Friday, April 30, 2010

Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow!

Just a reminder from your friendly neighborhood busty superhero chick!

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day, so go nerdly to your local comic shop and get your free comics!

My review of the Kick-Ass graphic novel

As you know previously from my Facebook page, I bought the graphic novel, “Kick-Ass” (KA) so that I can check out the story and decide whether to go see the movie while it was in the theater. Today is my review of the book. It is my guess that KA was meant to be to today’s comic nerd generation what The Watchmen (WM) was to their comic nerd generation; that is, a high-minded intellectual work that challenged various ideas and de facto dogmas on what superhero stories should contain.

But before I continue, let me lay out the usual spoiler alert: If you have not read the graphic novel or seen the movie Kick-Ass and don’t want what’s in it spoiled for you, then…

*******STOP READING NOW!******

You have been warned!

First, I think the graphic novel Kick-Ass is misnamed. It should have been “Hit Girl”, because pretty much the focus of the story is of the vicious and violent little girl who dealt bloody death by slashing away at the bad guys ninja-style. I think the fact that a little girl doing all this bloody death-dealing was meant to be the main draw of KA rather than the idea of a comic nerd so desperate to become a superhero that he’ll do anything to become one, no matter how stupid it is.

Hit Girl was vicious and violent and knew several ways to kill someone, and yet, she was this sweet and innocent little girl wondering when her daddy was going to be done getting revenge so that they could live a normal life together. And then later, after the climax of the story when her father is killed, she is somehow able to blend right into being a normal little girl when she went back to her mother. This just does not seem logical or credible. In order to build up a girl that age (I am guessing 8 or 9 years old) into the violent killer that Hit Girl was, her father would have had to put her through what would have qualified as child abuse in most of the U.S. In fact, there is one flashback scene in which her father is trying to “get her used to being shot” by shooting her while she is wearing Kevlar.

And yet, despite the grossly abnormal childhood Hit Girl would have had in order to become the violent killer that she is, she still becomes a normal little girl at the end of the story like nothing ever happened. No therapy, no anti-social tendencies or other violent behavior when her mother doesn’t give her what she wants – nothing. She also seemed to reason like someone twice her age; this despite nothing in the story that implied or indicated that she was a prodigy.

This “child doing adult things” idea was meant to be the main draw for the story, and it’s what makes me wonder if this is going to be the next “new thing” in comics and in movies; that is, having children doing these adult things. If so, then let say here right now that I don’t like it; I don’t like the idea of making child abuse into entertainment. Hit Girl could have easily - and more credibly - been a young teenager doing these things, but apparently even being a young teen isn’t enough of a draw; no, in order for the drawing power to work, Hit Girl had to be much younger. I just hope that no one else tries to “run with the idea” of making entertainment out of child abuse.

Having said all that, as for the rest of the story, I think KA relied too much on overkill of the violence and bad language, which is basically the comic book equivalent of a movie relying too much on special effects. I get that the violence and bad language was meant to make the story “realistic”, but I think if more attention had been paid to the story itself and not so much on trying to sell the “realism” (despite the fact that a ninja-level assassin of a little girl is very incredulous), then this could have been a much better story.

The storyline of a comics nerd trying so hard to be a real life superhero is very appealing to me, because I am also a comics nerd. Because of that, I really wanted to enjoy this story, but the unbelievable little girl assassin along with the gratuitous blood-spilling were needless distractions that got in the way of what should have been a very enjoyable and entertaining story.

If you take the same basic story, but made Hit Girl into a young teen, and tried less to insert gratuitous blood and bad language, then this story could have been so much better. On a scale of 1 to 10 in which 1 is a bomb and 10 is THE bomb, I give KA a 6, and I’m being generous because I really wanted to like the story.

So with that, I can’t see myself justifying the expense of going to see it in the theater, which seems to be a moot point anyway, because it seems to be dropping in gate receipts and probably won’t last much longer anyway. There was an implication on the final page of KA that a sequel is coming. If so, then I hope that it’s better than this work.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crack fashion!

No, I'm not talking about the latest in fashion for those hooked on crack! I'm talking patches to wear over your butt cleavage for those whose pants hang too low! Check it out! LOL

Or better yet, pull up your damn pants! No one wants to see your bare ass! Especially if it looks like a half-opened can of biscuits!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Boobquake! LOL

Each time that I think that I've talked enough about boobs, something in the news brings them back in their full, busty glory!

