this seething white-hot rage that a moderately homely middle-aged white guy like me will never see. Just look at all the acrimony directed at Sarah Palin. She upset the stereotype. A tighty-righty white guy with a bad combover won't manage to do that. That's what Miss California is, the next notch on the scale -- Sarah Palin with a boob job, and in a bathing suit. Meltdown!

As far as the subject-at-hand: This Perez Hilton character brought the subject up. He, and others who "hated" Miss California for her answer, behaved as if it was she who brought it up. I've never understood how they could get away with that. Even if you disagree with her opinion, given that she didn't bring the subject up, she handled the situation perfectly well. Her answer rambled a bit and was kinda thick on the disclaimers, but the only way she could have made it more palatable would have been by changing the substance of it.

And anyone insisting on that simply shouldn't have anything to say about what happens. It doesn't have anything to do with any of the qualities to be demanded of the contest champion. Completely off-topic.

Busty Superhero Chick said...

I have to wonder if these left wing litmus tests are now going to be the norm for these pageants. If so, who would be left participating in these pageants? I would think that it's mostly right wing women who would even want to go through the trouble of participating in these beauty contests.

Anonymous said...

Guys when I stated that "Miss California" does nothing for me I was not referring to her opinion.

I was referring to the type of woman she is. Again it has nothing to do with her conversative views. I find other types of women attractive thats all. I respect her opinion. That's what I was referring to in my previous post.