Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Statue of Wonder Woman is missing something. Hmm...

I've seen this statue of Wonder Woman before, and I've considered getting it for the boss, except the full-sized one is so danged expensive! But if I did get it for him, it would have to be the full-sized one, because the smaller one does not do this work justice. It's a rather stunning display of female musculature that demonstrates how female muscle can be both toned and yet still feminine. I also wonder how that top stays on despite the large and very round breasts almost bulging out of it!

I know some feminist friends of mine will take offense to this statue, and in truth, they do have a point in that it shows that female superheroes not only have to be able to do what the male ones do, but they also have to look hot doing it. I've responded that the men have to look pretty hot, too, wearing those tight outfits that hide very little. And what's that wearing-the-underwear-on-the-outside thing they got going on there? Sending a subtle message, you think? LOL

Anyway, as I looked at that picture of the Wonder Woman statue, I got to thinking that something was missing. Now, what could it be? Hmm...

Oh, I know! This!


Anonymous said...

You really misplaced the 'censored'. ;P
Personally, I love that statue (and I'm a chick). Actually, I love Wonder woman in general. Sure feminist can make a point or two, but personally, they gotta chill. If they don't like it, or take offense from it, then stay away from it. simple. ;)
Not arguing, just saying.
the one thing that does bother me about this statue though, would be her legs. I do understand the stance she's in, but it's over done in my opinion.
Other than that, I find it brilliant. :D

Busty Superhero Chick said...

Anon, I do have to agree about the legs, and I also agree that it is probably because of the stance she is taking, about to slug that serpent. And what was it I misplaced? Heh. ;-)

Thing is, while feminists have a point, how would they feel if super women were depicted as fat or ugly, or both? Or if their figures were more "true to life" - that is, some with large hips, or others with small boobs, and usually (like many women I know), with both? No doubt they would say that the artists (who are largely male, which explains why super women are drawn as super models) are trying to make women look bad!

Even though I know my feminist friends would say that it would be better to be "true to life" than to depict women according to these impossible standards, deep down they - as well as me and most other women - want super women to look pretty, and not look like the rest of us. We have our own fantasies, so don't take those away from us! LOL :-D