I present to you Boobquake! (Note: It's a Facebook group, so you might have to log in to see it).

BTW, I won't be participating "officially", because I dress like that every day, so I wouldn't really count, would I?

I am still amazed that a woman's mammary glands can cause so much trouble! It just proves to me all over again that you guys can be too horny for your own good. :-P

Busty superhero chick on Facebooks' ad sidebar

The more observant of you probably have noticed the above image of the busty superhero chick in Facebook's ad sidebar. What the guys probably didn't notice is that it was advertising for a program that helps you catalog your comic book collection.


What is that woman's power, do you think?

Is it perhaps looking hot while busty?



So stop trying to steal my gig! :-D

Friday, April 23, 2010

Q&A: Why don't I go see movies when they are still in the theater?

One of my GFs felt that I should address the question of why I generally don't go see movies in the theater. She said that I should bring it up as a Q&A topic. I told her that someone needs to ask me that first before I can address it as a Q&A topic! Knowing how I am about such things, she asked,

Q: "Why don't you go see movies when they are still in the theater?"

Okay, now that the more formal part of "Q&A" is taken care of, here we go!

Well GF, it's easy. I absolutely HATE spending all that money to get a ticket and buying a drink, popcorn, and snacks only to discover that the movie was crappy and a waste of the money that I just spent. You all know how movies are over-promoted, and the more hyped they are, the more suspicious I get. Think "Avatar". Yes, most of you don't like wasting your money on a bad movie, but I genuinely hate it! I hate thinking that I wasted not just the money, but that much of my life on a movie that was a piece of crap.

It's a different matter when you can spend a lot less renting a DVD of the movie later, because you already have the drinks and snacks at hand, and if it's a good movie, then I'll buy the DVD of it (so that I won't have to keep renting it, naturally! LOL). Don't get me wrong - I love the movies, but I hate the fact that my money was spent on a waste-of-time just because some Hollywood exec cut corners to make it into a formulaic piece of crap that he had to overpromote in order for others to go see it.

How mad are we talking here? I mean I go to bed mad!

It's because of my hatred of wasting my money on a bad movie that my GFs or my dates will offer to buy my ticket just in case. That's nice, but I hate the fact that they wasted their money, so it doesn't make me feel a whole lot better. I feel Hollywood owes us good movies for the money we spend going to the theaters, and if we keep paying to see crappy movies just because that's all that Hollywood will put out, then making crappy movies is all that they will make, especially if they're cheaper to make. If we want Hollywood to make better movies, then we have to hit them where it hurts: their pocketbook. If it's a crappy movie, then we shouldn't patronize it and spread the word so that our friends and family won't go see it. Then the movie will bomb and Hollywood will take the financial hit, and hopefully get the message.

One of the few movies that I *intended* to go see in the theaters was Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ. I will admit that part of the reason was in protest of my Marxist parents' protest of it, and also because a lot of the left wing nut jobs were going nuts over it, so I figured that there must be something worthwhile to go see. To say that I "enjoyed" it is to suggest that it was entertainment. Let's just say that seeing the movie and getting a taste of what Christ did for us helped to finalize for me that I was a God-believing Christian. And yes, it was money worth spending - by far.

And then that stupid goofball Gibson goes loopy and fools around with a woman who is not his wife. His stock in my eyes dropped considerably after that. Despite this, I still feel that going to see the movie was money well spent.

So anyway, now you folks know why I generally don't go see movies while they are in the theater. :-D

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nerd rage!

Last week I presented an angry looking emoticon and said that I would explain it next week. Now it's next week! :-D

As you can see below, it's a Nerd Rage emoticon! Soooo..... what's it for, you ask? It's my attempt at creating something that I hope will go viral.

For those of you who might not know what "nerd rage" is, then a little explanation is in order. Yes, you can figure out the "raging nerd" part, but it's not just that. "Nerd Rage" is actually defining an unofficial yet recognized psychological phenomenon peculiar to the group of folks known as "nerds".

Now here I must make a clarification of the term "nerd", because it's used in a more expansive way today than it had been in the past. "Nerd" now can mean someone who has a great interest in a field or subject that is normally considered a field or subject that only the classical nerd would be interested in. For example, I refer to myself as a "comics nerd". A variation of that also exists for the term "geek"; for example, "technogeek" for someone with a great interest in computers or technology.

