Monday, June 29, 2009

The conservative chick talks about sex! Watch out!

The issue of sex was brought up to me over the weekend, mainly curious as to what I think of it because I am conservative. My answer: I am in favor of it. Was that what you expected me to say? Well of course, I'll need to clarify my answer. :-D

Sex is awesome/wonderful/rattle your teeth/blow your mind/ delightful - but even better in the proper context. Ah, of course, you knew there'd be a "catch", right? And that catch, of course, is the answer to the question, "what, to you, is 'proper context' ?" Should my answer surprise you? Proper context is sex within marriage.

Yes, I know some of you say that sex outside of marriage is wonderful, too (and no doubt some of you will bring up a certain Carolinian governor). However, to better explain "my view" of sex, let's first look at two very extreme views of sex.

One view is the prudish view that views all sexual acts as base, carnal, and offensive. To such a person, all sex is bad, because you are giving in to your animal urges and causing problems such as what a previously mentioned certain Carolinian governor found out.

The other view, of course, is the hedonistic view that all sex is good. Such people feel that it is unhealthy to hold back on satisfying your sexual urges, because then you'll go around uptight and frustrated and paying thousands of dollars for some psychiatrist to tell you that you hate your mother.

Let's look at the prudish side first. Imagine such a person, who views sex as something dirty and disgusting. What a life that must be. They can't watch television or movies or probably even view ads for women's underwear without getting all worked up over the messages of sex. Hell, they can't even look at me and not accuse me of being some sex-crazed harlot who is showing off her boobs. And to make a blog with a reference to breasts in its title! Oh, the horrors!

What drives a person to such thinking? What makes them view sex with such negativity? Possibly, something that happened to them in life to bring about this unhealthy attitude - but the more negative their attitude towards sex, the more likely they are to live up to the stereotype of the uptight person that I just described above.

Trust me, folks, I am not such a person. Again, I think sex is wonderful, especially in its proper context. And if I were a prude, would I go around dressed as I do? My co-worker Lucky Shot calls me an exhibitionist, and how many exhibitionists do you know that are prudes? (by the way, I don't think I am an exhibitionist).

Okay, let's look at the flip side; that is, the hedonist. Now, I'm not talking about someone who has had 2-3 sexual partners in their entire life - I'm talking about someone who has many, many partners. Imagine such a person, so obsessed with getting their sexual "fix" however they can get it! And of course, they don't always - ahem - need a partner to get it. Sometimes they don't always need someone human - and sometimes they don't even have to have a partner that is alive!

How does such a person have a normal life? How do they get along without their sexual eccentricities eventually catching up to them? Many of them don't. Prisons are filled with people who couldn't control their sexual urges, and it's because of people like them that we have such things as rape laws. If you truly believed that all sex is good, then you would be opposed to rape laws, because you would view rape as simply another form of sex.

So I hope you can see that someone sexually obsessed would be just as bad as someone who is sexually prudish - and perhaps even worse than the sexual prude. C'mon, think about it: whom would you trust your daughter to be around more - the sexual prude or the guy who had no qualms about rape?

Either extreme is not healthy - the prude is too controlled while the hedonist has not control at all, and neither one of them would do your sanity any favors. And while the prude might damage your sanity, at least he or she would be much less likely to also damage your physical health like the hedonist would.

So where do I fit in? "In the middle" doesn't quite cover it. I don't believe in some magical boundary that somehow is a balance between prudery and hedonism. For example, there is no "middle ground" for the crime of rape. Either all rape is bad or it is not - you can't hold on to a "favorite type" of rape and still be considered a normal, contributing member of society. So no middle ground. Sex's role in our lives and in society as a whole has to be more specific than a mere median between two points of view.

Sex needs to be viewed with a sense of its purpose. What is sex for? From a biological/evolutionary standpoint, it's for reproduction, for if we don't reproduce, we die out as a race. This is a utilitarian view of sex, basically suggesting that we are like the animals, and in a sense I guess we are.

But we are more than animals. Granted, some people act like animals and there are those who say that we are really nothing more than glorified animals, but people with such views are usually looking for excuses to bail out of sexual, social, or other types of responsibility. For us humans, there has to be another role for sex in our lives- and fortunately, there is.

