Monday, April 5, 2010

Boobs in the news, and I don't mean you nerds!

With a blog that has "Busty" in the title, such questions are to be expected. :-)

One of my real life friends sent me a link related to boobery, and she asked me to comment on it. She was daring me, actually, so here we go!

In this story, in the city of Portland, Maine, women were taking advantage of the fact that they can go around topless legally. What I found particularly amusing is the sub-title, which states: "The picture-taking bothers the event's organizer, who says partial nudity shouldn't be remarkable". Even more amusing was a statement in the article, in which Ty McDowell, the organizer of the event, states: "I'm amazed," she said, and "enraged (at) the fact that there's a wall of men watching."

Amazed and enraged? HEL-LOOOO!!!! What planet is this woman living on? In what part of the U.S. are men NOT sexually stimulated by a pair of bare breasts, especially when they don't have to pay for such a sight? Even in our allegedly "open-minded and enlightened" society, men are still men! I can't believe that any woman can be so clueless as to be surprised that an event in which women are going to walk around topless wouldn't attract men with cameras, ESPECIALLY in our digital age in which there are cellphone cameras! I wouldn't be surprised if she sues, to be honest, but the surprise is that she was surprised that men with cameras would show up. I blame feminism for helping create such clueless women.

Look, there may be a day in which women will not feel uncomfortable going around topless, but unless Obamacare one day requires men to castrated (Don't think it's too crazy, dudes! Remember, feminists are one of Obama's core constituencies!) , I don't see a day in which men won't be snapping pictures of them. A pretty woman is a pretty woman, and a topless pretty woman is a flame for the moths that are young men with cameras. That's biology, folks, and no one should be surprised - even feminists. So if any women want to get over their discomfort in going around topless, then she will have to put up with men taking pictures of her. She also shouldn't be surprised if her pics end up on porno sites.

This is simple logic, folks. If a woman doesn't want men taking pics of her while topless and she doesn't want to end up on porn sites, then she should keep her top on while in public. And since I know this is going to be asked next, no I will not be going around topless anytime soon. Not gonna happen, so put such thoughts and ideas out of your head. :-P

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