However, the term "Nerd Rage" refers to the classical nerd, that is, the very intelligent and yet socially-challenged individual (most usually males, but not just them, of course) that may also be lacking in certain other things, like basic fashion sense, healthy nutritional sustenances, and personal hygiene.

Because of their socially-challenged lifestyle, they are often the targets of mocking and bullying by their peers. In some nerds, this is the origins and basis of their anger towards those that mock and bully them, and this anger finds avenues of expression usually in "safe" environments (that is, safe from retaliation) such as Internet forums or blogs. However, the most famous example of "Nerd Rage" can be found on certain online games (MMORPGs) such as World of Warcraft. During such ventures such as 5, 10, or 25 man dungeon raids, when one party member makes a silly or even stupid mistake, we often see probably the more pure examples of nerd rage out there.

Just as in life, no one in a MMORPG is perfect. No one goes into a MMORPG knowing everything that needs to be known, knowing what needs to be done and when to do it during battles in certain dungeons and against certain "bosses". Most of us understand this, and we will be patient with someone who is still trying to learn their roles during a dungeon run. We may even get a bit testy if they don't seem to be trying hard enough, but even then we will just kick them out of the group rather than let our anger level rise above "miffed". Not so the nerd rager! Oh, not so!

For the classical nerd, MMORPG environments are their heaven. There they reign supreme, because there they can demonstrate their intellectual and technological mastery to the fullest. No one criticizes their lack of fashion sense, bad eating habits, or poor hygiene; instead, others marvel as they take down the difficult monsters with graceful ease and are able to figure out puzzling quests that the rest of us have been banging our heads trying to figure out.

Unfortunately, some also use MMORPGs as their opportunity for revenge against those that make their life miserable by making the online lives of others miserable. In the virtual world, they can be the bullies, and bully they do! Those of you who have partaken MMORPGs have seen the jerk - okay, he's actually an asshole - that will hurl a long string of "f-bombs" towards someone who makes a mistake during a dungeon raid. They will also question their parental relations and their sexual orientation and make other statements about them that they wouldn't repeat in real life, because they know that their asses would be handed to them if they did.

And that, friends, is the difference between naturally getting frustrated with someone who isn't trying hard enough, and flying into "nerd rage" and throwing "f-bombs" at them: The former is a natural reaction and the latter is an overreaction. That overreaction is nerd rage. It's an overkill response to an action that doesn't deserve the verbal tirade that the nerd rager will fly into.

I had mentioned nerd rage to the boss a couple of weeks ago, and he whipped up the emoticon below. He seemed to like the phrase "nerd rage", especially those two words being used together. He found that amusing, like saying "belligerent Chihuahua" (those are his words).

While he made that emoticon just for the fun of it, it got me thinking that perhaps I can use it and my blog to help understand the origins and causes of nerd rage, and what can be done about it. No doubt the nerd rager has more serious issues than the usual normal frustration that comes with being ridiculed for being socially awkward.

Life is too short to let things that are said or happen in virtual environments (Internet forums, blogs, MMORPGs, etc) get to you, so rather than fly off the handle, maybe my providing a source for knowing and understanding nerd rage will help serve a beneficial role in our cyber society. So with that, I will be creating a Nerd Rage Facebook group for just that reason. I am still planning how I will use the group to serve the cause that I hope to serve. Perhaps in the creation and development of the group, an idea of how to carry out my idea will come to me. Well, it's a start, anyway!

So take heart, my little nerdlings! Help is on the way!

By the way, don't you think that the emoticon will make a cool t-shirt? :-D

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Statue of Wonder Woman is missing something. Hmm...

I've seen this statue of Wonder Woman before, and I've considered getting it for the boss, except the full-sized one is so danged expensive! But if I did get it for him, it would have to be the full-sized one, because the smaller one does not do this work justice. It's a rather stunning display of female musculature that demonstrates how female muscle can be both toned and yet still feminine. I also wonder how that top stays on despite the large and very round breasts almost bulging out of it!

I know some feminist friends of mine will take offense to this statue, and in truth, they do have a point in that it shows that female superheroes not only have to be able to do what the male ones do, but they also have to look hot doing it. I've responded that the men have to look pretty hot, too, wearing those tight outfits that hide very little. And what's that wearing-the-underwear-on-the-outside thing they got going on there? Sending a subtle message, you think? LOL

Anyway, as I looked at that picture of the Wonder Woman statue, I got to thinking that something was missing. Now, what could it be? Hmm...