Sex has a second purpose, and that's to help solidify a married couple's love for each other. I think that you'll find that every happily married couple also has a healthy attitude towards sex. This is because each spouse is working more towards the satisfaction of their lover instead of their own personal satisfaction - but amazingly, in the process of attending to their lover's satisfaction, they're also satisfying their own desires. And not only that, the trust that goes along with it - that you will honor your marital vows - only enhances the pleasure that comes from marital sex.

Sex outside of marriage ultimately has no such promises. It's simply "You'll do until someone better comes along". The sex is good only so long as that comfort zone is there, and once the comfort zone is gone, then so is the pleasure that comes from sex. Would you feel comfortable to continue having sex with someone if you felt that they are betraying your trust, or if you felt that they believed that they could get better "action" from someone else?

No doubt some of you are going to give me the stat that more than 50% of marriages end in divorce. C'mon, admit it - that's the first thing that popped in your head as a refutation when I began talking about marital sex. So does that one stat completely undo my argument as I laid out above? Not in the least. Note that I said happy marriages, and of course there are numerous examples of unhappy marriages (which accounts for the high divorce rate).

Having said all that, that's my answer: The best sex is the sex of a happily married couple. It's the best sex, because they alone have the maturity to understand that there are other factors involved in order to make a marriage work, and the sex is not the highest priority. When all other factors of a happy marriage are taken care of, then the sex takes care of itself.

Ha! See? A conservative CAN talk about sex!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Avatar contest: The Rules

Okay, dudes and dudettes; here is what me and the boss have thought up so far in regards to the avatar contest.

** The contest begins July 1st (mainly to allow for additional questions) and ends on July 31st; mainly to allow time for word-of-mouth to spread about this contest. The winner will be announced in the first week of August.

** Digital art is much, much preferred. If you do a hand-drawn artwork, then you'll need to find a way to make a digital version of it to send to me.

** Since this will be avatar art, it can only be of me from the chest up. And since the title of my blog is *Busty* Superhero Chick, it would be nice to show some or all of my boobs in the art. Try also to work in that smiley face if you can. :-)

** No full length art, because the art is going to be shrunk down and all the nice detail for a full length shot will be lost anyway.

** It will be best if you make the art in such a way that it is "croppable"; that is, there is sufficient room around the main artwork that we could crop it without losing part of the main artwork. Basically, just make sure your background has a pretty good extension around the main artwork to allow for such cropping. (The boss is working on a sketch to better illustrate what we mean).

** It will need to be in color. You are free to submit black and white art, but it would have to be pretty dadgum good in order for us to look past our preference for color art and make it the winner.

** The facial expression could show me smiling, but if you want to try having a more action oriented artwork, that's fine too. Maybe you can show me gritting my teeth while in battle or something.

** You can submit more than one entry, but with the understanding that if you win, you will still receive the one payment for the work that we do use, and not for the other submissions.

** You will agree that once we announce your work as the winner, then the art's content is ours forever. You keep the original art of course, and are free to post it on your websites/etc., but you will agree to provide a link to my blog with the explanation that you did the art. This provides you an opportunity for some self-promotion anyway.

** No topless art of me or otherwise depictions of bondage/erotic/S&M images will be accepted, so don't even try. This is supposed to be avatar art that will be shown to the public. The determination as to what is offensive and what is not is totally and entirely up to us. Period.

** Along with the honor of being the creator of my new avatar art, the winner will also get the $100 prize. Please note that we will pay by PayPal, so if you don't have that, either get on it or work through someone you know (and trust!) who has PayPal. Also please note that if you work through someone else, then you are responsible for obtaining your prize money from them once we have sent it to him or her - we will not pay the prize money a second time.

Okay, this should be enough info for the time being, but feel free to ask other questions if you need. This list of rules might (and probably will) be added to later on, and you agree to abide to the new rules should they come up if you wish to keep participating in this contest.

To submit your work to us, e-mail me @ and put in the subject line: Avatar Contest

Good luck!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Avatar contest rules to come Thursday instead

Hey gang.

I wasn't able to get in touch with the boss before today's blog entry came out, so I'm going to push back posting of the rules to Thursday instead. My apologies for the delay.

In the meantime, check out this video! I love it!

