Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My GFs daring me again: Breast feeding

I found out that my real life GFs collaborated to hit me with various boob-related questions just to see if I would cover them on my blog. As I've told them before, I try not to cover topics that are TOO heavy into female physiology and all the mysterious stuff our bodies do, because this is a blog about comics and the movies. Most of my readers are male who not only might be uninterested in the minutia of femininity (for example, do you guys really care what kind of nail polish or shampoo I use?), but actually might be turned off by such topics. However, since my GFs have challenged me and since I like to meet challenges head-on, I ask that you guys allow me to indulge in this for today and possibly another time or two. I promise I won't let my blog drift into a "chick blog", and that I'll stick to comics and movies.

So anyway, I'll be taking on not one, but two challenges, since they are related to basically the same thing. This is in regards to the benefits of breast feeding, and to the issue of breast feeding in public.

In regards to the first topic, what can I say but I agree that breast feeding benefits the baby? My only question would be in regards to the mother and our modern cultural tendency to put drugs in our bodies. And here I don't mean just illegal drugs such as marijuana or cocaine, but also alcohol and nicotine. On top of that are the prescription drugs that many of us take not because we have to, but just to "cope" with life.

Just as with pregnancy, anything that women put into their bodies also goes to their babies via breast feeding, and I hope that the medical professionals as well as their spouses and family members remind them of that should they take this up while still using any sort of legal or illegal drug. If they really want to take full advantage of all the benefits that babies get from breast feeding, then can they unhook themselves of whatever drug addictions they may have, at least while they are breast feeding?

It just occurred to me that I don't recall a single instance in which a superhero woman breast fed her baby in a comic book. I might have to look into that. Also, what if the She-Hulk breast fed her babies? Does she have gamma-irradiated milk that would turn her children into baby Hulks? Remember, She-Hulk became a Hulk because of a blood transfusion from her cousin, the Hulk. In other words, it was an exchange of body fluids of Bruce Banner's gamma irradiated blood. So theoretically, shouldn't the same logic apply here? It might be an ethical issue for her to deal with, whether to essentially curse her children into "Hulkhood" by breast feeding them. Should she hire out another woman to breast feed them, then, if she wants her kids to have the breast feeding benefit? Hm. I wonder if any comic writers will ever take this up? LOL

As for breast feeding in public, same with going around in public while topless: If you don't want people to stare, then don't do it. Our society still has issues with bare female breasts in public, so no woman should be surprised if they whip one of their boobs out in public and find that others take surprise and even offense. If they want to "challenge" our discomfort with the bare breast in public, then they have to expect to deal with the flak from others for the time being. That's just how it is right now. If you don't want stares or snarky comments, then be discreet, or go find a spot that is out of the way.

So there you go, GFs! How did I do?

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