Oh, I know! This!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Kick-Ass: Starting a new, not necessarily good, trend in movies?

Firstoff, I have not seen the movie Kick-Ass (which, apparently, did not do well this weekend). Mind you, this might be one of those times in which I go see a superhero movie while it is still in the theaters. You'll know if I do indeed end up doing that. :-D

However, I do have to wonder something, and it's related to the title of this blog entry above. Is Kick-Ass starting a new, and not exactly good, trend in presenting a pre-adolescent child delivering bloody violence, and then receiving bloody violence? It's the "receiving bloody violence" parts in particular that bothers me - in essence, it seems to be making child abuse into entertainment. Child abuse is never entertaining, and I wonder if the movie industry really wants to go down that road.

If, as Bill Clinton recently said, "word really matter", then does that apply to movies that seem almost glorify abuse to a child? I know the likely response: "It's just a movie!", and it's why I will be trying to give the movie a chance by going to see it in the theater, but I was a bit disturbed by some of the reviews that seem to make a big deal out of the child character, named "Hit Girl", saying "the C word" and in her bloody beatings of the bad guys. It sounded like that was the main reason to go see the movie.

Movie trends tend to start this way, with one movie trying to take movie-making "in a new direction", and if enough intellectual types slobber all over it enough as being "ground-breaking", then other movie makers will follow suit by making a movie that "pushes the envelope" some more. Well, now we come to this, in which a child is bloodied by an adult for the sake of entertainment. So my question is, do we really want to "go there"?

Regular blog readers know that I make no secret of my political conservatism, and no doubt because I just said that, new readers will say that I am being "uptight" and "advocating censorship" over a movie's rights to free expression, even though I said nothing of the kind. But rather than shoot the person who is just making an observation, I instead invite those of you who have actually seen the movie to tell me - with as must honesty as possible - if you truly believe that this movie does not try to make child abuse into movie entertainment.

Remember, I'm going to try to see this movie myself so that I can make my own determination of whether the violence against a child is justified for the story, or if it's a movie trying to take movie-making into a new, and not necessarily good, direction.

Just so that this is covered, if you have not seen the movie and don't want what's in the movie spoiled for you, then don't read any possible comments below! You have been warned!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Special surprise coming next week!

Okay, it was a slow week for me blogwise. :-P

Blame it on my birthday, but my brain was running a little slow.

However, it doesn't mean that I wasn't working on something! Coming next week is a special surprise, and it's related to this:

What is it? What part of "Coming next week" didn't you get? LOL

See you guys next week, hopefully with my brainial matter functioning as normal! :-P

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sky high heeled shoes! Not for me, thank you!

Along with being hideously ugly, these shoes are dangerous! Not for this GF, thank you very much! And check out shoe #2 in that series of pics! Yikes!

Just had to post this. Guys, these aren't fashion, these are disasters!

Monday, April 12, 2010

What other superhero movies would I like to see made?

Okay, enough of the boobery of last week! LOL

Now to get back to comics! Whoohoooooo!!! Today we are going with a comics-related Q&A, and that Q is thus: "What superhero movie would I most like to see being made?"

Easy A: A superhero movie of me! Well, what did you expect?

However, if you want to know what superhero movie I would like to see BESIDES one of me, well then I would have to say Green Lantern, whether it's Hal Jordan, Alan Scott, or any of the other GLs. I just hope they can make the green light look cool and convincing!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My GFs daring me again: Breast feeding

I found out that my real life GFs collaborated to hit me with various boob-related questions just to see if I would cover them on my blog. As I've told them before, I try not to cover topics that are TOO heavy into female physiology and all the mysterious stuff our bodies do, because this is a blog about comics and the movies. Most of my readers are male who not only might be uninterested in the minutia of femininity (for example, do you guys really care what kind of nail polish or shampoo I use?), but actually might be turned off by such topics. However, since my GFs have challenged me and since I like to meet challenges head-on, I ask that you guys allow me to indulge in this for today and possibly another time or two. I promise I won't let my blog drift into a "chick blog", and that I'll stick to comics and movies.