I would have LOVED seeing the night elf woman fight a blood elf woman, but hey, at least they showed WoW characters rendered to look realistic. It was awesome!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Possible upcoming avatar art contest

In my previous blog entry, Anonymous asked this:

Change of subject, is your boss still requesting artists for pin-up art or is now not a good time because of the economic situation? If you are in desperate need of a permanent artist hasn't the both of you placed an ad in your local newspaper, or online classifieds such as

Mainly what the boss is dealing with right now is recovering from a surgery, so it's been that that's been the financial drain on him more than the economy. However, he would like to gauge the interest of artists who read my blog; that is, he wants to see how many readers I really have.

So with that, coming possibly as soon as Tuesday, we will work on a contest for a new avatar for my blog and my Facebook account. We will also work on how much we want to offer in the way of payment for the winner. While we hash out the details for the contest, here is what you can be working on in the meantime for your rough sketches (I will be adding to this later):

1.) Since this will be avatar art, it can only be of me from the chest up. And since the title of my blog is *Busty* Superhero Chick, it would be nice to show some or all of my boobs in the art. Try to work in that smiley face if you can. :-)

2.) No full length art, because the art is going to be shrunk down and all the nice detail for a full length shot will be lost anyway.

3.) It will need to be in color

4.) The facial expression could show me smiling, but if you want to try having a more action oriented artwork, that's fine too. Maybe you can show me gritting my teeth while in battle or something.

5.) You can submit more than one entry, but with the understanding that if you win, you will still receive the one payment for the work that we do use, and not for the other submissions.

6.) You will agree that once we announce your work as the winner, then the art's content is ours forever. You keep the original art of course, and are free to post it on your websites/etc., but you will agree to provide a link to my blog with the explanation that you did the art. This provides you an opportunity for some self-promotion anyway.

7.) No topless art of me or otherwise depictions of bondage/erotic/S&M images will be accepted, so don't even try. This is supposed to be avatar art that will be shown to the public.

More rules will definitely be coming, so watch for Tuesday's regular post for further details. However, if you have questions now, then please post them as a comment to this blog entry so that I can answer them here or for Tuesday's post.

Thanks, and good luck!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

WoW update: Fun Hunter stuff

I had planned on discussing something else, but... it's not ready yet. :-P

So with that, today will be a WoW update, since I've been a good little girl and not discuss it so much lately. :-D

I first want to relate probably the coolest thing to happen to my level 80 hunter since she started going to Wintergrasp (WG). On our server, it's said that the Alliance - or allys for short - outnumber the Horde by 3 to 1. Most of the time you see this most starkly in the WG battleground. In the mornings and afternoons when many of the ally kiddies (most of the allys are middle school to high school students), we - the Horde - often win WG. But in the afternoons and early evenings, the allys win, since they're out of school.

On this particular day, though - this past Monday in fact, it looks like the ally kiddies are out of school for the summer and have not yet gone to summer camp - so there were TONS of allys in WG! So many in fact that they overtook all the workshops where we get our tanks so that we were not able to make a one. It was a huge rout, in other words. Totally, completely owned. Worst WG loss I have ever been in.

Except for one shining moment!

During this fiasco, I was being tag-teamed by a draeni paladin and a night elf hunter. They got my health way down low, so I did something that shouldn't work in WG: I feigned death (FD). Now for those of you who are not familiar with WoW hunter's FD, what you basically do is play possum; that is, you pretend you're dead. Normally FD is for monsters or other hunter's pets so that they will "buy" the fake and stop attacking you. But any player who has had any experience dealing with hunters *should not* be faked by FD. It's easy to know when the hunter is FDing. If the hunter is truly dead, then his or her pet disappears with him or her. But if the hunter is FDing, then the pet is still around and attacking. It's easy as that.

However, for this palandin and hunter, they totally bought my FD, because they stopped attacking me. Meanwhile my sabretooth cat is clawing the paladin's health way down. I rose up and began shooting the hunter so that I could bring his health way down. They both resumed tag teaming me again. Now my health is dangerously low, so I ran a short distance and...

FDed again! And...