So anyway, I'll be taking on not one, but two challenges, since they are related to basically the same thing. This is in regards to the benefits of breast feeding, and to the issue of breast feeding in public.

In regards to the first topic, what can I say but I agree that breast feeding benefits the baby? My only question would be in regards to the mother and our modern cultural tendency to put drugs in our bodies. And here I don't mean just illegal drugs such as marijuana or cocaine, but also alcohol and nicotine. On top of that are the prescription drugs that many of us take not because we have to, but just to "cope" with life.

Just as with pregnancy, anything that women put into their bodies also goes to their babies via breast feeding, and I hope that the medical professionals as well as their spouses and family members remind them of that should they take this up while still using any sort of legal or illegal drug. If they really want to take full advantage of all the benefits that babies get from breast feeding, then can they unhook themselves of whatever drug addictions they may have, at least while they are breast feeding?

It just occurred to me that I don't recall a single instance in which a superhero woman breast fed her baby in a comic book. I might have to look into that. Also, what if the She-Hulk breast fed her babies? Does she have gamma-irradiated milk that would turn her children into baby Hulks? Remember, She-Hulk became a Hulk because of a blood transfusion from her cousin, the Hulk. In other words, it was an exchange of body fluids of Bruce Banner's gamma irradiated blood. So theoretically, shouldn't the same logic apply here? It might be an ethical issue for her to deal with, whether to essentially curse her children into "Hulkhood" by breast feeding them. Should she hire out another woman to breast feed them, then, if she wants her kids to have the breast feeding benefit? Hm. I wonder if any comic writers will ever take this up? LOL

As for breast feeding in public, same with going around in public while topless: If you don't want people to stare, then don't do it. Our society still has issues with bare female breasts in public, so no woman should be surprised if they whip one of their boobs out in public and find that others take surprise and even offense. If they want to "challenge" our discomfort with the bare breast in public, then they have to expect to deal with the flak from others for the time being. That's just how it is right now. If you don't want stares or snarky comments, then be discreet, or go find a spot that is out of the way.

So there you go, GFs! How did I do?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Boobs in the news, and I don't mean you nerds!

With a blog that has "Busty" in the title, such questions are to be expected. :-)

One of my real life friends sent me a link related to boobery, and she asked me to comment on it. She was daring me, actually, so here we go!

In this story, in the city of Portland, Maine, women were taking advantage of the fact that they can go around topless legally. What I found particularly amusing is the sub-title, which states: "The picture-taking bothers the event's organizer, who says partial nudity shouldn't be remarkable". Even more amusing was a statement in the article, in which Ty McDowell, the organizer of the event, states: "I'm amazed," she said, and "enraged (at) the fact that there's a wall of men watching."

Amazed and enraged? HEL-LOOOO!!!! What planet is this woman living on? In what part of the U.S. are men NOT sexually stimulated by a pair of bare breasts, especially when they don't have to pay for such a sight? Even in our allegedly "open-minded and enlightened" society, men are still men! I can't believe that any woman can be so clueless as to be surprised that an event in which women are going to walk around topless wouldn't attract men with cameras, ESPECIALLY in our digital age in which there are cellphone cameras! I wouldn't be surprised if she sues, to be honest, but the surprise is that she was surprised that men with cameras would show up. I blame feminism for helping create such clueless women.

Look, there may be a day in which women will not feel uncomfortable going around topless, but unless Obamacare one day requires men to castrated (Don't think it's too crazy, dudes! Remember, feminists are one of Obama's core constituencies!) , I don't see a day in which men won't be snapping pictures of them. A pretty woman is a pretty woman, and a topless pretty woman is a flame for the moths that are young men with cameras. That's biology, folks, and no one should be surprised - even feminists. So if any women want to get over their discomfort in going around topless, then she will have to put up with men taking pictures of her. She also shouldn't be surprised if her pics end up on porno sites.

This is simple logic, folks. If a woman doesn't want men taking pics of her while topless and she doesn't want to end up on porn sites, then she should keep her top on while in public. And since I know this is going to be asked next, no I will not be going around topless anytime soon. Not gonna happen, so put such thoughts and ideas out of your head. :-P

Friday, April 2, 2010

A Joyous and Blessed Easter to you all!

Short post today, 'cause of lots of stuff to do! However, I want to take this time to wish you all a Joyous and Blessed Easter!

See you next week! :-D