... they bought it again, because they stopped attacking again! LOL

I then rose up, shot the paladin dead whom my kitty had gotten his health down to nearly zero, then I turned and shot the hunter dead. Ha! It was awesome! I then went to take their insignias as trophies of my unexpected win.

Hunters hate paladins because they can heal themselves so rapidly, so whenever I can beat a paladin it's an accomplishment. Hunters also hate rogues because they are so darned sneaky. Rogues are also able to slink away if they don't kill me right away, because if I start shooting them, they'll die quickly due to their lower quality armor. However, one time a rogue was sneaking into the WG fort after a Horde win so that he could take out individual Hordies as they isolated themselves from others.

However, my humanoid tracker spotted him, so I used my hunter's mark to point him out for everyone to see. A hunter's mark is a huge, bobbing arrow that points out a hunter's target. It looks like this:

See? It's huge, so it can be seen from a distance. Not only that, once a hunter marks you with it, you can't pull a slink-away and hide out of sight. In this particular instance, once I marked the rogue, nearby Hordies swarmed him and took him out faster than it takes to read this sentence. Sigh... there are times I love being a hunter. :-D

One last thing: Something I've discovered since hitting the big 8-0 is the sometimes snotty attitude that other 80s will have when it comes to putting together raiding groups. They will put any volunteers through "gear check" just to make sure they're up to snuff, and I've known others to be kicked out of guilds just because they weren't geared enough.

Well, hell! How are these people going to get geared unless they are taken to the dungeons where the better gear is located? It's exactly like when you go looking for a job and they want you to have previous experience. Well, you need the job to get the experience! I am not shy about letting gear snobs know what I think of them, and as a result I am not popular with some people. Fortunately, my guild is not the kind that will pull the gear snobbery, and we invite low-geared 80s to join our guild. We've gotten some pretty decent players as a result.

Lots of life lessons to be learned from this game! Is it no wonder I enjoy playing it?

See you next week!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Q&A: T&A

Today's question comes by e-mail: Is your comic going to be pretty much a T & A show? If so, why do we even need something like that?

Okay, there's no getting around the fact that I have big boobs. I'm also very tall, 6 foot 1, so I'm a pretty big woman all around. And my hips are broader than what most women would be comfortable with. Plain and simple, I got size, baby. I got curves. And yes, I got a butt, too.

But a T & A show? Nuh-uh. Before I continue, let me address something first, and it's the matter of the absence of a comic, which will be related to my response below.

I really wish I had a comic out to show you folks right now, as it's a bit hard to keep talking about an "upcoming comic" if it hasn't come yet. I can't say when it will be coming because right now it's just me and the boss, and we've had difficulties finding a reliable artist. We've had some very good ones, but none so far that will produce at least a few pages of art before they drop out of sight on us.

Part of the reason is because of the boss's inability to pay what he feels is a fair wage for their art - and so far, while "for the glory and experience" of doing comic art has been enough to get their interest, it hasn't been enough to keep them at least for a few pages of art. He feels bad that he can't afford to pay them more, but it can't be helped right now. And on top of that is a recent medical issue that the boss had to deal with in recent months. Don't worry, he's fine, but he won't turn down any well-wishes and prayers for his health.

In the meantime, I've taken it upon myself to keep up the blog and to maintain the Facebook page, because I really like the storyline ideas he's come up with. Had it been a T & A show, I wouldn't still be writing this blog. Plus, he's trying to put out there a perspective that is not usually seen in comics, and that's a character who is not afraid to be a right-winger. And a pro-lifer. It is the fact that he wants to make Andromeda someone who is not afraid to express her right-wing views that has kept me at this.

We're still working on how we can introduce other political and social issues that won't devolve into the usual "liberal" and "conservative" sniping that is par for the course nowadays. The recent example of (the now formerly) Miss California and her views on gay marriage is one such example of how an issue can devolve into absurdity, and all because Miss California chose to express her opinion truthfully when asked. This shows the difficulty that can sometimes come with trying to express a view that is not considered "politically correct". The boss takes care to look at both sides, and that has come across in the stories I've read so far. I don't always agree with some of the views he presents, but I know that he's going to give my side a fair shake.

Plus, he gives me free reign on what I write here. I've even surprised him with some of the stuff I've said; that's how much control I have with my blog and my Facebook page (but I will still check with him on some topics, just to make sure that what I say won't be inconsistent with what he plans for my character). Sometimes I've inspired future storylines with my comments, and I can't think of a better compliment for my work than for him to tell me that.

Another thing that has inspired me is Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska. Here is a woman who is not afraid to publicly express her right wing views. And her giving birth to her Down's Syndrome baby despite criticisms to the contrary is the best example of just how dedicated she is to the pro-life cause. In other words, she not only said she's pro-life, she's proved it. May God bless her for her courageous act. I feel that Palin is the future of the conservative movement largely because of the reactions she gets from the left.

David Letterman's recent stupidity is only one recent example of the fact that the left is scared of her. He didn't have to say or do anything about Palin, and certainly nothing about her daughters. In fact, it has been largely left-wingers that have kept her in the spotlight, because subconciously they are "keeping their eye" on her. Had they not been afraid of her, they would have dropped coverage of her the very next day after Barack Obama won, and we would be saying "Sarah who?" right now. I continue to write this blog because I believe in the boss, and because of right-wing women like Palin.

Yes, I have big tits and I have a big ass, but damn it, I have a brain too. If there are those who choose to see me only as "tits and ass" despite what I've written here and on Facebook, then it says more about them than it does about me. You may see my big boobs, but my goal is for you to also see that I can write, too.

But a T&A show? I hope by now you see that we plan for my comic to be anything but.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Review of Hancock

Over the weekend, I finally got to see the movie Hancock, which I had planned on seeing for awhile now.

I'll say one thing that the movie got right, and that's landings! When I first got my flight powers, landings were very difficult! I often left holes in concrete like Hancock did! The main thing is that the ground comes up so fast, and you have to adjust your eye/foot coordination to react accordingly. Fortunately during my learning curve I never killed anyone, and only once did I accidently injure someone with flying debris from one of my landings (he's okay). However, I did leave lots of property damage, which is why I had tried to keep my landings to open fields where I had room to tumble if I didn't land squarely. It's a good thing that my rough landings are now a thing of the past, but I couldn't help but laugh at Hancock's landings!

As for the movie, I enjoyed the first half of it very much, and I was close to giving it a great review, but the second half was like a whole other movie. Before I continue, let me add this:

Possible spoilers ahead! If you have not seen the movie and don't want the story revealed to you, STOP READING NOW!!! You have been warned!

I think that the movie could have actually left out Hancock's origins for a later sequel. I enjoyed the first half of the movie because you couldn't help but feel sorry for Hancock, because as far as he knew, he was the only one of his kind (superhuman, that is). Who wouldn't feel lonely? I think the movie could have kept to that without going into any origins for this time around. Instead, suddenly another super is introduced, and it turns out that they are the last two of their kind. No explanation is given as to how they got their powers, and it could have been explained that they didn't know how they got them (if you remember, in my "universe", superhumans are considered the next step on the evolutionary ladder).

But the introduction of the other super and going into origins made an odd and distracting disconnect to the story stream, because suddenly the story is taking off into a whole nother direction. It's like the producers didn't think the movie wasn't going to do well, so they decided to slap on its sequel just so that they get both taken care of at the same time. It's because of this odd disconnect that I have to give this movie a rating of 7.5 on a scale of 1 to 10 in which 1 is a bomb and 10 is THE bomb. I'd say it's worth watching at least one time, but after that you'll want to go onto another superhero movie.

See you next week!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Surprise! Back and with a new banner!

Hey, gang! Did you miss me? :-)

The more observant of you already noticed, but over the weekend me and the boss collaborated on a new banner. The image of Power Girl on the right hand side is an actual clip from the most recent issue of Justice Society of America # 27 that just came out last week.

For busty superhero chicks such as PG and myself, it's hardly suprising that in this age of cellcams that photographers take pics of our chests. At least with my smiley face (temporary) tatt on my boob, there is still a smile for the camera, even if they just shoot my boobs. LOL

It's also because of cellcams that I wear "hotpants" that cover my whole butt like what cheerleaders wear under their skirts. No "wedgie" wear that leaves very little to the imagination, in other words.

Anyway, I had a great time visiting with family and friends back home, but it's good to be back here and blogging. We'll hit the ground running on Thursday. See you then!